Signia/Siemens Motion 13 BT Hearing Aids

The Signia Motion is a very similar hearing aid to Signia's most popular Made for iPhone hearing aid, Pure 13 BT. The main difference between the two is the form factor. Signia Motion is a BTE hearing aid that can be worn with an ear hook and traditional acrylic ear mold, or a slim tube. On the Signia Motion, the microphone and speaker are both housed behind the ear in the hearing aid's casing, while with the Pure BT, only the microphone is behind the ear, with the speaker being in the ear canal. Some people prefer the form factor of the Motion due to the general reliability of BTE models vs RIC models like the Pure.

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Signia Motion 13 BT 7px

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Signia Motion 13 BT 7px

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  • Hearing Loss Mild to Profound
  • Lifestyle Active
  • Warranty 3 yr repair/loss
  • Released 6 Months Ago
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