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Widex Dream 440 Review Part 2

A few months ago I posted part one of the Widex Dream 400 Review. That was a post about my general impressions of the aid before fitting it to my client. As I said then, I thought it was a brilliantly designed aid, very comfortable, and I thought the M-Dex and TV Dex accessories were intuitive, effortless, and reliable. I do not normally fit Widex hearing aids- not because I don’t think they are a great product, but because I usually recommend Starkey first (since I’m more familiar with their technology)- I’m not making a judgement call about which manufacturer is better- they are both great. Starkey is just my “go-to”, but when one of my clients wasn’t happy with their top-tier technology, I knew what I wanted to try next- the Dream 440 RIC. I’d read online that many people (providers and consumers) thought it was a great product, so I was anxious to try it.

I have to first and foremost apologize for all my readers for taking so long to post this update- I really dropped the ball. I got really busy for a while, but there’s another reason why I waited so long to post it- and that is that I just didn’t have a lot of experience with it yet to make any informed observations, and unfortunately- I still don’t. Here’s why. The Dream 440 hearing aid was the easiest set of hearing aids I ever fit. Never before have I had a fitting go so smoothly. The client that I fit them to had a moderate flat loss around 55-60 db, and I fit them with the camisha canal style mold- and that was that. Seriously. I essentially “best-fit” the hearing aids to the manufacturer recommendations, and the client has been happy ever since. I had him in for one follow-up fitting after the initial fit and he had zero complaints and I haven’t seen him since. And this isn’t a client that wouldn’t call me if there was a problem- he would. The aids were literally a “dream” to fit, and he has zero complaints with them. I wish all fittings were that easy!

The gentleman I had fit them on had previously worn the Starkey 3 Series i110 RICs, and those are phenomenal hearing aids, don’t get me wrong, but it was just his bad luck that we had so many reliability issues between the aids and the Surflink Media device. At the initial appointment we synced both aids with the M-Dex so he could stream music and calls, and he hooked up the TV-Dex on his own at home- said it was easy as pie.

So if you’re standing on the fence about the Dream’s, I’d absolutely say give them a shot. Just the other day I had another gentleman that came in with his brother for a hearing test, and I noticed that he was wearing the M-Dex around his neck and I asked him what he thought of it. He said he loved it- just like my client. I told him I was inclined to agree and that I thought it was a great product, and it is definitely now my go-to hearing aid to fall back on when nothing else is working. In the next few months I am opening up my own practice here in California, and I’m pretty sure that the Widex Dream will be in rotation- I can definitely see myself recommending this product.

So I wish I had more feedback for my anxious readers, and had my client had more trouble with the aids I probably would have, but sometimes when a fitting goes so smoothly, there is really nothing to talk about! Best of luck to anyone out there considering these aids- I can wholeheartedly recommend them.

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Jeff Hall Jeff Hall Jeff is a California licensed hearing aid dispenser and the President of ZipHearing- one of the largest discount hearing aid suppliers in the United States. Jeff lives in San Diego, CA with his wife and young daughter. You can learn more about hearing aids and watch Jeff on ZipHearing's Youtube channel.

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