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ReSound Alera 5 RIC 61
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4.0 (1 reviews)

Technology level: Good

Pricing Your Price: $1499 Avg. Price: $2399

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ReSound Alera 5 is ReSound's “standard” model, recommended for users that mostly find themselves in quiet listening environments, such as home activities, watching TV with family/friends, casual conversations, and card games. The Alera 5 offers 9 channels of programmability for your hearing provider and 5 fully customizable programs for your listening preferences. If you lead a more active lifestyle, you might look into the Alera 7 or 9.

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ReSound Alera 5 RIC 61 Reviews


4.0  (1 reviews)

posted by: whippasnappa | May 25, 2014

This hearing aid has served me well for more than 4 years. Going to try and get a few more months out of it before I am on to bigger and better things like the LiNX iPhone hearing aid!

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