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Patient Review: Oticon Nera Pro

The following hearing aid review was submitted by Teresa H. of Kansas, who is a hearing aid wearer and reader of our blog. Released in September of 2013, the Oticon Nera Pro is currently Oticon’s best mid-range hearing aid, and is probably the best mid-range aid they have ever released. This hearing aid is built on “Inium”, which is the same processing platform as the more advanced Alta & Alta Pro. This makes the Oticon Nera Pro special, as it’s the only mid-range (and more affordable) Oticon hearing aid offers on this new platform. The Nera Pro is an 8 channel hearing aid with 3 programmable memories. To read an in-depth provider review of this hearing aid, visit this post.

Teresa’s Review of the Oticon Nera Pro

What style did you purchase? 
I am wearing the receiver-in-canal style with a custom earmold.

How would you  classify your hearing loss? 

Is this your first hearing aid?

From the time you first noticed you had a hearing problem, how long did it take you to decide to purchase hearing aids?
It took me about a year. I finally decided to get hearing aids because I really needed them for work.

What has surprised you the most about these hearing aids?
I have been really surprised by how comfortable they are and how much I was missing out on before having them.

What is one thing you don’t like about your new hearing aids?
The right ear mold irritates my ear canal.

In which area of your life have your new hearing aids had the most positive impact?
Definitely my job, and conversations in groups.

What has been your overall experience with the Nera Pros? 
I am very happy with these hearing aids. I would give them a 9/10 only because my right ear gets irritated with it. But I have more damage and scar tissue in the right ear after 6 tubes in the eardrum. It did take a little bit getting used to but right away I realized how much I was missing. My set was $5000 and I got them from the Audiologist at my ear specialist. The office is great at taking care of them and working with me. The batteries last me about 2 weeks which I think is great. My only complaint is that the right one hums or buzzes so I think that the settings need to be adjusted. My advice for someone getting them is that if your doctor or audiologist recommends getting them, to do it. The longer you wait, the more hearing loss you will have. Also, buy them from a local hearing provider, not online. For me they have been well worth the price I had to pay.

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