Signia Pure primax Hearing Aid Models, Prices, & Reviews

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Price per aid (from $800 to $2600)
Signia Pure primax 5px
$1449 | $2499
*price per aid
Signia Pure primax 7px
$1949 | $3399
*price per aid
Signia Pure primax 2px
$1149 | $1699
*price per aid
Signia Pure primax 3px
$1199 | $1899
*price per aid
Signia Pure primax 1px
$1049 | $1499
*price per aid

Popular Signia Pure primax Hearing Aid Models

The Signia Pure primax hearing aids are one of the best selling hearing aids on our website. Many people with hearing loss have a particularly hard time hearing in noisy environments, and Signia hearing aids are arguably the best on the market for enhancing the clarity of speech in noisy situations. Signia Pure primax hearing aids can use traditional disposable hearing aid batteries or rechargeable batteries with the purchase of the eCharger accessory.

Signia Pure primax Hearing Aid Reviews

Here are the 10 most recent Signia Pure primax hearing aid reviews we've received:

I bought the Signia Pure Charge & Go 7Nx and want to tell you how happy I am with them. They are small light and so comfortable that I keep checking to make sure they are still in my ears. The sound of my voice is totally natural and I hear very clearly. It is rechargeable and a pleasure not to have to change batteries.

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I purchased a pair of Signia Pure 5NX hearing aids from Zip thru a local audiologist and could not be happier. In the first two weeks I've put them thru their paces and they're a huge improvement over what's left of my natural hearing. The various programs work great in noisy restaurants, loud road noise situations, TV shows, and a granddaughter's birthday party. Having tried them in many scenarios, I had a follow-up with my audiologist and we tweaked the settings to make them more user-friendly for the situations I'll often be in. I still have more to learn to take advantage of their very flexible power, including directional hearing function. For example, in a small restaurant i wanted to catch a news story on a TV in the far corner, and via the remote control on my Android phone I zeroed in and heard the story very well. And now I can carry on a conversation in the car with my wife. Of course the icing on the cake is the $2000 cost saving over "retail" audiologists in my area. Same service thru Zip at a 40% saving.

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I upgraded to the Charge&go after wearing Cellion 7 for almost 2 years, I bought cellion when they were brand new and that was my first hearing aid ever. Biggest differences? Charge&go connects directly to my iphone, which is now a feature that I WILL NOT live without on any future hearing aids, the convenience is amazing. Second thing is it is MUCH smaller than the Cellion aids, I am very surprised, this hearing aid is the same size or smaller than some of my friends hearing aids which use regular battteries, so to get the convenience of rechargeability and a nice descreet size is excellent, I am very happy with them.

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I originally purchased Phonak's Audeo B90R on the recommendation of my audiologist, but after reading some things online realized a few benefits to this hearing aid. First, the battery is built in, yes, just like the Phonak, but it can also be replaced IN my audiologists office, as opposed to needing to be shipped to the factory when the battery dies, which for me, means less time without my hearing aid. Second reason I chose the Cellion 7 is because it works right out of the charger, meaning, when I take it out, it's powered on, whereas with the Phonaks I had to push the button on the back of the aids, not as easy as it sounds, so I find the Cellion to be slightly easier. The Cellion is a little larger than I would like, it's the largest hearing aid I have ever worn, but it stays hidden enough for me and I can tolerate it.The Sound Quality and adjusting the hearing aid with Signia's TouchControl app is effortless and very connvenient, espeically when out with with groups of friends and want to discreetly make an adjustment, at a restaurant for example, and I'll just pull out my phone as if reading text, and make the adjustment in the app, very fluid experience. I'm happy with the Cellion 7 hearing aids and have recommended them to many of my friends.

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Sound & quality is good. I have had a few adjustments & OK so far. Have follow up appointment this week, to make any adjustments needed. Only complaint is the phone controls. Does not seem to work.

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VERIFIED BUYER | Lewisville, NC ?

I suffered sudden and complete hearing loss in my right ear three months ago due to a stroke. After extensive (and I do mean extensive research) I connected with Jeff with Zip. We determined the best solution for me was the Pure Charge&go 7Nx & CROS system from Signia, with a Streamline TV accessory. Jeff hooked me up with a very professional hearing specialist in my area . This has given me a high quality solution to my hearing issue as well as direct connectivity to IPhone which is important to me. The app lets you easily control functionality. I recently added the Streamline TV accessory which greatly enhances/aids the watching experience. The pairing was instantaneous and simple. A must have!!

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I've been wearing my new Siemen's Pure 7Nx hearing aids for a while now. They are very comfortable, so comfortable that I rarely know I even have them in my ears. The sound is clear and concise. The thing that I love best about them is that I can turn the sound in my hearing aids up while the volume of the television is turned low. The advantage to this is when there is a member of your family who goes to bed early but you wish to stay up later to watch TV. You then turn the TV volume low so as not to disturb anyone in your household and then adjust the volume on your hearing aids up so that only you can hear the elevated volume in your ear. I do this each evening. I'm happy that I can hear the TV and family members are happy that the TV volume is low and doesn't disturb them. It's a win-win for everyone!

