Signia Pure primax 5px

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Signia Pure primax 5px
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Signia Pure primax 5px

Your Price
Per Aid
Average Retail Price
Per Aid
5.00 (8 reviews)
Local fitting service included
Brand new factory direct
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Flat-rate pricing, no hidden fees
  • Hearing Loss Mild to Severe
  • Lifestyle Casual
  • Warranty 3 yr repair/loss
  • Released 18 Months Ago
Your Price
Per Aid
Average Retail Price
Per Aid
5.00 (8 reviews)
Brand new with full warranty
Local fitting service included
Flat-rate pricing, no hidden fees
45 day 100% risk-free trial period
  • Hearing Loss Mild to Severe
  • Lifestyle Casual
  • Warranty 3 yr repair

    3 yr loss
  • Released 18 Months Ago
Notable Features
  • Hearing Loss Mild to Severe
  • Lifestyle Casual
  • Warranty 3 yr repair

    3 yr loss
  • Released 18 Months Ago
Personalized & Local Hearing Aid Fitting

Based on the results of your hearing test, your local ZipHearing provider will professionally fit and fine-tune your new hearing aids to your unique needs.

3 Year Full Manufacturer Warranty

This hearing aid will come with a manufacturer's 3 year repair warranty and 3 year loss and damage warranty.

45 Day 100% Risk-Free Evaluation Period

Once your hearing aids have been fitted, you'll have 45 days to evaluate them. All appointments with your local provider during your 45 day evaluation period are included at no additional cost. If you decide to return your hearing aids within the evaluation period, you'll be issued a 100% refund.

1 Year Supply of Hearing Aid Batteries

Just days after being fit with your new hearing aids, you'll receive a 1 year supply of hearing aid batteries delivered direct to your door. We provide top quality Rayovac batteries which have a shelf life of 4 years.

Follow-up Care

Once your 45 day evaluation period has concluded, you are entitled to an additional 3 follow-up appointments during your first year of ownership at no additional cost. After your first year of ownership or 3 follow-up appointments (whichever comes first), office visits will be billed at a rate of $35 for appointments lasting 30 minutes or less, and $65 for appointments lasting 30 minutes or longer.

About the Signia Pure primax 5px Hearing Aid

Released March 1, 2016, the Signia Pure primax 5px is Signia's newest mid-range receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid, surpassed in technology by only the flagship Signia Pure primax 7px. If this hearing aid looks familiar to you, or the name "Signia" doesn't ring a bell, it's because Siemens has recently changed their name to Signia, and this hearing aid shares the design and builds on the success of its predecessor, the Siemens Pure binax 5bx. Built on the binax platform, the Signia Pure primax promises to outperform normal hearing in challenging listening environments. (link)

This hearing aid sits discreetly and comfortably behind the ear and is virtually invisible when worn. It features an on-board push-button which can be used to control the hearing aid volume, program, or both. This is a 32 channel hearing aid with up to 6 customizable programs.

There are a few things that make this hearing aid stand out from others on the market:

Narrow Directionality: This is the feature by Signia which really sets them apart. This technology creates a narrow microphone “beam”, which allows the wearer to focus on whoever they are facing, resulting in better speech comprehension. For many people, hearing in noise is the most challenging listening situation, and Narrow Directionality addresses this problem probably better than any hearing aid on the market. Note that if you have a particularly hard time hearing in background noise, you should strongly consider buying the more advanced 7px model as it utilizes this feature to it's maximum capability.

Rechargeability: Signia is the only manufacturer among the majors that offers rechargeable hearing aids. In short, these rechargeable hearing aids reduce waste, eliminate the hassle of changing batteries, and may even benefit from a prolonged lifespan. To learn more about how this works, please see this review of the eCharger accessory.

TwinPhone: This is a brand new feature with primax hearing aids that transmits the telephone signal from one hearing aid to the other. To use this feature, simply hold the phone to your ear as you normally would and you'll hear the speaker in both ears.

Smartphone app: Almost every RIC hearing aid on the market today can be controlled by a smartphone app, but most of them rely on an additional accessory to do so. That's not the case with this hearing aid. The touchControl app (available free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store) communicates directly with your smartphone via high frequency tones which control your hearing aids. With this app, you can adjust the volume, bass and treble, program, and even directionality of the hearing aid microphones. Note that with the more advanced 7px model, the granularity of the directional microphone control in this app is much better, allowing you to more narrowly focus your hearing aid microphones on the sound source you wish to hear.

