Signia Pure primax 7px

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Signia Pure primax 7px
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Signia Pure primax 7px

Your Price
Per Aid
Average Retail Price
Per Aid
4.50 (15 reviews)
Local fitting service included
Brand new factory direct
We`re an authorized retailer!
Flat-rate pricing, no hidden fees
  • Hearing Loss Mild to Severe
  • Lifestyle Active
  • Warranty 3 yr repair/loss
  • Released 18 Months Ago
Your Price
Per Aid
Average Retail Price
Per Aid
4.50 (15 reviews)
Brand new with full warranty
Local fitting service included
Flat-rate pricing, no hidden fees
45 day 100% risk-free trial period
  • Hearing Loss Mild to Severe
  • Lifestyle Active
  • Warranty 3 yr repair

    3 yr loss
  • Released 18 Months Ago
Notable Features
  • Hearing Loss Mild to Severe
  • Lifestyle Active
  • Warranty 3 yr repair

    3 yr loss
  • Released 18 Months Ago
Personalized & Local Hearing Aid Fitting

Based on the results of your hearing test, your local ZipHearing provider will professionally fit and fine-tune your new hearing aids to your unique needs.

3 Year Full Manufacturer Warranty

This hearing aid will come with a manufacturer's 3 year repair warranty and 3 year loss and damage warranty.

45 Day 100% Risk-Free Evaluation Period

Once your hearing aids have been fitted, you'll have 45 days to evaluate them. All appointments with your local provider during your 45 day evaluation period are included at no additional cost. If you decide to return your hearing aids within the evaluation period, you'll be issued a 100% refund.

1 Year Supply of Hearing Aid Batteries

Just days after being fit with your new hearing aids, you'll receive a 1 year supply of hearing aid batteries delivered direct to your door. We provide top quality Rayovac batteries which have a shelf life of 4 years.

Follow-up Care

Once your 45 day evaluation period has concluded, you are entitled to an additional 3 follow-up appointments during your first year of ownership at no additional cost. After your first year of ownership or 3 follow-up appointments (whichever comes first), office visits will be billed at a rate of $35 for appointments lasting 30 minutes or less, and $65 for appointments lasting 30 minutes or longer.

About the Signia Pure primax 7px Hearing Aid

Released March 1, 2016, the Signia Pure primax 7px is currently Signia's most advanced and most popular receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid. If this hearing aid looks familiar to you, or the name "Signia" doesn't ring a bell, it's because Siemens has recently changed their name to Signia, and this hearing aid shares the design and builds on the success of its predecessor, the Siemens Pure binax 7bx. Built on the binax platform, the Signia Pure primax promises to outperform normal hearing in challenging listening environments. (link)

This hearing aid sits discreetly and comfortably behind the ear and is virtually invisible when worn. It features an on-board push-button which can be used to control the hearing aid volume, program, or both. This is a 48 channel hearing aid with up to 6 customizable programs.

There are a few things that make this hearing aid stand out from others on the market:

Narrow Directionality: This is the feature by Signia which really sets them apart. This technology creates a narrow microphone “beam”, which allows the wearer to focus on whoever they are facing, resulting in better speech comprehension. For many people, hearing in noise is the most challenging listening situation, and Narrow Directionality addresses this problem probably better than any hearing aid on the market.

Rechargeability: Signia is the only manufacturer among the majors that offers rechargeable hearing aids. In short, these rechargeable hearing aids reduce waste, eliminate the hassle of changing batteries, and may even benefit from a prolonged lifespan. To learn more about how this works, please see this review of the eCharger accessory.

TwinPhone: This is a brand new feature with primax hearing aids that transmits the telephone signal from one hearing aid to the other. To use this feature, simply hold the phone to your ear as you normally would and you'll hear the speaker in both ears.

Smartphone app: Almost every RIC hearing aid on the market today can be controlled by a smartphone app, but most of them rely on an additional accessory to do so. That's not the case with this hearing aid. The touchControl app (available free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store) communicates directly with your smartphone via high frequency tones which control your hearing aids. With this app, you can adjust the volume, bass and treble, program, and even directionality of the hearing aid microphones.

While this hearing aid is very discreet, if you're looking for a slightly smaller design, you might consider the Signia Ace primax 7px. The Ace model is the smallest RIC hearing aid Signia makes, and maybe the smallest hearing aid on the market. You can learn more about the Ace model here.

If what you're looking for is the most fully-featured, comfortable hearing aid Signia makes, the Signia Pure primax 7px is the hearing aid for you.

