What Are the Newest Hearing Aids of 2014?

So far, 2014 has been an exciting year in the hearing aid world. We’ve seen breakthroughs this year that many people have been waiting for for quite a while. The most notable new hearing aids to come to the market so far in 2014 are the Made for iPhone hearing aids- like the Starkey Halo. Other Made for iPhone hearing aids are said to be in the works by other manufacturers as well, and while these hearing aids are only offered in low-profile behind-the-ear styles at this time, custom-fit Made for iPhone hearing aids are expected to hit the market within the next 24 months. In the realm of the invisible hearing aid world, the biggest advancement this year has been the introduction of the Lyric 3 hearing aid, which is of course an iteration of the previously very successful Lyric 1 and Lyric 2 hearing aids. This post will briefly touch on all of the above mentioned 3 hearing aids.

For a further look at either product and to read many user reviews submitted on any of these products, just click the links provided above.

Photo of the Starkey Halo hearing aid

Starkey Halo

Released just a few weeks after the ReSound LiNX was the Starkey Halo Made for iPhone hearing aid. This hearing aid has also been widely reviewed as a great product, though not without its hiccups. First, unlike the ReSound LiNX, the Halo does not connect to any streaming devices like the SurfLink Media, so TV streaming is out of the question with the Halo- though I’m sure Starkey will have a solution for this quickly. Another drawback to the Halo is you have to have an iPhone 5 in order for everything to work perfectly, some of the features don’t work quite right without out- for instance, if you have a 4 or 4s phone calls will only stream to one ear, which is not nearly as awesome as binaural streaming. The Starkey also has a larger battery (size 13), than the LiNX (size 312), so you may experience a slightly longer battery life with a Halo. The Starkey Halo comes in 3 technology levels and 3 different price points.

Photo of the Lyric 3

Lyric 3 Hearing Aid

Another popular hearing aid of 2014, the smallest hearing aid in the world- is the Lyric 3 extended wear hearing aid. The Lyric 3 builds off the enormously popular earlier generations of the Lyric hearing aid, and makes improvements in signal processing, gain range, and gives hearing providers more flexibility when programming the device- so it can be more finely tuned to your hearing loss and sound better to you. The Lyric 3 is currently being rolled out across the country and is only accessible to “top-tier” Lyric providers at the moment, so I do not have any personal experience with this hearing aid yet. The price of the Lyrics remain pretty steady at about $1,700 per ear (per year), nationwide.

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