While this hearing aid is very discreet, if you're looking for a slightly smaller design, you might consider the Signia Ace primax 5px. The Ace model is the smallest RIC hearing aid Signia makes, and maybe the smallest hearing aid on the market. You can learn more about the Ace model here.

If you're looking for a discreet, comfortable, competitively priced mid-range hearing aid with probably the best background noise reduction technology in its class, the Signia Pure primax 5px is the hearing aid for you.

Signia Pure primax 5px Reviews

Overal Ratings: 5.00

Based on 8 User Reviews

Review by on 05/13/2016

VERIFIED BUYER | Daytona Beach, FL ?

I spent about 3 months researching hearing aids according to various brands, technologies they used, customer reviews, etc. The obvious standout was Signia (formerly Siemens) for three reasons:

1. German design & manufacturing - like a Benz or Beemer, the technology is top notch and dependable

2. I decided on the Pure Primax which is the newest technology and released less than 6 months ago.

3. The warranty - everyone else was 1 to 2 year, but Signia was 3 years.

So far have worn for a day and already hardly know the Pure Primax 5px behind the ear is even there. And NOBODY can even notice I am wearing a hearing aid. I love the smartphone app, rechargable battery, and the packaging is SO NICE. I mean you can really tell the quality as well as hear so much more clearly and natural

Review by on 06/13/2016

VERIFIED BUYER | Zephyr Cove, NV ?

This is my first experience with hearing aids. I selected the Signia Pure primax 5px, and they are fantastic! I have had a very seamless transition to wearing them. My left ear suffered SHL 14 years ago. Now, both ears can hear equally well and much better than without aid. Like many say, I probably should have done this sooner. However, if I had, I would not have this latest technology and the rechargeable batteries which I love. The batteries last about 17 hours, and I just recharge them overnight along with my cell phone. provides excellent and timely service. Everything about my purchase has been wonderful!

Review by on 08/24/2016


Great hearing aids! Set up 6 common uses with the Android app. Easy to switch.

Review by on 10/31/2016

VERIFIED BUYER | Indian Wells, CA ?

So far everything is good with my new Pure 5px hearing aids. The sound is the best I have experienced yet. I also like the battery charger.

Review by on 11/04/2016


This is my first time with hearing aids. The first 3 hours with my Signia Pure Primax 5 hearing aids have been amazing. Fantatsic service and price from ZipHearing. Thank you!

Review by on 02/07/2017


Bought the Signia Pure Primax 5PX. I've had them for going on three weeks now. My hearing sounds natural, but now I hear more sounds. My wife says she can tell the difference already. One of the reasons I got them was to hear my kids when they are sitting across the room. I do hear them more, but I realize now they just talk to fast and I still don't caught everything they say. I do handyman work and so far haven't noticed any problems using power tools. Was a little afraid the aids would make them sound to load. Will have to see what mowing grass will be like. As for how they feel, at first it seemed like my ears itched a lot. Now I forget I have them on. Went out for dinner with friends and they didn't even notice them. They are nice and small and you can get a color that blends close to your hair. Hoping as I get more adjusted I enjoy the all the sounds I have been missing. Also suggest checking the ZipHearing prices, they saved me a lot. Was able to afford a more advanced aid for the cost of a basic offered at my doctor's office.

Review by on 06/06/2017


Pro: Great price, fast shipping, easy to switch programs, Android app is easy to install and use. The app allows basic control of dual units while more complex programing is done by the dispenser. While I like the add on of having rechargeable, It handy to be able to pop in a regular hearing aid battery if the charger is not available or inconvenient. The aids are comfortable to wear and nearly unnoticeable to any observer. Conn: None so far. First week wearing them.

Review by on 06/29/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | Hermitage, PA ?

I was quite apprehensive about getting hearing aids. I thought they would be very difficult to insert in the ear and a person would have the feeling of their ears being closed up. That is not the case at all. In fact, they are so comfortable that I sometimes forget to take them out at bedtime or shower time. I have to have a note in the bedroom to remind me. And, on top of that I can hear! I am only in my two week period and go back to the Dr. next week for her to check them, but so far it is great. I don't have any whistling noises or loud background noises, but then I have the automatic aids. Inserting them isn't always smooth for me, but I'm sure as time goes on and with more practice, I don't expect it to be a problem.

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