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Signia Insio primax 7px
$2199 | $3399
*price per aid
Signia Insio primax 5px
$1699 | $2499
*price per aid
Signia Insio primax 3px
$1299 | $1899
*price per aid
Signia Insio primax 2px
$1149 | $1599
*price per aid
Signia Insio primax 1px
$1049 | $1499
*price per aid

About Signia Insio primax

Note: Signia has now released a newer version of this product: Signia Insio Nx

Another member of the Primax family, Insio Primax hearing aids offer the same core technology as the Silk and Cellion models, but in a custom shell built to fit your ear. You'll need to visit a hearing care provider to have ear impressions taken, and then return for fitting after Signia has built the hearing aids. This extra step, compared to Silk Primax, to have the hearing aids custom-built gives you a little more flexibility in style and power options. Choose from CIC, ITC, or ITE styles. Insio Primax are available in performance levels from 1px to 7 px.

Buy if:
  • You want a custom in-ear hearing aid with a wide selection of styles, features, and performance levels - and plenty of power for fitting up to severe-to-profound hearing loss.
  • You would like your hearing aids to include built-in therapeutic sounds for tinnitus relief.
  • You would like to be able to control your custom hearing aids with a smartphone app, without the need for an additional streaming device.
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