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Phonak Naida BR Rechargeable Hearing Aid Models, Prices, & Reviews

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Phonak Naida B90R Rechargeable
$2399 (per aid) $4798 (pair)
Phonak Naida B70R Rechargeable
$1799 (per aid) $3598 (pair)
Phonak Naida B50R Rechargeable
$1399 (per aid) $2798 (pair)

About Phonak Naida BR Rechargeable

Naída BR are Phonak’s premium high-power hearing aids with built-in rechargeable batteries, dedicated to severe to profound hearing loss. They come with an easy-to-use charging case, and an optional Power Pack for charging on the go or Mini Charger are also available. With 40% greater capacity than other battery types and full charge time of just three hours, these hearing aids will keep going all day long. That’s saying a lot, because advanced features and powerful amplification both take additional power. Naída hearing aids typically operate 24 hours, including up to 80 minutes of audio streaming, on a single charge. That’s about as long as rechargeable batteries last in other hearing aids designed for lower levels of hearing loss. Naída B-R rechargeable hearing aids come as an RIC style, in three performance levels. All are compatible with Phonak’s Roger wireless accessories.