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About Phonak Audeo B hearing aids

Audéo B is Phonak’s newest line of receiver-in-canal hearing aids that automatically adjust to your listening environment. On the inside, Audéo B benefits from an upgraded operating system called Autosense OS. By sensing your listening situation and adjusting the hearing aid program to match, Autosense OS does a great job eliminating the need for manual adjustments. Of course, you can still make manual changes - like adjusting the volume - if you wish, but you probably won’t need to. Just switch the hearing aids on and let Autosense do the rest. It transitions automatically between 200 distinct settings in response to the noise level and type of sounds going on around you.

On the outside, Audéo B hearing aids feature an all-new design created not only to look good on your nightstand and hide discreetly behind your ears, but to keep moisture and dirt out of the hearing aids. Phonak has not given this improvement as much publicity as some other aspects of Audéo B, but we think it’s important, because the new design will make these hearing aids even more reliable than previous models. Audéo B is available in four models with nine colors and up to four performance levels per model. Perfect for mild to severe hearing loss.

Audéo B is an excellent choice and is one of our best selling hearing aids, but you might also want to look at the Phonak Audeo BR rechargeable hearing aids, and if you're interested in hearing aids that can stream phone calls directly from your smartphone, you should look at the Phonak Audeo B-Direct hearing aids.

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