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Hearing Aids That Work with the Apple Watch

When the Apple Watch was launched in 2015, only two hearing aid manufacturers—Resound and Starkey—were offering direct connectivity with their hearing aids. Over the years, more manufacturers have caught up with them. In this article we’ll look at hearing aids that work with the Apple Watch and why you might want to get your hands on this technology.

A first advantage of hearing aids that work with the Apple Watch is that you have access to the manufacturer’s companion app directly on your wrist. With a quick glance at your Apple Watch, you can change programs, stream music and phone calls. You can even take advantage of geotagging, the functionality that automatically enables a program when you reach a specific location. (For example, when you arrive home, the Apple Watch will send a signal to the hearing aids to switch to home mode).

The manufacturer’s companion app for your Apple Watch is usually also available on your iPhone with the same features. So, why, you might ask, what’s the benefit of having the companion app also on my wrist? Well, for the same reasons anyone buys an Apple Watch: convenience. It’s simply more convenient to perform repetitive tasks directly on our watch rather than having to take out your smartphone every time. Think reading messages, checking notifications or checking who’s calling.

Regarding hearing aids specifically, there are a few specific features that you might enjoy having on your watch, as well as on your phone:

1) Fine-tuning/changing programs. Finding the background noise a little too noisy in the restaurant? Quickly change to restaurant program. Still too loud? Turn down the volume. As you might want to adjust the controls of your hearing aids multiple times a day, you might find it more convenient to do so on your wrist.

2) Catch notifications with vibration. This is another case where you could tell your phone to do the same thing. You could set it to vibrate too, but if it’s not always in your pocket, you may miss out on notifications and important calls. While if you get used to carry your Apple Watch at all times, you have the confidence that it will always be on your wrist, alerting you.

3) Send calls to voicemail. Are your Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids letting you know you’re getting a phone call at an inconvenient time? Simply tap your wristwatch to send the call to voicemail.

As we said above, while in the early days of the Apple Watch only Starkey and Resound there are now more manufacturer offering integration with the Apple Watch. We’ve made a list here of manufacturers/hearing aid models and their relative companion apps.

Hearing aids that work with Apple Watches

Manufacturer Hearing Aid Model Companion App
Starkey Halo IQ TruLink Hearing Control App
ReSound LiNX 3D Smart 3D App
Oticon Opn ON App

We hope that after reading our article you have a better understanding of whether the Apple Watch is a device that you’d want to add to your life. If you have any questions or comments regarding hearing aids that work with the Apple Watch, please write in the comments below.

Gianluca Trombetta Gianluca Trombetta Gianluca Trombetta is a hearing aid user and an expert in living well with hearing loss. He teaches hearing aid users how to maximize their communication abilities even in the most challenging situations at getsuperhumanhearing.com.

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