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Signia Cellion primax 7px
$2149 | $3399
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Signia Cellion primax 5px
$1699 | $2499
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Signia Cellion primax 3px
$1279 | $1999
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Signia Cellion primax 2px
$1149 | $1699
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About Signia Cellion primax

Cellion Primax hearing aids are RIC hearing aids with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. They are built on the same technology as the Silk Primax models, so they are compatible with EasyTek wireless accessories, the touchControl smartphone app for Apple and Android devices, and can stream telephone signals from one hearing aid to the other via a wireless connection. Unlike Silk Primax, Cellion Primax also include directional hearing aids for improved hearing in background noise, and a push button for manual control. The battery lasts 24 hours per charge, with unlimited audio streaming from the EasyTek remote control.

Unlike some competitors' rechargeable hearing aids, Cellion Primax uses inductive charging. This means the battery is enclosed in the case, with no battery door and no electrical charging contacts. Simply place the hearing aids in the charger and you're done.

Buy if:
  • Ultimate simplicity is your goal. Rechargeable batteries with inductive charging, IP68 water resistance, and one-button control make this reliable hearing aid hard to beat for ease-of-use.
  • You have no usable hearing in one ear, and want a wireless CROS system for streaming audio from one ear to the other.
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