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NOTE: There is now a newer version available, Orion 2. Our price for the Orion 2 is $999 per hearing aid, including local service, a full factory warranty, 45 day risk free trial period, and a 1 yr supply of batteries. See how our program works here. Released in late 2013 by respected hearing aid manufacturer Siemens Hearing Instruments, the Siemens Orion is a great hearing aid for the price. Anyone who looks at the features on this hearing aid (which I’ll get in to below), would have to agree that it’s really a hearing aid that will give a lot of bang for the buck.

The Siemens Orion product family comes in a range of styles from open-fit RICs, to Power BTE’s, to a complete line of custom in-the-ear instruments. In order to understand why the Siemens Orion is a great hearing aid for the price, you have to first understand a bit about how hearing aid manufacturers typically “tier” their hearing aids technologically-speaking. The top hearing aid manufacturers (Siemens is one of them), typically build hearing aids in a series of 5 different technology levels, from basic or economy level technologies, all the way up to premium technologies in the flagship product.

Photo of the Siemens Orion hearing aid

Siemens Orion CIC: Just 1 of 9 styles available

The Siemens Orion hearing aid is positioned in what Siemens calls its “Essential” technology level. In hearing aid speak, this means it is an entry level or more basic hearing aid, and more specifically, this places it one step up from the bottom in terms of technology levels that Siemens has to offer. It is not the most basic hearing aid Siemens offers- that would be the Siemens Lotus. So there is one technology level below the Orion, and 3 levels above. Generally when a hearing aid is positioned in this technology level it means it is going to have very few features and very few channels.

However, the Siemens Orion hearing aid bucks this trend, and that’s why it is considered one of the best entry level hearing aids on the market (in our opinion). The Orion has 3 key elements which really make it stand out among all the other entry level hearing aids on the market. Below is a list of the top 3 reasons why we think the Siemens Orion is a great product for your money.

Top 3 best things about the Siemen Orion

1) 16 channels: In general, the more channels a hearing aid has, the more precisely it can be fine-tuned for your hearing loss by your hearing provider. The majority of entry level hearing aids on the market have anywhere from 2-5 channels, so 16 is really impressive for this entry level aid.
2) e2e wireless™ 2.0: Siemens Orion hearing aids can communicate with each other. Some hearing aid manufacturers call this feature “binaural synchronization” or “coordination”(you get the point), but in short, it means that the aids will communicate with each other and binaurally and automatically adjust to your environment to reduce background noise, listening effort, and enhance the clarity of speech. This feature also allows for the hearing aids to be “synced up”, so when you change the program or volume on one side, the other one automatically does the same thing. A lot of hearing aid wearers find this set up to be very convenient and it also gives a great deal of added flexibility to the adjustments you can make to your hearing aids. For example, your hearing provider could set them up so that a button on the right hearing aid will change the volume, and the left hearing aid will change the program.
3) Tinnitus noiser: Since so many hearing aid wearers also struggle with tinnitus (that annoying ringing in the ears), it makes sense that hearing aids would be fitted with features to help reduce that sensation. The tinnitus noiser function allows the hearing instruments to deliver a programmable tinnitus masking noise, either by itself or in addition to the amplified environmental signal. This means that your hearing provider can program in certain masking noises (just at the frequencies you need them), which can greatly reduce and sometimes totally eliminate the sensations of tinnitus.

All three of these features are really rare in an entry level hearing aid- I think you’d be hard-pressed to find an entry level hearing aid on our site that has even 2 of those 3 features. If you have experience wearing this hearing aid and would like to share with our readers, please post your comments below!

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