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Phonak Audeo B90-R
$2399 | $3399
*price per aid
Phonak Audeo B70-R
$1849 | $2699
*price per aid
Phonak Audeo B50-R
$1449 | $1899
*price per aid

About Phonak Audeo BR

Audéo BR is the world’s first hearing aid with a purpose-built rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This hearing aid is just like the Audéo B, but with no need for disposable batteries. Since a rechargeable battery is sealed into the hearing aid, you can’t use disposable zinc-air hearing aid batteries with Audéo BR. But why would you want to? The rechargeable battery keeps the hearing aid fully-powered for up to 24 hours of use and charges in just 3 hrs. The hearing aid slots neatly into its charging base, without any fiddly cables or connectors that could easily break. If you need to charge while on the road, there is an optional power pack that attaches to a portable Charger Case. Even after thousands of charge cycles, the battery won’t deteriorate, so you can count on it to keep your hearing aid going strong for years. Audéo BR is available in nine colors and three performance levels. Best of all, you will never need to buy batteries for this hearing aid!

Buy if:
  • You love the simplicity of rechargeable batteries, you’re tired of purchasing disposable batteries, or you might have difficulty seeing and manipulating tiny zinc-air hearing aid batteries.
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