Firsthand Account of the Unitron Quantum² 20 BTE

The following guest post was written by Frank T., who has a  severe high frequency hearing loss which he believes was caused by exposure to loud noise in WWII.
I bought this hearing aid just a few days ago after wearing the Phonak Naida BTEs for over 7 years so I was ready for an upgrade. I paid $6,000 even for the both in total and that included a full 3 year mfg warranty and all the batteries I’ll ever need. I also paid an extra $500 for a few accessories which I will touch on below. I lead an active lifestyle. I bike 20 miles a day up and down the strand and live in an active senior community that always has fun events for all of us. Dancing, singing, lots of dining and entertainment, I do it all and have no plans on giving it up any time soon!

I’m leary of putting a price on my hearing so I bought the most advanced version available. I figured it would be quite the upgrade from my Naidas which I used successfully for many years and they are still a great back up set. I am now wearing the new Quantum² 20 High Power BTE which is the strongest hearing aid by this manufacturer. It is a 20 channel hearing aid and I’m told this means it’s good and an improvement over the Naidas. I lost my hearing in WWII I’m sure, we didn’t use hearing protection back then and I fired the M1A1 Thompson Machine Gun AKA “tommy gun” must have been 10 thousand rounds by the time the war was over, all with no ear plugs or anything.

Photo of the Unitron uDirect² and uTV² and

Unitron uDirect² and uTV²

My two biggest problems with my Naidas was hearing the TV and the Phone, and I have overcome them with these Unitrons. For TV listening I bought the wear around accessory called UDirect. This is a gadget I wear around my neck like a necklace any time I’m watching TV, and it communicates with the other device which plugs in to the TV and that’s called the uTV. That uTV device is a charging port for the neck device and I store it in there whenever I’m not watching TV to build the charge up. Setting up that system was quite the ordeal as I am not technically inclined and don’t even use a cell phone. Had some help from my neighbor who got it working in a Jiffy and it is beautiful. The TV is at a comfortable volume level I’m told for my wife and any non hearing impaired visitors we have, and I can crank up the volume as I need to in both my ears using the UDirect around my neck.

Telephone listening is greatly improved after a bit of back and forth with my hearing aid provider. I now have magnet devices on all of the phones in my house, I only use landlines, no cell phones, and this somehow allows me to hear on my phones almost crystal clear. This was explained to me why it helps but I have since forgotten but if you have a problem on the phone, ask about the little magnets it helps! Not sure if that would work with the Naidas or not, I oughta try. Anyhow the phone conversation comes through on both ears so it is much easier to listen. Previously, talking to anyone on the phone was a nightmare, and it’s better than its been in years now so it’s a joy to speak at length with people.

I’ve got this set up with 3 different channels for listening. I keep it on channel 1 most of the time almost all day as it’s for “everyday” listening. Channel 2 I have reserved for when I’m in the dining room so I’m not bothered by all the chatter behind me- this helps a bit but I still am not hearing clearly at the dinner table. Channel 3 I have saved for when I’m riding my bike almost daily and need to turn down all that wind noise which if I’m not on channel 3 just sounds like a bunch of really loud static and is terrible. The button on the back of the hearing aid is easy to adjust the channel, no problem with that.

I use a size 13 battery and they are lasting just shy of 3 weeks which is remarkably better than the Naidas. In all I am tickled with my ability to hear with these high powered hearing aids. If I have any complaint it is that they are not the most discrete of hearing aid but that is priority #2 for me and the sound quality makes up for it. I hope I have provided some benefit to the blog readers and wish you all the best of luck dealing with this trouble we all share.

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