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Phonak Virto Q50 CIC
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5.0 (1 reviews)

Technology level: Good

Pricing Your Price: $1349 Avg. Price: $2199

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Each Phonak Virto Q is moisture and dirt-protected to ensure long hours of trouble-free hearing delight. Discreet no matter what style you choose. With 12 channels, the Q50 is Phonak's "standard" technology level. If you lead an active lifestyle you may want to look into the Q70 or Q90, as they have more advanced speech enhancement features. To learn more, see this Phonak Virto Q review.

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Phonak Virto Q50 CIC Reviews


5.0  (1 reviews)

posted by: hearpro | August 8, 2014

I have had a lot of success fitting this hearing aid, and the entire Virto Q lineup. The Virto Q50 is my go-to midlevel custom hearing aid and many of my patients have done very well with it.

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