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Which Hearing Aids Offer the Best Wireless Technology?

The following is a guest post by Paul Harrison, who is an experienced blogger who enjoys writing about topics that help people find better products, services, and information. He’s currently collaborating with YourHearing.co.uk, a trusted retailer of assisted listening devices in the UK.

In today’s competitive market hearing aids are advancing every year with new features and functionality. In the past 7 years numerous wireless technologies have been introduced into newer models, giving hearing aids the ability to interact with televisions, computers, radios, remote controls, and local streaming networks. In years past these capabilities were restricted to FM neckloops and listening stations, but with the advent of wireless hearing aid technology all of these features and more are now built into the hearing aid receiver itself. Here are three hearing aids that offer the latest in wireless technology:

1. Oticon Alta Pro
In addition to offering superior spatial sound interpretation, binaural noise management, fully customisable sound preference profiles, and a feedback guard, the Oticon Alta Pro also provides access to Oticon’s ConnectLine range of wireless accessories, which include:

ConnectLine Phone – lets your hearing aids interface directly with your landline phone for easier phone conversations without the feedback associated with older hearing aid models.

ConnectLine TV – lets you stream audio directly from your television set for a more convenient media listening experience.

ConnectLine Streamer – acts as a Bluetooth gateway between Dual or Epoq instruments.

The Oticon Alta Pro is also compatible with all types of wireless broadcasting networks, such as those available at assisted listening stations in public places like malls and post offices. Finally, the Alta pro has raised the bar in signal processing and sound quality with the newly introduced Inium Platform technology.

2. Phonak Audeo Q90

With the introduction of a new sound processing chip technology known as Quest and a powerful feature known as Binaural VoiceStream the Phonak Audeo Q90 is one of the best wireless hearing aids available at the moment. This model is compatible with Phonak’s range of wireless accessories, which include:

Compilot – a streaming gateway worn around the neck.

TV Link S – a device that transmit sound signals from the television directly to your headset for a more convenient and clearer listening experience.

Mypilot – a wireless touch-screen remote control.

PilotOne – a standard remote control for adjusting settings in the hearing aids without taking them off.

In addition to being compatible with these wireless accessories the Phonak Audeo Q90 is equipped with a host of impressive features, including 20 frequency preset channels, an acclimatisation manager, a tinnitus balance sound generator, and advance noise cancellation modes.

3. Resound Verso 9

Many believe that Resound’s Verso 9 is the best wireless hearing aid on the market, primarily because it does not require you to wear any additional device to have access to wireless functionality, and this particular model has a strong and clear wireless signal. Furthermore, the device is coated in a unique iSolate Nanotech waterproof coating that protects it from being damaged by ear wax or water.

While most other hearing aids with wireless features require you to wear a neck loop to pick up a signal, the Verso 9 has this functionality built-in. This allows you to stream audio content directly from your television or mobile phone without any additional accessories. In addition to the Verso 9’s wireless features it is also equipped with the new Binaural Fusion feature, a program that detects which hearing aid is receiving the clearest signal and then routes that signal to both hearing aids for the clearest sound quality possible.


Ultimately, regardless of which of the above hearing aid models you choose, any one of these selections will prove to be of a higher quality than 95% of other hearing aids out there on the market, especially as far as wireless capabilities are concerned.

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