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In February of 2014 GN launched the ReSound LiNX and Beltone First hearing aids, which were the first Made for iPhone hearing aids on the market. I’ve written a lengthy review on the LiNX and received numerous comments and user reviews on that post but had not yet (until this post) received any reviews on the Beltone First. Because Beltone is a subsidiary of GN ReSound, they are able to share technology and hence their products are very similar. For more on this, see this post about who owns who in the hearing aid world. You may also be interested in reading this Beltone review. The following review was submitted by Wes M., who is a reader of our blog and first-time hearing aid wearer.

Wes’s Review of the Beltone First

I am a 54 yr old man with moderate to severe hearing loss. I spent my youth in a factory with large and noisy machinery. I did not wear ear protection, as it was not encouraged and I am sure this contributed to the hearing loss I have now. Over the years, I found myself faking participation in conversations I couldn’t always hear. I had the most difficulty in restaurants as it was hard for me to discern what was being said. If there is background noise, I am struggling.

I realized I needed hearing aids about 4 years ago when my I found it difficult to participate in games with my kids. I waited this long because I rationalized that things weren’t as bad as they were. I finally purchased the aides at the insistence of my wife. She saw what was happening and I found myself turning to her for a translation. The aids cost $6900.00. I received a free pack of batteries and a 3 yr warranty.

As far as my experience with the Firsts, I would rate them an 8/10. I had a difficult time adjusting for the first few days. Everything was so very loud and disconcerting. I was overwhelmed by the sound of everyday things that I hadn’t heard in many years. I do not like the battery life, I feel as though I am always putting in new ones. I am most surprised at how clearly I now hear and how easy it is to fully participate in every conversation. It took me a good week or two before I was fully comfortable with them in my ears. Now that I am settled in with them and a bit more comfortable, I believe that I hear all sounds at this time. If you’re considering buying hearing aids my advise would be “don’t wait so long”.

Notes from ZipHearing: One of the most common complaints I hear of these Made for iPhone hearing aids is the battery life. If you are concerned about this and don’t mind wearing a very slightly larger instrument, you might consider purchasing the size 13 battery version, which will provide a longer battery life than the 312.

Thanks for the review Wes! If you have experience with the Beltone First hearing aids, please leave a comment below!

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Jeff Hall Jeff Hall Jeff is a licensed hearing aid dispenser and the President of ZipHearing- one of the largest discount hearing aid suppliers in the United States. Jeff lives in San Diego, CA with his wife and newborn daughter.
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