Sam’s Club Hearing Aids


Updated: Jun 26, 2016

If you’ve been to your local Sam’s Club recently, you may have noticed a hearing aid center next to the electronics department offering free hearing tests. Usually conducted by a hearing aid dispenser, that free hearing test will determine whether or not you could be helped by hearing aids. In the event that you could benefit from hearing aids, Sam’s Club has a few different hearing aids which they can then recommend.

What hearing aids does Sam’s Club sell?

The brand of hearing aids that Sam’s Club sells is called Liberty Hearing Aids. Liberty Hearing Aids are built in Bristol, PA and are sold exclusively through Sam’s Club. You can also buy (what looks like the exact sam hearing aids) though they have a different brand name, from However, we do not recommend buying hearing aids online.

According to the Sam’s Club website, their stores offer two different hearing aids under the Liberty Hearing Aid Brand- the Engage 32 and the Engage 64. The numbers (32) and (64) refer to the number of hearing aid channels that each unit has. If you lead a calm lifestyle and just want better hearing around the house or other quiet environments, the Engage 32 is better for you. If you lead a more active lifestyle, you’d want the Engage 64.

How much do Sam’s Club’s hearing aids cost and what is included with the purchase?

Pricing for the Engage 32 is $999, and the Engage 64 is $1499. Each hearing aid comes with a 1 year repair warranty included. An additional 3 year repair warranty can be purchased for $199 per hearing aid. An additional 2 year loss and damage warranty can be purchased for $199 per hearing aid.

Are Sam’s Club hearing aids a good value?

At $1499, the price for the Engage 64 is not bad. However, the additional warranties are a must-have, and when you factor in those extra costs, your cost for the Engage 64 is really $1897. If you went to an independent audiologist who offers a much wider selection of hearing aids than Sam’s Club, you’d probably pay less than that for a hearing aid built by the most reputable hearing aid manufacturers.

When you spend nearly $4000 for a set of hearing aids, you should get state of the art design and technology, and it’s my personal opinion that Sam’s Club hearing aids don’t offer this. Aesthetically, they have one of the worst designs I’ve ever seen. Color options are minimal and the hearing aids look cheaply put together.

In reading about their hearing aids online, it appears that Sam’s Club hearing aids do not have wireless technology (so the aids can’t communicate with each other and work as a pair), and they also don’t have any Bluetooth functionality. If true, this is pretty unusual for hearing aids at that price point.

In short, we think you can do better for your money.

What are some more affordable alternatives to Sam’s Club?

There are many hearing aids available locally for a better price that are more compelling, and built by larger hearing aid manufacturers with more resources to devote to research and development. For example, the Signia Pure 3PX is wireless, Bluetooth compatible, helps with tinnitus, is rechargeable, comes in a wide array of colors and styles, and has many other great features, AND is only $1249 per hearing aid with local fitting services included.

What else should I know about buying hearing aids?

There’s a lot. And you really should get educated before you purchase, to ensure you’re buying a respected hearing aid at a competitive price.

Start your education now by reading part 1 of our 3 part Guide to Buying Hearing Aids.

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