Phonak Audeo B70

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Phonak Audeo B70
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Phonak Audeo B70

Your Price
Per Aid
Average Retail Price
Per Aid
4.75 (20 reviews)
Local fitting service included
Brand new factory direct
We`re an authorized retailer!
Flat-rate pricing, no hidden fees
  • Hearing Loss Mild to Severe
  • Lifestyle Casual
  • Warranty 3 yr repair/loss
  • Released 12 Months Ago
Your Price
Per Aid
Average Retail Price
Per Aid
4.75 (20 reviews)
Brand new with full warranty
Local fitting service included
Flat-rate pricing, no hidden fees
45 day 100% risk-free trial period
  • Hearing Loss Mild to Severe
  • Lifestyle Casual
  • Warranty 3 yr repair

    3 yr loss
  • Released 12 Months Ago
Notable Features
  • Hearing Loss Mild to Severe
  • Lifestyle Casual
  • Warranty 3 yr repair

    3 yr loss
  • Released 12 Months Ago
Personalized & Local Hearing Aid Fitting

Based on the results of your hearing test, your local ZipHearing provider will professionally fit and fine-tune your new hearing aids to your unique needs.

3 Year Full Manufacturer Warranty

This hearing aid will come with a manufacturer's 3 year repair warranty and 3 year loss and damage warranty.

45 Day 100% Risk-Free Evaluation Period

Once your hearing aids have been fitted, you'll have 45 days to evaluate them. All appointments with your local provider during your 45 day evaluation period are included at no additional cost. If you decide to return your hearing aids within the evaluation period, you'll be issued a 100% refund.

1 Year Supply of Hearing Aid Batteries

Just days after being fit with your new hearing aids, you'll receive a 1 year supply of hearing aid batteries delivered direct to your door. We provide top quality Rayovac batteries which have a shelf life of 4 years.

Follow-up Care

Once your 45 day evaluation period has concluded, you are entitled to an additional 3 follow-up appointments during your first year of ownership at no additional cost. After your first year of ownership or 3 follow-up appointments (whichever comes first), office visits will be billed at a rate of $35 for appointments lasting 30 minutes or less, and $65 for appointments lasting 30 minutes or longer.

About the Phonak Audeo B70 Hearing Aid

The Phonak Audeo B70 was introduced in Fall 2016 as part of Phonak's newest family of hearing aids built on their new Belong platform. This hearing aid builds on the success of the earlier Phonak Audeo V70 which was released in 2014 and quickly became one of the most popular hearing aids on the market.

The Audeo B 70 model pictured on this page utilizes a size 312 battery, though this hearing aid is also available with a size 10 battery, and a larger size 13 battery. The size 312 model (pictured) is the size that 95% of our customers who buy the Audeo B70 go with, as it's a great compromise between small size and great performance. The Audeo B70 suits mild to severe hearing losses and can be worn with a custom ear mold, or a little rubber ear bud or "dome" where the sound comes out.

The Phonak Audeo B 70 is an advanced hearing aid that is suitable for patients with casual or active lifestyles. If you lead a very active lifestyle, the slightly more advanced Phonak Audeo B90 may be a better choice for you, but our local affiliated hearing professional will help you make the final decision based on your lifestyle and of course the results of your hearing test.

If you'd like to see reviews of the Phonak Audeo B70, please bookmark this page, as soon we will have dozens of verified user reviews from our customers. When it comes time to purchase the Audeo B70, notice our competitive prices as shown on this page, and then call us to book an appointment with our local affiliated audiologist!

We are so certain you'll be happy with your Phonak Audeo B70 purchase, that we back it up with a 45 day 100% refund if you decide it is not the right hearing aid for you. All Phonak hearing aids are Swiss-made and harness the most cutting edge hearing aid technology in the industry.

Phonak Audeo B70 Reviews

Overal Ratings: 4.75

Based on 20 User Reviews

Review by on 09/23/2016

VERIFIED BUYER | Bellingham, WA ?

