Do Hearing Aid Reviews Matter?

Hearing aid ratings

Each month, there are close to 500,000 Google searches for some variation of the term “Hearing aid reviews.” Clearly, a lot of people are interested in reading about particular hearing aids (and their associated user reviews) before purchasing them. But just how useful are hearing aid reviews?

Like many other electronic devices, someone who is not familiar with hearing aids might think that hearing aid reviews would be incredibly useful. Personally whenever I buy a new device, be it a TV, computer, phone, etc., I read probably dozens of reviews and glean a ton of useful information. Shouldn’t the same hold true for hearing aids?

The answer is “Yes” and “No.” First of all hearing aids are an incredibly personal device. The style of hearing aid you get, its “add-on” accessories, its programs, features, and much more, is all tailored for your specific loss and lifestyle, and more. To make things more complicated, no two people have the exact same hearing loss. You can probably now see where the problem with hearing aid reviews lies. How can one person’s review of a device that is completely customized for their loss help another person decide if that same device would work for them? The truth is, in most cases, it really can’t.

But don’t write off hearing aid reviews just yet, because they can be useful. If what you’re looking for in a review is confirmation of whether a hearing aid will sound good to you or not, you will probably not find what you are looking for. There are however, a few things about hearing aids that can very easily be subjectively reviewed, i.e, frequency of repairs, functionality of bluetooth devices, claims of “water-resistance,” etc. So in moving away from sound quality, and focusing on some of the more tangential aspects of hearing aids, they certainly can be “reviewed” and compared.

It’s important to remember that all hearing aids sound different, and they all perform differently, and for more reasons than I have time to discuss in this one post. If what you are looking for is reviews to ensure that you will have success with your hearing instruments, your time would be better spent looking for hearing provider reviews. The truth is, the technology doesn’t vary too much between each manufacturer, but the skill-level, patience, and compassion of providers varies greatly.

Taking all of the above in to account, my question for my readers is this: Would you like to see a review section on this site where folks can detail their experiences with different hearing aids, or perhaps providers?

Let me know what you think!

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