Liberty Hearing Aid Review


If you want our professional opinion on Liberty Hearing Aids, read this post about Sam’s Club hearing aids (Sam’s Club is the exclusive distributor of Liberty Hearing Aids).

This hearing aid review was submitted by David G. from Michigan, who is a hearing aid wearer and reader of our blog. David recently purchased hearing aids from Sam’s Club and was kind enough to submit his review on this product for our readers. If you’ve never heard of Liberty Hearing Aids, that’s because they are sold exclusively through Sam’s Clubs. Liberty manufacturers two different hearing aids- the Engage SIE 64 and the Engage SIE 32. This particular review is for the Engage SIE 64, which is the more advanced of the two. Both of those technology levels (the 64 & 32) are available in a range of different custom and behind-the-ear styles. We don’t sell Liberty hearing aids on our site, but you can see comparable hearing aids here.

David’s Review of the Liberty Engage SIE 64 Hearing Aid

Which style Liberty Hearing Aid did you purchase?
I am wearing the open-fit style aid with no custom ear mold.

How would you classify your hearing loss, and do you have prior experience with hearing aids?
I would say that I have a severe loss, and this is my first time with hearing aids. It took me 5 years to finally purchase hearing aids, and the catalyst was my wife’s persistence that I had the TV too loud.

What has surprised you the most about your new hearing aids?
That I can listen to the TV at such a low volume.

What is one thing you don’t like about these aids?
Putting them in and out every day.

Picture of the Liberty Hearing Aid

Liberty Hearing Aid

What has been your general experience with these hearing aids?
I’m very happy with these new aids, I should have gotten them years ago. I liked them from day one because they helped me so much. I like fact they are programmable and the battery life is much better then I thought they would be at about 8 days. My aids cost $3,200 for the pair from Sam’s Club. I think if someone thinks they have a hearing loss they should get checked out and get aids to see what they are missing. I never would have gotten checked without my wife telling me to do it. I wish I would have done it long ago because I lived many years with the TV and radio up so loud it bothered every one around me. I have only had my hearing aids for a short time but already they are making a big difference in my quality of life. I was a truck driver and if I was still working probably would not have passed the hearing test without hearing aids. Overall I can recommend Sam’s Clubs and Liberty Hearing Aids.

Thanks for your review David!

If you’d like a free phone consultation with a licensed hearing provider, please feel free to call us at 800-731-6794.

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