User Review of the Unitron Moxi² Pro

The following hearing aid review was submitted by James N. of New York, who is a hearing aid wearer and reader of our blog. This hearing aid was released on 7-10-13 and is still one of the most advanced hearing aids that Unitron manufactures. You can view details of this hearing aid, along with its price, on ourUnitron hearing aids page. This hearing aid is available as part of the revolutionary program introduced by Unitron entitled Flex:trial, which allows for the risk-free “test-drive” of hearing aids. See the video below for info on how this unique program works.

User Review of the Unitron Moxi² Pro

What style hearing aid did you purchase?
Receiver-in-canal, open-fit style (no earmold)

How would you classify your hearing loss?

Is this your first time wearing hearing aids?
Yes. It took me 10 year to decide to buy hearing aids. I got tired of not hearing aid and missing parts of conversations.

What has surprised you the most about your new hearing aids?
The sounds that I hadn’t been able to hear like birds.

What is one thing you don’t like about your Unitron Moxi² hearing aids?
Some things sound too loud, sharp, or harsh.

What has been your overall experience with these hearing aids? 
These hearing aids are very easy to care for. They are hardly noticable and very comfortable to wear. I sometimes forget that I am even wearing hearing aids. Before I got hearing aids I had to have the TV turned up higher now it’s a normal volume for everyone. So far I cannot think of anything negative about these hearing aids. Battery life is about a week and I wear them all day so I think that is pretty good. Talking on the telephone is much better than before I got the aids. Listening to the radio in the car is much clearer than before. And having conversations with people and not saying “what” all the time is the biggest difference to me.


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