Widex Beyond 440 Fusion2

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Widex Beyond 440 Fusion2
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Widex Beyond 440 Fusion2

Call for price
Average Retail Price
Per Aid
4.75 (20 reviews)
Local fitting service included
Brand new factory direct
We`re an authorized retailer!
Flat-rate pricing, no hidden fees
  • Hearing Loss Mild to Profound
  • Lifestyle Active
  • Warranty 3 yr repair/loss
  • Released 9 Months Ago
Call for price
Average Retail Price
Per Aid
4.75 (20 reviews)
Brand new with full warranty
Local fitting service included
Flat-rate pricing, no hidden fees
45 day 100% risk-free trial period
  • Hearing Loss Mild to Profound
  • Lifestyle Active
  • Warranty 3 yr repair

    3 yr loss
  • Released 9 Months Ago
Notable Features
  • Hearing Loss Mild to Profound
  • Lifestyle Active
  • Warranty 3 yr repair

    3 yr loss
  • Released 9 Months Ago
Personalized & Local Hearing Aid Fitting

Based on the results of your hearing test, your local ZipHearing provider will professionally fit and fine-tune your new hearing aids to your unique needs.

3 Year Full Manufacturer Warranty

This hearing aid will come with a manufacturer's 3 year repair warranty and 3 year loss and damage warranty.

45 Day 100% Risk-Free Evaluation Period

Once your hearing aids have been fitted, you'll have 45 days to evaluate them. All appointments with your local provider during your 45 day evaluation period are included at no additional cost. If you decide to return your hearing aids within the evaluation period, you'll be issued a 100% refund.

1 Year Supply of Hearing Aid Batteries

Just days after being fit with your new hearing aids, you'll receive a 1 year supply of hearing aid batteries delivered direct to your door. We provide top quality Rayovac batteries which have a shelf life of 4 years.

Follow-up Care

Once your 45 day evaluation period has concluded, you are entitled to an additional 3 follow-up appointments during your first year of ownership at no additional cost. After your first year of ownership or 3 follow-up appointments (whichever comes first), office visits will be billed at a rate of $35 for appointments lasting 30 minutes or less, and $65 for appointments lasting 30 minutes or longer.

About the Widex Beyond 440 Fusion2 Hearing Aid

We are pleased to announce the addition of the Widex Beyond 440 Made for iPhone hearing aid to our portfolio of products! The Beyond 440 model is Widex's most advanced Made for iPhone hearing aid, and as of 12/2/16 is the newest Made for iPhone hearing aid on the market.

The Beyond 440 builds on the success of the Widex Unique 440 Fusion, and is essentially the same hearing aid, with added Made for iPhone connectivity. With the Beyond 440, you can effortlessly stream phone calls, music, and more, direct to your hearing aids, without the need for an intermediate accessory.

Aside from it's unparalleled connectivity, the Beyond 440 offers 15 processing channels, 5 customizable listening programs, and Widex's most advanced sound classification technology, which ensures these hearing aids will automatically adapt to your environment in real time giving you the best sound quality possible at all times.

You can find prices for the Beyond 440 on this page, which are all-inclusive and ensure that you get excellent local care to match this incredible new technology. Looking for a Made for iPhone hearing aid with state of the art features, but a slightly more affordable price? You might want to check out the Widex Beyond 330.

Widex is billing the Beyond as “the best sounding Made for iPhone hearing aid on the market,” but we think the Beyond 440 may just be the best hearing aid on the market, period. Ready to take a test drive with the Beyond 440? Give us a call and we'll get you all set up with our local affiliated hearing provider. In some cases, you can be fit with these hearing aids the very next day after calling us! “Made for iPod,” “Made for iPhone,” and “Made for iPad” mean that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod, iPhone, or iPad, respectively, and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards. Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards. Please note that the use of this accessory with iPod, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch may affect wireless performance. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Apple Watch is a trademark of Apple Inc. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

Widex Beyond 440 Fusion2 Reviews

Overal Ratings: 4.75

Based on 20 User Reviews

Review by on 12/15/2016


I just received my new Widex Beyond 440 hearing aids from ZipHearing. This is my second pair of Widex hearing aids and the sound quality is outstanding. But the fact that you can seamlessly connect to your iPhone and stream your phone calls or listen to your music is a game changer. Purchasing hearing aids can be a daunting experience, but Jeff and the folks at ZipHearing are a pleasure to work with and their prices are very competitive.

