Phonak Naida BR Rechargeable Hearing Aid Models, Prices, & Reviews

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Price per aid (from $800 to $2600)
Phonak Naida B90R Rechargeable
$2399 | $3399
*price per aid
Phonak Naida B70R Rechargeable
$1799 | $2699
*price per aid
Phonak Naida B50R Rechargeable
$1399 | $1899
*price per aid

Popular Phonak Naida BR Rechargeable Hearing Aid Models

Naída BR are Phonak’s premium high-power hearing aids with built-in rechargeable batteries, dedicated to severe to profound hearing loss. They come with an easy-to-use charging case, and an optional Power Pack for charging on the go or Mini Charger are also available. With 40% greater capacity than other battery types and full charge time of just three hours, these hearing aids will keep going all day long. That’s saying a lot, because advanced features and powerful amplification both take additional power. Naída hearing aids typically operate 24 hours, including up to 80 minutes of audio streaming, on a single charge. That’s about as long as rechargeable batteries last in other hearing aids designed for lower levels of hearing loss. Naída B-R rechargeable hearing aids come as an RIC style, in three performance levels. All are compatible with Phonak’s Roger wireless accessories.

Phonak Naida BR Rechargeable Hearing Aid Reviews

Here are the 10 most recent Phonak Naida BR Rechargeable hearing aid reviews we've received:

Day one , going from Resounds top of the line to Phonaks Audeo B90R rechargeable. Issues with the Resounds not working for me I believe , are too many owner options for settings. Not being an Audiologist , I wasted time trying to find a decent setting for dining , outdoor activities with grandkids and working acerage with a tractor . Each person is different in their capabilities and I found myself lacking in this arena . So far Phonak has done the job with automatic settings and adjustments . I went everywhere I could on the way home to test them out . Stores , restaurants , grandkids , phone calls , you name it. So far so good !! Like the rechargeable option as well. I'd bring extra batteries but then forget them in the car , just another hassle to avoid. No issues with changing brands , talked to my audiologist , got on the phone with Ziphearing and it's a done deal . Kept the Resounds until the Phonaks arrived at no cost to me. Love the aids , love the company . They stand true to their word . A rare thing these days !

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I purchased the Audeo B90 and CROS B. The sound is perfect sometimes I don't realize that I have them on. I tried many different hearing aids and found the Phonak to be the best as far as not sounding tinny, they sound very natural. Also got a terrific price from Zip Hearing and received great customer service from Grant. I would definitely recommend Zip Hearing to anyone needing hearing aids.

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VERIFIED BUYER | Wilmington, DE ?

The sound quality of my Phonak Audeo B70 Direct hearing aids is very good. The different settings for various situations are very helpful and work well. They are very comfortable and fit well. I am happy with them. The only thing I would suggest is, if the small device that goes into the ear canal be a clear color instead of dark. It would be much less visible. Other than that, I have no other suggestions. I have had Phonak hearing aids for years and I have always been satisfied.

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I can hear much better. Before I got the Audeo B30 hearing aid I was having great difficulty hearing people, especially in conversations where there was a lot of noise. Also, in the evenings I would watch television with family members and I could not hear what was being said on the television. I had to continually ask others in the room did the person in the movie say. It became quite annoying to me as well as others who were watching. That's when I said I had to take some action and get a hearing aid. I searched the internet for companies who were selling them. There were many, all with different prices. I finally settled on Zip even though some others were as cheap if not cheaper. I chose Zip because they had a relationship with a local company where I could go and visit in the event I had trouble with them. I visited the local company and I was satisfied that I would get service from them if needed in the future.

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A little disappointed that my titaniums couldn't be made as small as I'd hoped, guess I have too narrow of ear canals. In terms of sound quality I would rate these as a 10/10. I have been wearing "invisible" hearing aids my entire life, and these have surpassed the quality of sound in all listening situations, by miles. In terms of reliability as well I have had no issues now in well over a year, no issues with wax, or break downs randomly, battery life is holding steady at 4 days, the titanium shell does seem to be working in protecting my aids better than all aids in the past. Only complaint, and a valid one I'd say because these are advertised as invisible all over the net, is that they simple aren't invisible, I've had aids in the past from other companies and they got them smaller than these.

