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How Long do Hearing Aids Last?

Because hearing aids are so expensive, one of the first questions most people ask when being fit with their first set of hearing aids is, “How long do they last?” The answer to that question will vary from device to device, and manufacturer to manufacturer, but below are a few generally accepted answers to this question.

Hearing aids will last as long as you want them to.  Many hearing aids will last 10 years or more, though after about 6-7 years, they typically start breaking down frequently. After this amount of time, the delicate components inside usually start succumbing to years of moisture and wax buildup, and need to be repaired more often. The most commonly replaced components are the microphone (where the sound comes in), and the receiver (where the sound comes out of the aid). You can continue to replace these components (and others) as they break down for as long as you like, but the repair costs really start to add up, as does the inconvenience of always having to get them repaired.

Your hearing aids will probably be outdated (5) years from the date you purchase them. Hearing aid technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Every few years at least one of the major manufacturers makes a major technological advancement, learns new (better) ways to do things, and introduces new products to the market. Typically after about 5 years, your hearing aids will be technically outdated. After 5 years, it is more than likely that there are new products available which will help you hear better, in more environments, with a better sound quality. Most people purchase new hearing aids every 5 years and report a significant improvement as compared to their previous hearing aids.

With these things in mind, the real answer is probably about 5-8 years.  Since most hearing aids are technologically inferior 5 years after their date of purchase, and they also begin to break down more often at that point, most people make the decision to just purchase new instruments every 5-8 years. If what you need is a hearing aid that will last you the rest of your life, make it a point to talk to your health care professional about this, as they will be able to guide you to devices which are traditionally very durable, though they may lack some of the features you might find most desirable.

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