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Signia Silk Nx Hearing Aid Models, Prices, & Reviews

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Showing 3 from 3 products
Showing 3 from 3 products
Signia Silk 7nx
$1949 (per aid) $3898 (pair)
Signia Silk 5Nx
$1449 (per aid) $2898 (pair)
Signia Silk 3Nx
$1199 (per aid) $2398 (pair)

About Signia Silk Nx

Signia’s Silk Nx are small, discreet, instant-fit hearing aids with superior sound quality. That's a unique combination, because these are the only invisible-style hearing aids with premium features like Signia's Binaural OneMic Directionality that also come ready to wear. Previously available only at the highest performance level, OneMic Directionality is now included in all Silk Nx hearing aids. Another new addition that comes standard is TwinPhone, which uses Signia's HD e2e wireless capability to automatically transmit phone audio from one hearing aid to another so you can hear in both ears.

Silk Nx feature a soft and flexible silicone sleeve that conforms to your ear canal for a precise instant fit. This means you don't have to wait for custom devices to get a comfortable fit. The replaceable silicone sleeve simply clicks onto the tip of the hearing aid, so it's easy to get the right fit with minimal fuss. Many people actually prefer these Click Sleeves over custom hearing aids. While the Nx platform is new to Silk hearing aids, the Click Sleeves are not. It's a form factor that proved popular and comfortable in Silk primax, the predecessor to the new Silk Nx hearing aids. What has changed is that Silk Nx are 20 percent smaller than their predecessor, for even more discretion. It's enough of a difference that Signia has added one additional size (smaller) to the line up.

Silk Nx not only feel comfortable to wear, they sound great too, thanks to the advanced sound processing of the Nx platform. A key feature is Signia's Ultra HD e2e processing. It's a full bandwidth wireless connection that can transfer audio and data between a pair of hearing aids. This makes it possible for two hearing aids to work together for more effective noise reduction than is possible in independent hearing aids — and it makes a big difference.

When invisible-style hearing aids first hit the market several years ago, consumers loved their small size and the natural sound quality provided by having the microphones located in the ear canal. But those hearing aids were too small to house the dual microphones essential for advanced directional processing, so slightly larger behind the ear hearing aids became more popular. With Signia's Binaural OneMice Directionality, the situation has changed. Each Silk hearing aid has only one microphone, but the two hearing aids work together to provide effective noise reduction and directional hearing without adding bulk to the hearing aids.

Signia Silk Nx come in three performance levels, to suit a variety of needs and budgets, and are suitable for up to severe hearing loss. If you need more power or are interested in Signia’s unique Own Voice Processing, consider a RIC hearing aid such as Signia Pure Nx. Otherwise, Signia Silk Nx are a great choice.

Buy if:
  • You want the only nearly invisible hearing aids with ear-to-ear wireless and an instant fit.
  • You have no usable hearing in one ear, and want a wireless CROS system for streaming audio from one ear to the other.
  • You prefer invisible-style hearing aids, but dislike the feel of acrylic or other hard materials used in custom hearing aids.

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