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While the hearing aids sound great, there are some limitations I've found. For me, like one of the previous commentors, the biggest draw was the bluetooth streaming direct to android. I find it unreliable, there will be times where I absolutely love it, it's amazing, and then times where I just cannot keep a connection. One of my biggest hesitations before I bought this was that it only does single sided streaming to one ear, but i Really found this to be inconsequential, I do not mind it at all, as all I've ever known was hearing the caller in one ear. What I do mind and miss out on is that you can't stream audio from the phone, only phone calls, so it's another limitation that you have with this hearing aid compared to others in the same class. But what you get in exchange, is the only hands free bluetooth hearing aids, and that, when it works, is exceptional. Finally, I wish that these hearing aids would perform better in crowds, it is my understanding accoridng to my dispenser that Phonak has de-featured these a little bit, reduced their background noise capabiltiies, in order to make room for the Bluetooth features. I go back and forth between whetehr or not this was a worthwhile trade. I think I will keep these hearing aids, as I'm too many adjustment appoints in to turn back now and I am reasonably satisfied, but for the price I do wish they met more of my needs.

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One week in with B 90. They h as 've a "tinny" sound. No natural bass.can this issue be addressed?

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The biggest draw of this item is the blue tooth capability. My experience, with 2 phones and 2 cell providers is that while I can hear clearly, the other side reports 'cutting out". Very disappointing and i will contact phonak support once again to get a remedy or they go back.

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After about a year of owning my Phonak BR 90 hearing aids the ear pieces broke off and first that broke lodged deep into my ear canal and had to go have doctor remove it, today the other one broke off and my husband was able to remove if with tweezers. There has to be a better way to design this than having to pull on tiny wire to remove from ear canal and having it break off inside our ear.

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VERIFIED BUYER | Boca Grande, FL ?

I chose Phonak based on my extensive consultation with audiologist friends and consultants in Indianapolis, where we have another home. Phonak was recommended the most highly of all the brands. My experience so far has indicated that the technology is highly sophisticated to allow for numerous adjustments, all of which have been necessary. My first week was one of profound disappointment (honestly) since I was not understanding speech any better than I historically have without aids. My interest in hearing aids was to improve my understanding of speech in noisy environments, not to hear coins click (which I cannot hear without the aids).

I have a very difficult hearing situation to correct (normal hearing in the lower frequencies but major drop off in hearing in the upper frequencies.) I have had this condition for many years so there is a brain-retraining that is necessary in addition to the technology. When I went back for the first follow-up, the provider made major significant adjustments and I found immediate benefit in most environments. I was able to actually understand our waitress in one of our favorite restaurants in town whereas in the past I would just assume what the wait-staff had said (or ask my wife). I could understand my daughter in our car ride back from the airport last night whereas in the past I would just hear car noise and mumbled speech. I had my second follow up appointment today and the audiologist made some additional adjustments to all the programs and to be honest, some understanding is now better but some is worse. I guess the lesson is that it will take a while to fine-tune the technology to make it work optimally. I am along for the ride!

One other factor is the brain retraining that is necessary. I downloaded an audiology rehabilitation program and work through those exercises. I realize that after years of not understanding speech well, I have difficulty is distinguishing many consonant sounds. Now that I hear the high frequencies again, I fully agree that my brain needs to learn to recognize those sounds correctly and that will take work on my part.

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Phonak Naida BR Rechargeable Hearing Aid Prices

ModelOur Price
Audéo B90-Direct $2399
Audéo B70-Direct $1849
Audéo B50-Direct $1449
Audéo B90 $2299
Audéo B70 $1749
Audéo B50 $1349
Audéo B30 $1149
Audéo B90-R $2399
Audéo B70-R $1849
Audéo B50-R $1449
Virto B90 Titanium $2499
Virto B70 Titanium $1899
Virto B90 $2399
Virto B70 $1849
Virto B50 $1349
Virto B30 $1199
Bolero B90 $2299
Bolero B70 $1699
Bolero B50 $1299
Bolero B30 $1149
Bolero B90-PR $2399
Bolero B70-PR $1799
Bolero B50-PR $1399
Naida B90 $2299
Naida B70 $1699
Naida B50 $1299
Naida B30 $1149
Naida B90R $2399
Naida B70R $1799
Naida B50R $1399
Sky B90 $2299
Sky B70 $1699
Sky B50 $1299
Sky B90 PR $2399
Sky B70 PR $1799
Sky B50 PR $1399
CROS B $1299
CROS BR $1399
TV Connector $249
Charger Case $99
Power Pack $99
Mini Charger $79
ComPilot II $329
ComPilot Air II $349
Pilot One II $279
TV Link II $149
RemoteMic v2.0 $149
ComPilot Air II/RemoteMic v2.0 bundle $399
ComPilot II/TV Link II bundle $379
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