Widex Mind 440 IIC Review

If you are looking for a great IIC hearing aid that is built on a tried and true, reliable platform, the Widex Mind 440 IIC may be just the hearing aid for you. You can see the price of this hearing aid here. The Widex Mind family was introduced in late 2009, and the IIC style was added to it in 2012. The IIC style is also available in the more budget-friendly models of Mind330, Mind220, Menu10, Menu5, and Menu3 hearing aids. The Mind 440 IIC is the most advanced, and most expensive IIC hearing aid Widex makes. This hearing aid generally retails for right around $3,000 per unit.

Like all IIC hearing aids, the Mind 440 IIC uses a size 10 battery.The specifications released by Widex claim the hearing aid will run for approximately (8) 16 hour days, which would put it at one of the best battery lives on the market for an IIC hearing aid. The hearing aid has no on-board user controls, and no remote controls that can be used with it- also like most IICs. You should think of this as kind of a “set and forget” hearing aid. Your hearing provider can adjust it precisely to your hearing loss, and the hearing aid will adjust on it’s own a bit depending on the environment you are in, but for the most part it is a static hearing aid- unchanging. This hearing aid is recommended for mild to moderate losses, and it has 15 channels which is more than enough- sound quality should not be an issue.

There are basically 3 really great things about this hearing aid:

1) Built-in RECD measurements: There is a feature in this aid that makes it much easier for providers to get an accurate, precise fit from the get-go. This is called in-situ RECD measurements, which in laymen’s terms means, a measurement that the hearing aid conducts which takes into account the shape of your individual ear canal when prescribing  gain across various frequencies. Basically, it makes sure that you are getting the correct amount of volume. This is the definition of evidence-based technology, as numerous reports outline the benefits of taking these measurements. Not a lot of hearing aids have this feature included, so this is a huge benefit to wearing this product and greatly increases your chances of being happy with it.

Photo of the Widex Mind 440 IIC hearing aid

Widex Mind 440 IIC

2) Speech Enhancer: One of the biggest challenges people with hearing loss have is understanding speech in the presence of background noise. With Widex’s Speech Enhancer feature, this is made just a bit easier. This feature makes background noise less perceptible by reducing it below your hearing threshold and boosting frequencies important to speech. The efficacy of this feature will vary depending on your hearing loss, and the signal to noise ratio in your environment, so you may think it works well in some places, and not at all in others. Widex get a +1 for their speeech enhancer, because some studies have shown that making speech intelligible in background noise may have a detrimental effect on listening comfort, however, studies using Widex’s speech enhancer showed that listening comfort was not affected.

3) Audibility Extender: Lastly, if you’re like most people, you have a high-frequency hearing loss and those high-frequency sounds can be very hard to hear clearly. That is where the Audibility Extender comes in to play. This feature is also known as “frequency shifting”, and could be compared to Phonak’s SoundRecover or Starkey’s Spectral IQ. This feature takes high frequency sounds, and intelligently replicates them and “shifts” them in to lower frequency sounds so you can make them out. Results with this feature (across many manufacturers) is a mixed bag. On the one-hand, many studies report that it does just what it is supposed to, extends the audibility of sounds, but on the other hand, many people don’t like the way this sounds. Some users report that this ends up as a “doubling” effect, where they hear everything twice. However, some users love it. You never know until you try it. One thing about this feature is for certain though, it absolutely increases speech intelligibility in almost all cases. If you don’t like this feature right off the bat, your provider can tailor it to your preferences as well, since the default setting from Widex is not always spot-on.

I found a brief video that might interest you here that shows a hearing provider going over the software that is used to program this aid. If you have worn this hearing aid, please submit a review below in the comments section or you can add a review to our Widex Mind 440 IIC review page.

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