So far the sound quality of the Audeo B70s is excellent. Most importantly, these have made my life better: I can hear bird song, voices of young people, TV shows we watch, and my wife. Very comfortable to wear and easy maintenance. Very good stuff.

Review by on 09/27/2016


I just got my Phonak Audeo B70's and ComPilot Air II. So far the sound quality is great and they're very comfortable. I'm excited to use the ComPilot Air II for bluetooth streaming as well as manual program/volume changes. The only negative about the ComPilot is that it doesn't have a very long range. If I put it in down on my pocket, rather than up on the neck of my shirt, the sound cuts in and out. Bluetooth technology should allow a longer range than that. I would love to keep my ComPilot in my purse or pocket rather than on my neckline, but c'est la vie. Overall, I'm very happy so far! (In a side note, ZipHearing customer service has been simply outstanding. I'm very happy that I decided to go with them. The cost savings, combined with access to my local audiologist, has been a winning combo and Jeff, the founder, has personally addressed any questions or concerns that I've had. I highly recommend them!)

Review by on 10/11/2016


I have worn the Audeo B70 size 10 battery version for a day now. Good sound over all. Have not had hearing aids before so having to adjust. Have only had on several hours so many paces to still take through, but feel natural and beginning to feel less noticeable. Hear car window wind noise I didn't know was there. Running water sound is only fair and sounds very bright. TV sounds excellent. Easy to use push bottom control on BTE hearing aid that is both small and discrete. Have not experienced any disturbing or annoying sounds from hearing aid software adjusting sounds for me.

Review by on 11/30/2016


Zip Hearing, I CAN HEAR YOU NOW! Recently one of my old hearing aids died. They were over 9 years old and had a good run. So while I mourn its loss I salute it's long years of excellent service. I once again found myself drowning in a sea of choices, prices, and features. Hearing aids have gone through some revolutionary changes in the last decade so I embraced the opportunity to explore the advancements in technology. I had a pair manufactured by Phonak so my search was motivated by previous success and the fact that their latest research and development had just released the Phonak Audio B series. Purchasing hearing aides is a daunting task and that requires research on your part tempered with sound professional advise proffered by those truly qualified to give it.

I went to the big box stores that offered low prices on hearing aides produced by name brand manufacturers. They offer lower prices and treat selling hearing aids akin to purchasing an appliance. One of the main differences I observed is that they have limited or missing features and older technology by contract with the manufacturers. They buy in bulk which allows for a larger discounts over a hearing clinic's walk in price. Still I wanted the latest and greatest but without committing my first born child as payment. I also wanted personal professional assistance to arrive at the right solution that best fit my hearing loss needs.

So I went online. Here is what I found there are two kinds of sellers. Grey market re-sellers (Caution no warranties and service, no lifeguard on duty). Then I found ZipHearing that serves as a middle man linking meaningful discount prices with professional dispensers for the major manufacturers of quality hearing aides. I was provided a local top quality hearing clinic staffed with caring professional at notably higher discount rates, and purchased the Phonak Audeo B-70 hearing aid,. Hearing aides aren't free they are expensive devices that require professional fitting. I paid more than I would have at a big box store but way less than I would of walking in off the street at a a hearing clinic. So for a couple of hundred dollar more I got the best of both worlds. The latest technology in hearing aids professionally fit for my hearing loss at a price I could afford.

Review by on 12/23/2016

VERIFIED BUYER | White Haven, PA ?

Sound quality of my Audeo B70s is great. The procedure from start to finish was fabulous. The hearing center I was referred to was beyond my greatest expectations!!!! Got tested on a Wednesday and walked out of the hearing center by 11:30 on Friday, that was really fast!!! Thanks to all involved, for a job well done!!!

Review by on 12/23/2016

New Hearing Aid user. Just received the Phonak Hearing Aid's 3 days ago and have had no problems. I have been wearing them from 5:30 in the morning til I go to bed at night. I don't even know I have them in my ear canals. I am hearing sounds I haven't been hearing. From the birds singing to leaving my turn signal blinking. I am very happy so far.

