Signia Releases First Product Family: Primax

At the end of January 2016 the Sivantos Group (new owners of Siemens Hearing Instruments), introduced their new hearing aid brand, Signia. Signia is the brand name that will eventually replace the Siemens name on all hearing aids and marketing material, though we can expect to see the Siemens name affiliated with Sivantos hearing aids for the next several years until it’s completely phased out. On Tuesday, Sivantos announced the release of their first product line under the Signia name, Primax.

What’s new with Primax?

The Primax models are built on the binax platform and will have the same casings/design as the previous binax models. However, there is some new technology in the Primax aids:

  • SpeechMaster: More than a single feature or innovation, SpeechMaster is a collection of algorithms that work in concert to achieve less listening effort. SpeechMaster analyzes the acoustic environment and employs the first technology that is clinically proven to isolate the target speaker from unwanted surrounding noise and other speech. SpeechMaster acts as a conductor orchestrating noise reduction, directional, and amplification features according to changes in listening environment, while highlighting the dominant speaker’s voice and reducing the wearer’s listening effort throughout the day in every situation, automatically in the universal program.
  • HD Music: Signia has included 3 new music settings- Live Music, Recorded Music, and Musician (for performers). These settings are designed to extend the dynamic range of the hearing aids to handle a wider range of sounds. Extended dynamic range is beneficial for musicians and Widex has been doing this for years and people seem to like it.
  • EchoShield: The primax EchoShield program softens reflected sound for better sound quality and reduced listening effort in places where there is high reverberation ― atriums, hallways, lecture halls, and places of worship.
  • TwinPhone: TwinPhone is a new feature that allows you to hear your phone conversations in both ears. Simply answer the phone as you normally would, and the conversation will come through both hearing aids. This is similar to Phonak’s DuoPhone feature and is very popular.

In addition to the above technology, a few other changes have been made as well:

  • New CROS/BICROS device (for single sided deafness): The market has been needing this! There have been few good CROS/BICROS solutions for folks in recent years. Signia will make a Primax CROS transmitter in the Pure style, with a size 312 battery. It will be compatible with all Primax models, from invisible customs to behind-the-ear devices.
  • Carat model not available for Primax: The Carat was a popular model with the Binax line due to it’s size 13 battery and DAI compatibility. For the time being, there is no Carat model in the Primax line, but you can get a size 13 battery Motion RIC that is DAI compatible.

When will Primax be available?

Primax hearing aids are available immediately to select Signia/Siemens accounts (ZipHearing is one of these accounts). In the coming months, the Primax aids will be available to all Signia/Siemens accounts nationwide.

How much does Signia Primax cost?

Our prices for the Primax are as follows (per hearing aid):

Our prices include a full manufacturer warranty, 1 year supply of batteries, and local service from a licensed hearing provider. To learn more about how our nationwide program works and how you can get an excellent deal on a Primax hearing aid, please see this page: How it Works.

What about Siemens binax?

Siemens binax remains a fantastic product which we will continue to endorse and sell. In the coming months, you may see reduced pricing on all binax models, which would make it an excellent value hearing aid. We anticipate that the binax will still be around for some time, as we are still getting inquiries regarding Siemens’ older micon technology.

Within the next few weeks we will update our site and price list to include all these new Signia hearing aids. Stay tuned for more information, as well as user reviews as they begin trickling to the comment section below and the product pages which are to come. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about the Signia Primax or schedule a 45 day trial period, please feel free to call and speak to one of our licensed hearing providers at 800-731-6794.

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