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Please note: As of March 2, 2016, this hearing aid is outdated. It has been replaced by the Signia Insio.

The following review was submitted to us via email by a Siemens Insio user that frequently reads our blog. We have obtained permission to make the following review public and hope that it will benefit any of our readers who are considering wearing the Insio.

I have struggled with hearing loss for the past 3 years, and just last month finally decided to do something about it- kind of spur of the moment. I ended up at my doctor’s office for a completely unrelated issue, and ended up being referred to a local hearing aid specialist near me that came highly recommended. I had never thought seriously about wearing hearing aids but since the appointment was to be free I thought “what the heck.”

After a brief yet seemingly thorough exam, I was told that which I had already known, that I do in fact have a moderate hearing loss and probably should have dealt with this years ago. I have a loss of up to 45db in the lows and 70 db in the highs. Not a terribly uncommon loss, but a nuisance nonetheless. On the advice of my specialist I reluctantly agreed to do a trial period with the aids they recommended, at a whopping $4,000 for the two.

I swore I would just get by with one, but am now very happy that I decided to get the two. The specialist I visited only carries Siemens hearing aids, and I wanted something that wouldn’t be seen, so they recommended the CIC style option, which hides almost totally inside my ear and depending on how I wear my hair can be truly invisible.

As a first time hearing aid user, I am not aware of some of the technologically advanced things hearing aids do, quite frankly didn’t want to learn, and am happy with a very simple configuration of the hearing aids that make them very easy to use. I know this hearing aid has the capabilities so I can use them with TVs and phones but for now the hubby and I agree that I am doing just fine without those things, and good thing because that would be around an extra $400 for that hookup.

Photo of the Siemens Insio hearing aid

The Siemens Insio CIC hearing aid

I have the hearing aids set up in a way that works very well for me and makes them easy to use. I use memory slot #1 for everyday listening. This is the memory that I am using 95% of the time. However, at the end of the workday or when my tinnitus really creeps up on me, I use program slot #2 to reduce the sounds in my ears, and that is a godsend. For anyone who suffers from tinnitus, you know how much anxiety it can bring you as it comes and goes throughout the day, and sometimes persists for hours or days on end. The Insio is somehow able to cancel out the tinnitus noise via memory 2 and really calm and soothe my tired ears at the end of the day. I was told I’m not supposed to, but I have even been sleeping with both aids on overnight as the tinnitus is significantly reduced which helps me fall asleep and stay asleep. I have used to Apple Apps before for white noise to fall asleep, but nothing is as good or all-encompassing as the Insios are.

If I could lob any complaints about these hearing devices it would be first, the color. I have very white skin and the aids are only available in dark colors so they do not match my skin as well as I would have hoped for, which sadly makes them more visible. Additionally, the feel of them in my ears is very bothersome. Despite tireless efforts from 2 different hearing providers and several modifications by Siemens, I still can’t get rid of the feeling that I have a cold, or that I am talking way to loud, and that my voice is just booming loud yet I am told I’m speaking in a soft tone. If I was not so vain I would switch to a behind the ear unit as I’m told this well help with the problems I’m having. But at this point I have become so dependent on my aids that I don’t want to go with out them or take a risk that they are not even fixed after another 10+ days waiting to get them back.

There is much to love about them though, and I particularly enjoy doing things that regular people do and not worrying about or having to think about how my hearing loss might shape that situation for me. For instance for the last few years at social gatherings I’ve just been kind of barely listening or hearing what people were saying and this let me to feeling out of place in a number of different environments. Something as simple as the woman saying something in a very low voice at the grocery checkout stand, maybe something tongue in cheek that I previously wouldn’t have heard, are now fun to hear and to reply to. It sounds so basic but being able to interact freely makes a huge difference in my life. I can’t tell you how many times people thought I was either rude or dumb just because I couldn’t hear what they had muttered/mumbled/whistpered, but now being able to decipher those things, it really brings me back to life.

I am using the size 10A batteries which last me about 7 days when I wear them 10 hours a day. Changing batteries is hard, the door is tiny with a small compartment for the battery, and keeping earwax (my ears prodoce a lot) out of the hearing aid is difficult and maintaining the wax guard device is difficult as well but I’m told is so important. Ward of warning to anyone with less than stellar dexterity of vision, do this over a hard surface with a magnifying glass on standby because you will probably fumble the tiny pieces used to maintenance. These hearing aids are a bit tricky to use, though I am getting better and there is a learning curve like anything else, but above all I am pleased with them and WOULD by them again.

If anyone is considering trying the Insios I would highly recommend it and give the aids 5 full stars.

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