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About Resound LiNX 3D

LiNX 3D is ReSound's third-generation and newest made-for-iPhone hearing aid. These hearing aids connect directly to Apple mobile devices for streaming music and phone calls, just like a set of wireless headphones. You can even answer calls directly from the hearing aids and leave the phone in your pocket (The hearing aid microphones will pick up your voice for the caller to hear). Such tight integration between hearing aids and mobile phones may have seemed like a luxury a few short years ago, now it seems like a necessity. Once you have enjoyed the convenience of wireless streaming, you will wonder how you ever got by without it.

With ReSound's award-winning Smart 3D app, you can personalize your hearing using an Apple or Android mobile device. The app is free and no accessories are required to use it. Change the hearing aid volume, switch the listening program, turn down the background noise, and geo-tag your adjustments to let the hearing aids automatically activate your favorite settings when your return to the same location. Here is something even better. The app also enables you transmit an automatic record of the hearing aid settings, along with a request for assistance, to your hearing care professional. The professional can then respond to the request by sending you advice or by adjusting the hearing aids and sending new settings straight back to you. For years, hearing aid wearers have asked for the ability to fine tune their in the real world, and not only in a quiet office. Now, this is finally possible. After your hearing care professional sends the new settings, all you have to do is tap install in the Smart 3D app to save the new settings to your hearing aids. ReSound seems to understand that have your time is valuable. We are not the only ones who appreciate that. LiNX 3D and the Smart 3D app won over critics at IFA 2017, the world's largest consumer electronics show, where the winning combination received the IHS Markit Innovation Award for the most innovative product in the fitness, wearables and health devices category and was recognized for as a leader in UX Design (for intuitive function and seamless human-technology interaction).

We wouldn’t want to give the impression LiNX 3D hearing aids focus on convenience and connectivity at the expense of other features, because this is absolutely not the case. These hearing aids are the "whole package", with no compromises. They feature a long list of advanced digital signal processing technology that competes with the best of any other hearing aid brand on the market. Just a few examples include Binaural DirectionalityTM III (designed to help you focus on what you want to hear without feeling cut off from your surroundings), Spatial SenseTM (to help you detect where sounds are coming from), Noise TrackerTM II noise cancellation technology, Music ModeTM, WindguardTM wind noise reduction, and onboard therapeutic sounds for relief from tinnitus. To top things off, these hearing aids are fully automatic, meaning they detect and recognize the types of sounds around you and automatically adjust to provide the best settings for every listening situation.

A few more of the options make it easy to find a LiNX 3D to suit almost anyone's preferences. LiNX 3D rechargeable provides 14 hours of power (with 2 hours of streaming) on a single four-hour charge. All the BTE and RITE styles come in a wide range of 14 colors, making LiNX 3D great for blending in or standing out. Got a military heritage or outdoor inclination? Try the Desert Camo or Forest Camo. Did we mention that they are water resistant? Every part of these hearing aids is protected by iSolateTM Nanotech coating to repel water, keeping moisture, dust, and dirt out.

Buy if:
  • The thing for you is a trifecta of effortless high-performance hearing, stylish yet functional design, and seamless audio streaming from mobile devices or wireless accessories
  • The convenience of remote adjustments and virtual office visits, award-winning apps, and taking control of your tinnitus would make you smile.