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I purchased signia Primax pure 2px and i am not satisfied with this model because of tincan like sound producing and bass like sound producing not good for group conversation because of too noise producing and lack of speech focus. phonak certena sp is better than this new signia Primax pure 2px and still my phonak certena sp is 5 year old.

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VERIFIED BUYER | Littleton, CO ?

I recently upgraded my hearing aids to the Signia Pure 13BT 7PX RIC model aids and cannot be more please with the results. I can hear more variety of sounds from low tones to high range and voices are so much clearer and understandable, even in loud noisy environments. Adjusting the volume is as easy as touching the ear pieces or in the iPhone app, and the app allows me to connect directly to my phone for incoming calls so I don't have to hold the phone to my ear, and the clarity is so much better, I even enjoy talking on the phone now, where before I dreaded making or receiving calls. The directional adjustments in the iPhone app allow me to focus on conversations in any direction I choose and eliminates the surrounding distractions of unwanted conversations and my interactions with others is so much more pleasant and rewarding. Others have commented on how easier it is to have conversations with me as I don't miss words that I did before and had to ask them to repeat their words in broken conversation. The fit is perfect and easy to install or remove, and they are much more comfortable to wear for extended periods. I don't even notice I have them in, except now I can hear everything I need to (and much more)! (I didn't remember birds actually sing . .) My wife is much happier also as the TV doesn't "blare" where the neighbors can hear it. And I enjoy watching TV now more than ever.

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VERIFIED BUYER | Fountain Hills, AZ ?

I purchased the Signia 13BT hearing aids and also the Streamline TV unit. The domes on the hearing aid fit very comfortable in the ear canal. I hear a lot better than with the old hearing aids that were far more costly than the Signia. My specialist stated that I could control these hearing aids by using an iPhone app called myControl and it also can be used on the Streamline TV unit. I currently use an Android phone, but I kept my old iPhone 5 and was able to download the app. I have to mention that I have my sound going through a BOSE entertainment center and the TV volume is muted. I hook up the Streamline TV directly to the TV. I can hear the TV sounds through my hearing aids, even with the TV volume controls set to 1 or muted. So if you don't want to disturb anyone, this is a perfect setup. The listening range is very good, I can go from the family room or bathroom or bedroom or even outside and still hear the TV. My only drawback in using this unit is when my wife is watching TV with me. If I turn the app volume up so that I can hear the TV, my wife tells me that she can her the sounds coming from my hearing aid. If it's turned to low, I get some feedback or echoing. So, I just turn off the app for the TV and set my hearing aids to Universal and then turn the hearing aid volume up.

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Signia Pure primax Hearing Aid Prices

ModelOur Price
Pure Charge&Go 7Nx $2199
Pure Charge&Go 5Nx $1749
Pure Charge&Go 3Nx $1349
Silk 7Nx $1949
Silk 5Nx $1449
Silk 3Nx $1199
Pure 7 Nx $2199
Pure 5 Nx $1699
Pure 3 Nx $1349
Insio 7Nx $2299
Insio 5Nx $1699
Insio 3Nx $1299
Pure 13 BT 7px $2149
Pure 13 BT 5px $1699
Pure 13 BT 3px $1299
Cellion primax 7px $2149
Cellion primax 5px $1699
Cellion primax 3px $1279
Cellion primax 2px $1149
Silk primax 7px $1949
Silk primax 5px $1449
Silk primax 3px $1199
Silk primax 2px $1149
Silk primax 1px $1049
Pure primax 7px $1949
Pure primax 5px $1449
Pure primax 3px $1199
Pure primax 2px $1149
Pure primax 1px $1049
Insio primax 7px $2199
Insio primax 5px $1699
Insio primax 3px $1299
Insio primax 2px $1149
Insio primax 1px $1049
Carat primax 7px $1949
Carat primax 5px $1449
Carat primax 3px $1199
Ace primax 7px $1949
Ace primax 5px $1449
Ace primax 3px $1199
Ace primax 2px $1149
Ace primax 1px $1049
Motion 13 BT 7px $2149
Motion primax 7px $1949
Motion primax 5px $1449
Motion primax 3px $1199
Motion primax 2px $1149
Motion primax 1px $1049
CROS Pure $1349
Pure CROS 312 Nx $1349
Silk CROS $1349
eCharger $149
Streamline Mic $199
Streamline TV $199
TV Transmitter $129
easyTek $259
easyPocket $229
VoiceLink & Transmitter $189
miniTek $449
miniPocket $139
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