Signia Pure primax 7px Reviews

Overal Ratings: 4.50

Based on 15 User Reviews

Review by on 05/11/2016


I just started to use the Signia pure Primax 7 RIC hearing aids today. Already I see a dramatic improvement over my other hearing aids. I like the ability to adjust the volume through my phone, I have to learn the other functions though my smart phone. Working through Ziphearing and their local rep has been a real pleasure!

Review by on 06/20/2016

I very rarely post reviews about anything online, unless of course I feel as though I've been wronged. However, this time I feel an obligation to share my experience with this hearing aid as it has made such an impact on my social life.

I was born with a mild congenital hearing loss. My hearing loss shows more or less a flat line at 30db. My hearing loss has never bothered me in day to day life, but in restaurants in particular and certain noisy social situations I have an incredibly hard time deciphering what people even 3 feet from me are saying.

I did my homework and decided to try these hearing aids because many people online on a forum, and audiologists locally said these were my best bet for hearing better in noise. I was very skeptical and went into this thinking there was no way I was going to like wearing these hearing aids, and that they'd help me enough to justify the expense. Boy was I wrong.

After years of having a sort of phobia around restaurants and other noisy social gatherings, I feel as though I've gained a significant amount of freedom in my life. No longer do I have to worry whether or not I will hear in social situations. My hearing has so improved in restaurants that I wish I would have done this 10 years ago- regardless of the fact that that would have made me a 25 year old wearing hearing aids. The embarrassment over the years of asking servers to repeat themselves, dates, and the lack of social opportunities for me, far outweigh any initial embarrassment I had to wearing hearing aids. If only I'd known this years ago.

In fact, since wearing these I can't believe I was ever reluctant at all to wear hearing aids. People of all ages wear glasses to correct their vision, and hearing loss should be no different. I feel confident when I wear these hearing aids, knowing that I am making an improvement in my life, and that I am no longer that vain or embarrassed person that said I would never wear hearing aids. So to anyone reading my review, have pride in taking control of your life and your hearing, and no longer being the person who withdraws socially or asks everyone to repeat themselves.

Review by on 09/05/2016

Have had them for 4 days and can't believe how well they work. I heard the turn signals on my truck for the first time. I previously had a different brand which im thinking have never worked right. Thank you, I can hear again.

Review by on 10/19/2016


Purchased my Pure 7'x with an echarger and easytek. I've only worn for a week but so far good quality and comfort.

Review by on 12/02/2016


I just received my Pure 7pxs a few days ago. They need a lot of adjustments, because I just received them, went twice to my hear care specialist, and already feel the difference, however I am having an issue with the phone app. On checking the battery life the right side works, but not the left, otherwise a lot better with them than not with them. I am so happy to hear again Thank you Signia... I never tried any other hearing aid but because I like the sleekness and with all the benefits in the pure 7px it allows you to get more out of your hearing aides. Again thank you so much I can hear again!

Review by on 12/13/2016


Love my Primax 7 hearing aids. Light, comfortable and so easy to wear I forget I have them on! Excellent sound quality and love all the different programs available. Easy fitting process with my local provider who adjusted everything to suit my needs. I work in a noisy environment and these hearing aids help me focus on what's being said even when there is noise all around me. Thanks Zip Hearing for making the whole process so easy, convenient and affordable. I ended up spending about half what I was originally quoted and was able to get the state of the art hearing aids quickly, conveniently and easily. Highly recommend Zip Hearing to help new and experienced hearing aid wearers get the best hearing aids for their needs. They are helpful, responsive and knowledgeable. Give Zip Hearing a chance to show you how easy it is to get the right aids at the right price from your local provider!

Review by on 03/10/2017

I paid almost $7 k for these two hearing aids and they lasted about 6 months and they started to quit working. they were sent back for repair. got them back, worked great, a few months later same thing. now I guess we'll see what goes from here. piece of junk as I'm concerned.

Review by on 04/03/2017


I had an unpleasant experience about 2 years ago with another company and did not keep the aids. So, in the beginning of this experience I was for all intents and purposes a novice. In the beginning, things were too "live," too distorting, and yes everything seemed so loud with my pure 7pxs. However, I knew I had lived in this quieter world for a long time; this was going to be a new and different experience. I also knew that "brain training," no matter what that is for, such as learning a musical instrument or a skill of any kind, requires time, patience and practice. Even though it took some tweaks (by one of the kindest and most patient professionals anyone could have!), I realized from the very beginning that these devices are incredibly well made (and up-gradable!) with the highest integrity and technology, with tremendous sensitivity and acuity: they are "computers" in my ears. Even with tweaks and getting used to the new experiences, it was exciting to me to know I was rejoining the world of full hearing. It is a little over two weeks later, my brain is almost completely retrained. My devices perform very well with excellent tone and sound quality. And with the flip of my phone, I have complete control over any situation. This is going to be a wonderful new chapter for me.

