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Signia Insio Nx Hearing Aid Models, Prices, & Reviews

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Showing 3 from 3 products
Showing 3 from 3 products
Signia Insio 7Nx
$2299 (per aid) $4598 (pair)
Signia Insio 5Nx
$1699 (per aid) $3398 (pair)
Signia Insio 3Nx
$1299 (per aid) $2598 (pair)

About Signia Insio Nx

Signia's Insio Nx are small, discreet, custom-fit hearing aids with superior sound quality. The highlight of these sophisticated hearing aids is Signia's Ultra HD e2e processing. It's a full bandwidth wireless connection that can transfer audio and data between a pair of hearing aids. What this means is that the two hearing aids can work together to reduce background noise, provide enhanced directional hearing, and improve music processing.

When invisible-style hearing aids first hit the market several years ago, consumers loved their small size and the natural sound quality provided by having the microphones located in the ear canal. But those hearing aids were too small to house the dual microphones essential for advanced directional processing, so slightly larger behind the ear hearing aids became more popular. With Signia's Binaural OneMice Directionality, the situation has changed. Even though Insio hearing aids each have just one microphone, they can work together to provide effective noise reduction and directional hearing without adding bulk to the hearing aids. Previously available only at the top of the Insio line, this feature now comes standard in all Insio models.

TwinPhone, another new addition included in all Insio models, uses Signia's HD e2e wireless capability to automatically transmit phone audio from one hearing aid to another so you can hold the phone to one ear, but hear call in both ears.

Buy if:
  • You want a custom in-ear hearing aid with a wide selection of styles, features, and performance levels - and plenty of power for fitting up to severe-to-profound hearing loss.
  • You would like your hearing aids to include built-in therapeutic sounds for tinnitus relief.
  • You would like to be able to control your custom hearing aids with a smartphone app, without the need for an additional streaming device.

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