Review by on 12/30/2016


The sound initially felt artificial. But in less than one day of wearing the Audeo B70 set I've appeared to adjust to it and now it's real, doesn't seem to be any problem with ambient noise, which I'd encountered with the past two sets of hearing aids I had purchased only to return them. I was with a friend today who previously I focused on his lips in order to understand him. Today I had him speak to me with his back turned to me and I understood him. That felt great. I didn't have to say,"What?" once today, which had been driving me crazy. The aids feel comfortable and don't seem to be noticeable at all. They seem rather simple to put on or take off. It was great hearing my elevator ding as it passed each floor, a noise I had never heard before. One doesn't appreciate the sense of hearing until it's lost or severely compromised. Regaining it makes one truly appreciate how vital it is.

Review by on 01/06/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | Clearwater, FL ?

My new Audeo B70 hearing aids are a big improvement over my old ones. The sound is clear and free of any feedback. They feel very comfortable and the ear pieces that were custom made fit very well. Will try out more of the features after I familiarize myself with the product. Excellent pricing for top of the line equipment. Very happy with the Board Certified Hearing Aid Specialist we were referred to, she is very knowledgeable and professional.

Review by on 02/03/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | San Antonio, TX ?

First time hearing aid user. (Left ear only) I've been wearing the Audeo B70 for two weeks now. Took a few days getting used to the enhanced sounds and voices. I never knew I talked so loud! My quality of life has improved immensely with the aid. Conversations , Music, Movies, etc. never sounded so good. The aid is very discreet, comfortable and easy to maintain. Like others have stated, I forget I'm wearing the darn thing. ZipHearing streamlined the whole process from communication, audiologist referral, purchasing and follow up for a fantastic customer experience. Kudos to Jeff Hall and Grant Davidson.

Review by on 02/22/2017


Exceptional. I ordered Phonak Audeo B70 Aids and the difference, just in the first day has been unbelievable. Zip Hearing got the Aids there quickly and the delivery was effortless. I could not be happier. Zip Hearing recommended the Facility close to my home and they were Great. I left with fully set up Aids for my needs and a full understanding of the operation and Zip's Guarantee. I could not be more pleased with the purchase. I now hear and understand Radio, TV Shows and even my Wife's whispering. I highly reccomend using Zip Hearing to everyone in need. The difference is technology in just 4 years is unbelievable. And by using Zip I saved over $2,000.00. I am fully satisfied and Zip is my Aid source from now on. My local provider far exceeded my needs and desires. A first class supplier.

Review by on 03/01/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | Mt. Pleasant, SC ?

The sound quality is great on the Audeo B70s...I always had a problem trying to figure out what my daughter was saying while speaking on my cell phone in the car...additionally, I can now hear the directional clicking in my car...for the past 25 years my wife gave me a signal with her index finger when I needed to turn it off. Watching television has been another plus...i was constantly asking my wife...what did he or she say...I found it so difficult following a program and felt bad asking people what was that...what's happening?

Review by on 03/23/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | Overland Park, KS ?

Excellent results with the Audeo B70s. Hearing aids are comfortable and are providing great reception. I wore them to a dinner party last night and was amazed how much better I could hear.

Review by on 03/31/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | Palm Harbor, FL ?

My Phonak 70 hearing aids are very comfortable. Still working with hearing specialist to filter out some loud noises. No problem with wind noise. Work well in noisy environments like restaurants. Still experiencing some difficulty with soft voices on TV. Phonak support is excellent when the audiologist representatives share the computer screen and help with adjustments.My hearing specialist has been very helpful and continues to work with me to make adjustments. I am comfortable that with time and continued support to make adjustments I will be totally pleased with my Phonak 70 hearing aids. I would recommend Zip Hearing to anyone looking to get the best value for their money. Delivery and service have been outstanding!

Review by on 04/12/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | Nicholasville, KY ?