Review by on 12/22/2016

VERIFIED BUYER | Escondido, CA ?

I am more than pleased with my new Widex Beyond 440 hearing aids. If I had known my hearing loss could be corrected to this level I would have found a way to get them sooner. One of our dogs (they are all claiming innocence) did me a favor by chewing my previous hearing aids and forcing the decision to get some. ZipHearing made it possible for me to be able to afford the top of the line aids. The local provider that was recommended for fitting and service is very knowledgeable and professional, with state the art equipment -- I couldn't be more pleased. Both Jeff at Zip Hearing and my provider went the extra mile to deliver the aids the next day in time for me to attend my husband's work Christmas party and enjoy being able to participate. Thank you!

Review by on 01/16/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | Blythewood, SC ?

A month ago, I thought I didn't need hearing aids. I just thought people were mumbling, that the acoustics in restaurants were getting worse and so on. Today, I walked out of my hearing aid expert's office with my Beyond 440 hearing aids and wow! I can hear so much more, my TV is turned down, so my family is happier with me, its amazing. The sound doesn't sound tinny or echoey, all seems to sound natural. They are so comfortable and lightweight that I don't know they are there.

I tried some Unique 440 aids before and they were good, but these are much better. The iPhone is app is really cool, I can make adjustments myself in terms of the range of sounds, directionality of the microphone and listen to my iPhone (music and phone) directly through my aids, and can choose which program setting I want to use. Probably, the biggest advantage to me is that I can hear people talking to me in a noisy crowd, I think it may even have toned down car noise while I am driving, but maybe I am going too far with that one.

It's early days for me, but I think you can guess that so far, I am a very happy user. I like the ZipHearing model of business, I get a great warranty, batteries and most importantly for me a real expert to help me choose the right aid for me, rather that being forced to buy the only brand of aid they stock.

Review by on 01/17/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | Chevy Chase, MD ?

I purchased the Beyond 440 last month, after trying the Oticon OPN 1, and wanted to share my thoughts. As far as i could tell The Beyond 440 and Oticom OPN sound very similar all in all. Perhaps the Widex has a brighter more forward sound and the Oticon darker and more refined, but each not by very much.

The Oticon OPN seems to work/adapt faster and smoother in the universal mode and makes no extraneous noises, whistles, etc., but this is a small factor, really, since the Beyonds only show these tiny flaws very occasionally. Locating sounds in space and hearing in noisy restaurants are comparable.

The Widex iphone software is much superior on the Beyond 440: better design and has more useful functions, most notably the equalizer adjustments. Changing batteries, cleaning, etc, are comparably easy to do.

The Oticon's behind the ear portion is a bit smaller and more streamlined but again not a big factor since both are quite small.

I chose the Widex because you can buy it discounted with audiologist service; whereas the Oticon is not discounted so they cost a lot more without being nearly that much better even if you prefer the aspects I mentioned about them.

"[addendum to initial comments after weeks of use] Using the Beyonds I found I never got anything like the predicted battery life or the Companies spec of 155 hrs/battery. I returned them to Widex and got faulty units on return which were then replaced. The replacements did no better for battery life. I used loaner units while awaiting a third pair which, like the loaners, did a little better, getting 104 hrs/battery connected to software and 111 hrs/battery not connected. This is still a far cry from the specs and no explanation has been forthcoming from Widex on several inquiries."

Review by on 01/25/2017


Sound quality of my new Beyond 440s is excellent. My local provider is great, very informative and knowledgeable. Explained all features of the aids in great detail. Order was fulfilled quickly and exceeded expectations. Entire process from order to fitting went smoothly and again exceeded expectations. Price was good and information provided by Zip Hearing answered all questions. I was concerned that buying online might result in poor service from the audiologist. This was not the case. I was treated very well by my provider, both in terms of setting an appointment on short notice and the appointment itself. Thanks!

