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How to Convince Someone to Get Their Hearing Checked

Coming to terms with a hearing loss is difficult. Add to that, the fact that most hearing loss occurs at a very slow pace (making it hard to detect), and it’s no wonder that the average person suffers with hearing loss for 5-7 years before purchasing hearing aids. Even after that amount of time, there may be some individuals who have a particularly hard time accepting that they have a problem hearing. Hearing loss is serious and can burden relationships, isolate people, and lead to much confusion, misunderstanding, and anger. For these reasons and many more, it’s essential to not ignore the problem of hearing loss, and to encourage and help your loved ones deal with it head-on.

Below are a few tips to help convince your friend or family member to get their hearing checked and investigate treatment options:

Stop being an enabler. Every time you “speak up” or make other accommodations for an individual with untreated hearing loss, you are giving them one more reason not to do something to correct the problem. If everyone around the individual just complies with his or her demands to talk louder, slower, adjust the volume, etc., then the individual has no motivation to seek treatment. 

Let them know how it affects you. If you’re tired of people looking at you in public with disdain because it looks like you’re yelling at your Mom (just because she can’t hear you), let her know how this makes you feel. An individual in denial about their hearing loss needs to hear how their actions (or lack of actions) are impacting others. 

Help them be optimistic about what hearing aids can do. Many people have a friend or parent who didn’t do well with hearing aids, and this is the reason they decide not to try them. Explain to them that everyone has different results, and technology in this age is much better than it used to be. In most cases an individual can be fit with an invisible or nearly invisible device that is very comfortable, never whistles, and easy to use. 

Lastly, it’s important to remember that in most states you can try hearing aids absolutely risk-free. That means you can have a hearing evaluation and be custom fitted with hearing aids to wear for 30 days- and if you’re not happy, you are entitled to 100% of your money back. Remind the individual that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and that you’d love to communicate with them again like you used to.

If you or a loved one would like a free phone consultation with a licensed hearing provider, please feel free to call us at 800-731-6794.

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