Zip Hearing was great to deal with and they connected me with a good Audiologist with a very caring and professional staff that really spends a lot of time with their patients in testing and meeting their hearing needs. Received my hearing aids Monday, April 10th and Dr's staff spent a fair amount of time explaining wearing and caring for them and getting the initial sound calibration. I go back in 10 days to get the volume increased and fine tuned some more to help me adjust to sounds that I haven't been hearing in years and will go back again after that at no cost to me to get them set just right for my optimal hearing needs. Zip hearing offers the top name brands with latest technology from major hearing aid manufacturers with everything clearly disclosed and explained on their website. After doing a fair amount of research, I chose the Phonak Audeo B70 which is in the upper range of their Audeo B series but not their most expensive model. They make rechargeable Audeo B's but I didn't want the hassle of having to put them on a charger every night just in order to hear the next day and I won't mind changing the batteries every 10 days or so. I had my hearing tested several weeks before contacting ZIP Hearing by an audiologist connected with my ENT specialist and didn't have as good of an experience with their Dr. of Audiology and they wanted $1,500.more than ZIP Hearing's price for the same pair of hearing aids from Phonak. So far my experience has been very good with great service and I get a years supply of batteries free. Best of all I saved at least $1,500 on the hearing aids I wanted in the process.

Review by on 05/01/2017


Excellent service from Zip and our local provider. The Phonak Cros B and Audeo B70 are a fantastic product. Tender words of love and appreciation ring ever more clearly, the world's horizon has grown larger as the world of sound and perception expands in a real and profound way. The product size with 13 batteries feels comfortable on her ears so far and we are happy to be creating less waste by changing the batteries less frequently. Jeff and Zip provide a great service and I am happy to work with them after a great deal of research. Competitive pricing, great warranty and friendly informed service. This was the solution we were looking for. It's so important to buy where we get continued local service and care. Our local provider is a wonderful caring person and excellent doctor to work with, as well.

Review by on 05/01/2017



Review by on 05/19/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | Roscommon, MI ?

My Phonak B70 and CROS are great. The sound is clear and I like the easy touch button to control the volume. My new hearing aid was programmed for my specific hearing loss. At first, after I had taken delivery of my hearing aid and CROS, I was having a problem with an echo feedback that made my own voice sound like I was lisping when I talked. But the hearing aid company representative that ZipHearing referred me too adjusted the program on a follow up visit. My problem was resolved and I am hearing things clearly including my own voice. I am very happy with the quick service I got and I appreciate the substantial savings that I got from ordering my Phonak B70 and CROS from ZipHearing.

Review by on 06/21/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | Charlevoix. MI ?

Although I just acquired my hearing aides, I can already tell a significant difference in my hearing quality. The sound is accurate, precise, and has very little background noise. If I'm in the outdoors and in the wind I do sense a slight crackle which I'm sure is partly something I need to get used to and maybe will need an adjustment the next time I'm in the audiologists office for a checkup as to how I'm adapting to the new hearing aides. So far the quality workmanship of the devices seems durable and incredibly more advanced the pair I purchased in 2008. I like the small size and comfort of this pair and the color is a good match for my taste. They are also very comfortable as I've only had them for a short time and I'm already forgetting that they are in my ears. This is a big plus over my previous pair. I tried several different brands and ended up coming back to Phonak Audeo B. and believe I made a wise decision If my first impression last, I foresee a long span of satisfaction with these aides.

Review by on 07/27/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | Elkins Park, PA ?

I have worn hearing aids for years. I switched types for the first time in years (from in the ear to behind) now they are so comfortable, it's the most natural hearing I ever experienced.

Review by on 09/18/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | College Park, MD ?

This is my first pair so I'm not the most experienced on fit, sound, accessories, etc, but these have really been great for me so far. They fit comfortably and easily in both ears. The battery doors are easy to open and change out, but I do have the smaller size 10s, which could be a little tough for some lacking dexterity.But the difference with these compared to the Virto B IICs I had for my first trial is the dynamic sound. It seems to isolate the noises I need to hear, those primarily being other people's voices. In the past I would struggle in loud restaurants or events to hear anyone not immediately next to me and with these I can hear people in just about every setting without much problem. I don't keep the TV at near as high a volume anymore. Even some of the inconsequential noises like birds chirping, the oven timer, or my turn signal are so much clearer. Hopefully their durability will be as good as their sound.

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