Review by on 01/27/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | Sun City West, AZ ?

I have had my new Beyond 440s for almost two weeks now and have worn them all day every day right from the beginning. The sound is excellent. There is no distortion in my voice or anything I am listening to. I really like being able to control them through my IPhone and having phone calls and music go directly to my hearing aids is great. These hearing aids adapt automatically to any situation I have been in so far. Jeff at Zip was great to work with as was my hearing provider in Sun City West, Arizona, I am a satisfied Beyond 440 wearer.

Review by on 02/06/2017


Just got my Widex Beyond 440 hearing aids! I was SO panicked. I had such a terrible experience years ago. I am having a thrill! It is like I just woke up! Everyone has been so kind and helpful! While walking down the street I feel like I am eavesdropping on people's conversations. The fit is fantastic and no one even knows I am wearing them. Widex is just introducing this product and I could not be happier.I had a bad experience with hearing aids in the past. I felt like all I could hear was loud noise. There were only 3 settings and none of them worked for me. I only lasted 3 weeks. All the different settings are amazing and the best feature so far is being able to manage it all on my iPhone. This experience is going to be great, I can just feel it! Can't wait to try out a phone call... right into my ears!

Review by on 02/06/2017


So far (it's only been an hour) the Beyond 440 hearing aids work really well! Sound quality is great when compared to my previous hearing aids.

Review by on 02/20/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | North Lauderdale, FL ?

This Beyond 440 hearing aid has been the best purchase of my life. I love the features, direct connection to my I phone. It's like I have normal hearing. Very comfortable. The process was very simple, I called and they direct me to a local provider. They give me a hearing test and a week later I had my hearing aids.

Review by on 04/28/2017


It has only been a couple of days but I can hear many sounds that apparently I had been missing, or missing some of, for instance birds loudly chirping. The sound quality is excellent, the aid reproduces sound in a natural way unlike one of the other aids I wore for a couple of weeks.It is a process. It takes some time to adapt to what you are hearing for example the sound of one typing a review and how loud things now sound. Some sounds seem very loud but I suspect my brain is tuning back in to my natural environment. My hearing loss was in the frequency ranges above 1.5k .I purchased the Widex Beyond 440 and was fitted by a audiologist here in Raleigh who is fairly close to my home. The provider was very professional and the office environment was what one would expect when making a significant purchase.

Review by on 05/10/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | Jersey City, NJ ?

I traded in my Widex Mind 330 hearing aids for the new Widex Beyond 440 hearing aids am very pleased with the difference in quality and comfort. I like being able to change programs and create custom programs through my smartphone (iPhone) though, paradoxically, I am not thrilled with having to be tethered, so to speak, to my phone to make adjustments. Go figure. But, having said that, I do like being able to make more than a few types of adjustments such as directionality of focus in addition to volume and the Beyond app even has an equalizer to refine the quality of the sound as well though all of this took a little time to get accustomed to it. What I'm really impressed with is my ZipHearing audiologist. She is one of the most professional, knowledgeable, competent and responsive health professionals that I have come in contact with in my 68 years of life. It is always a pleasure to interact with her and her staff and she has a very impressive grasp of the technology involved in my hearing improvement using the Widex Beyond devices.

Review by on 05/12/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | Hendersonville, TN ?

This is my first set of hearing aids so I cannot compare them to others. However, they feel comfortable and I am enjoying all the sounds that I am hearing now. I also like the connection to my IPhone. I co Pared the price of these hearing aids to other brands and feel that these were a good buy.

Review by on 05/18/2017


The Widex Beyond 440 are my first hearing aids. I am very pleased with the result. I can finally watch movies on the TV without turning on the captioning and do not have to say constantly "excuse me" when people ask me something. Especially my wife is pleased because she does not have to repeat herself and ask if I heard her. The hearing aids are very comfortable from day one and did not take time to get used to.