Review by on 04/17/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | Frankfort, KY ?

Sound quality is very good. Volume adjustments allow flexibility to adjust under different situations. Overall much better than my old hearing aids. I do a lot outdoors and in cold weather I could never wear a hood because the old hearing aids would give off severe feedback. With these new hearing aid there is no feedback when the hood is up. Much better! My ability to hear when I am with a group of people is much improved. I could hear very little with my old devices. These new hearing aids or much better under these circumstances. Finally, when I am outdoors my ability to hear wildlife is much improved. Birds are more often identifiable, ducks and geese are picked up at greater distances, and I hear turkeys much quicker than with my old hearing aid. I am very satisfied with these new devices and would recommend them anyone with hearing limitations.

Review by on 04/26/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | Hackettstown, NJ ?

These Signia Pure 7 hearing aids are fantastic so far. Been wearing them for approximately 3 weeks since programmed and they are working fine and seamlessly. They are very comfortable in the ear (almost unnoticeable that they are in). I found I needed to have two separate programs written for work and at home but very easy to switch between the programs using my Signia phone App. Only complaint I have with the phone app is that changes are only temporary....they seem to last only about 20 mins and then they default back to std settings. This is fine for home, but a little bit of a pain at work to have to switch on and on again. Otherwise great. ZipHearing is a great company to work with and they pointed me towards an excellent and caring local Audiologist just 10 miles away. Would highly recommend both of these companies!!!

Review by on 06/05/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | Spartanburg, SC ?

I just got them today and so far I am amazed at the quality sound, the sounds I have not heard in years, and the technology. The Easytek was an added accessory I could not do without. I'm sure I will learn much more in the days ahead as I become more familiar with my Pure Primax 7 and cros. My wife is already happy that he TV volume is down and I can hear her now in my right ear as we drive in our car. I am hearing birds and things I did not know were missing in my life. The turn signal in my car makes a sound! I had forgot that. I also discovered My Iphone will transmit our Roku TV sounds directly to my hearing aids with no added transmitter. That alone will save me from having to purchase another bluetooth device.

Review by on 06/09/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | Huntington Beach, CA ?

Signia CROS with Pure 7px. I am finally hearing from my left side. I can hear so much better in crowds. No one notices that I am even wearing hearing aids! I no longer have to turn my head to hear a conversation or sit on a particular side of people in order to be part of the conversation.

Review by on 06/30/2017


Excellent, very natural sound. I have the Cros System, which allows to hear from the side of total hearing loss. I tested it yesterday in a group of people and the hearing from that side was also excellent. Over the next few days I will be testing other features. I have also used the remote control via the smart phone, which works very well so far.

Review by on 07/31/2017


As soon as I put on my new hearing aids (Signia Pure 7 px) my hearing dramatically improved. My husband said, after the first ten minutes of my wearing them, "You're haven't asked me to repeat myself at all, like you constantly were doing before." On the drive home from the audiologist the car seemed less "noisy," but at the same time I could clearly hear my husband speaking. At home I could hear sounds I didn't even know were there - like the kitchen clock ticking - and I could hear the TV set at a normal volume. And my own voice sounded clear and natural, not like I was talking in a barrel. The fit was better, too. The hearing aids are more comfortable, they rest more snugly yet lightly behind my ears. I've also been told that the batteries will last twice as long as do the same ones with my old hearing aids - two weeks rather than one - which I trust from all other positive indicators will be the case. I am very happy with the hearing aids themselves, with my purchasing experience with ZipHearing, and with the audiologist who tested my hearing and fit me for the new hearing aids.

Review by on 08/06/2017


I have been wearing a pair of Signia Pure 7px hearing aids for about three weeks now. They are very comfortable and I frequently forget that I am wearing them. The unit has multiple custom programs available but most of the time I let the automatic setting change functions automatically. The only time I use a custom setting is when I want to focus on hearing only what is in front of me. The buttons on the hearing aids are very small and hard to find quickly. To avoid this I use the Signia's Android app to change programs. Although it is possible to change the volume on the hearing aids and via the app I have never needed to adjust it. I would rather use the volume controls on the and radio. What I notice most with these hearing aids is that I can hear the upper frequencies again. By being able to hear the overtones in music listening is far more enjoyable now.

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