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How to Change Hearing Aid Batteries

One of the trickiest parts about having a hearing aid is getting the routine maintenance and care down. While daily cleaning isn’t necessary on all aids, one thing that nearly all aids have in common is that the batteries do need to be changed. Hearing aid batteries are available in 4 sizes, from the smallest (size 10), to size 312, size 13, to the largest (size 675). For more on hearing aid batteries, see this post.

So hearing aid batteries typically need to be changed about once a week, maybe a little more or a little less. Most hearing aids give the wearer an “indicator” tone when the battery needs to be changed. In newer hearing aids, this is usually an actual voice which comes through the hearing aid and says “battery,” or something along those lines- to alert the wearer the battery needs to be changed. In most units, changing the battery is pretty easy, but some are easier than others. In order to preserve the battery life and make it last longer, it’s always a good idea to open up the battery door when the hearing aid is not in use. This allows the hearing aid to breathe and let any moisture dry out, and also prevents the battery from draining unnecessarily.

Most hearing aid battery doors have a small ledge or groove that can be pried open using your fingernail. When the aid is not in use, you will simply pry this door open gently to turn the aid off. When the battery actually needs to be replaced, you simply pull the old battery out, and then put the new battery in by first taking the sticker off the battery, and then setting the new battery inside the door, while making sure that the battery is facing the right direction. Many battery doors also have grooves inside the door which help ensure that the battery has been placed correctly. When the battery is in correctly, the door should close with minimal effort. If you have to push hard to close the door, you have probably done something wrong.

If you wear a behind-the-ear unit and would like to watch a brief video on how to change batteries, this one gives a great overview. If you wear an in-the-ear unit, this video is good. If you still can’t figure it out, you’ll need to make an appointment with your hearing provider so you can be re-instructed. Although changing batteries is tricky for most people, remember, you only need to change them around once a week, depending on your hearing aid, so this isn’t something you’ll have to struggle with daily. Many people who have arthritis, poor dexterity, or no control in one of both hands, will often have a friend, family member, caregiver, or nurse change the batteries for them. If changing batteries is just not an option, you may want to research the “Lyric Hearing Aid,” which doesn’t need to have the battery changed.

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