Review by on 05/26/2017


Sound quality seems good but to early to tell as I just got them yesterday. I love the connectivity to iPhone. Also love the streaming of music from my iPhone to the aids.The audiologist started by loading two basic programs called Universal and Universal 2. 2 seems to soften the information received by the aids. It will take a little time to learn the setting that work best. Looking forward to loading a couple more programs, specifically, music and the wind programs.I'm excited to have these new, iphone hearing aids and think that when they are fined tuned are going to work really well.

Review by on 05/31/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | San Francisco, CA ?

So far the sound is very good maybe most important they are comfortable I also really enjoy the connection to my iphone 7S which allows me to answer the phone unfortunately the sound is not loud enough to hear in a noisy room but plenty loud in more normal situations can honestly recommend these but make sure to shop online as the cost differences are immense I recommend getting them sized with the longer hoses so they do not get in the way of your glasses. All in all this technology is new very good and well worthwhile to look into.

Review by on 06/01/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | Littleton, CO ?

My initial contact was with Grant - I told him that I wanted the Widex Beyond 440 hearing aids and after just a minute or two he had found an audiologist that was less than a mile away from work. I felt a bit uncomfortable at the audiologist - I had been to 3 or 4 at that point and, much like Goldilocks, I was looking for an audiologist that was just right. Jeff called me after my visit and spent at least 30 minutes with me talking about the experience. He was extremely easy to talk to and work with. He asked me to give him a couple of days to find the perfect audiologist for me - and he sure did! I met with the new audiologist this morning and felt very comfortable with her. She focused on me, my Widex hearing aids, and my goals to address my hearing loss and tinnitus. She and Jeff were simply fantastic - they both made a customer for life today!! BTW - I'm a first time hearing aid user, and my Widex Beyond 440's are awesome!

Review by on 06/05/2017


I love the sound quality. The new Widex Beyond 440 aids have helped a great deal with my tinnitus, one of the main reasons I was looking for new hearing aids. I was told that technology had improved hearing aids a great deal since I'd purchased my last pair of hearing aids in 2009. And has it ever! I particularly like being able to use my iPhone to hear my calls. Also, I like being able to self-adjust the hearing levels and other adjustments such as various environments like noisy restaurants or parties. I haven't had the opportunity to use the T-coil feature, but I'm looking forward to using it. The ease of ordering from ZipHearing was super. The Audiologists was very competent and professional. I would highly recommend ZipHearing to anyone in need of new hearing aids.

Review by on 06/09/2017

VERIFIED BUYER | Aliso Viejo, CA ?

So far sound quality is very good, quite and clear. It is comfortable compare to my expectations. it was initially uncomfortable for the short length of speaker wire, but Widex replaced it in very quickly. I still to get adjusted my new devices, but it helps me to get improve my hearing.

Review by on 07/17/2017


Purchased Widex Beyond 440 hearing aids to replace 6 year old hearing aids, the newer technology is terrific. Being able to stream music direct to them, as well as calls on my cell phone. The best is being able to turn the television volume down from 25 - 30 to 8 or 10 and enjoying the show. On to of all the benefits to my life not missing out on hearing my grandchildren, not missing out on the conversations with friends and family especially in a large group, being part of the conversation when out in a restaurant is making my life so much better and fulfilled. Fitting and set up of the hearing aids went smoothly. This is a great company to do business with, first class and concerned about your needs first.

Review by on 07/20/2017


I wasn't sure what to expect when I realized I needed hearing aids. I had my hearing checked by more than one audiologist in hopes that I had received an incorrect testing . . . no such luck. I did have a significant drop-off in my hearing. I went through the process of reading lots of hearing aid reviews to find one that met all my requirements and had high customer satisfaction. I opted for the Widex Beyond hearing aids and purchased them through Zip Hearing.com and one of their local providers. The experience has been outstanding. The provider discussed thoroughly my hearing test results and the impacts of continued hearing loss. I never once felt as though I was receiving a sales pitch to buy aids. The concern was for my well-being and improved hearing. Once I received the Widex the audiologist took as much time as needed to explain how to use them, paired them with my i-phone, and helped me set my expectations for the aids. I am now wearing the aids and their quality and ease of use thus far has been outstanding.

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