Starkey 3 Series i30 Review


In June 2013 Starkey released the 3 Series family of products. Within the 3 series family, there are 5 tiers of technology, in order from entry-level to premium: i20, i30, i70, i90, and i110.

The i30 is a solid mid-range hearing aid, and I fit dozens of them. Most customers did very well with this technology, but those with more active lifestyles, and those who desired the absolute best hearing possible were much better served by the i90 and i110 technology levels.

The i30 is a 6 channel hearing aid, which some studies (and many people) agree is the maximum amount of channels that a hearing aid really needs.

I think for the price, which is usually around $1,500-$1,900 per aid, it has some great features and is well worth the expense. In my opinion, 6 channels is enough in this hearing aid and almost always lets me very precisely adjust the hearing aid to the user’s needs. It has state of the art feedback reduction so the hearing aid hardly ever whistles, up to 4 programs, directional microphones, voice indicators, and telephone/telecoil programs for effortless talking on the phone. Although there are certainly better hearing aids within the 3 Series line-up, it’s hard to go wrong with the 3 series. Even though it has only basic background noise reduction capabilities (not nearly as good as the more advanced units in the family), it does the job for most people.

In addition, the 3 Series i30, and all of the products in the 3 series (i) lineup, work with Starkey’s Surflink Mobile and Media devices. The Surflink mobile allows your hearing aids to stream sound wirelessly from phones, MP3 players, and other audio inputs. The Surflink Media device lets you stream sound wirelessly from your TV into both ears, giving you a clear surround sound experience. Both of these devices work with the i30 hearing aid. The i30 comes in all different styles, from invisible, to power behind the ear models. They will work on mild to profound losses, and can be fitted with receivers of up to 70db (so they can be very powerful) hearing aids. The Starkey 3 Series i30 comes standard with a 2 year warranty covering mechanical defects, and a 1 year loss and damage warranty. I couldn’t find any good videos outlining this particular product, but here is a good one that shows how the Surflink Media device works. Note: It looks a little tricky in the video with all the cords and devices he has there, but it’s actually a super simple process!

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