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Signia Silk primax 7px
$1949 | $2999
*price per aid
Signia Silk primax 2px
$1149 | $1699
*price per aid
Signia Silk primax 1px
$1049 | $1499
*price per aid
Signia Silk primax 5px
$1449 | $2399
*price per aid
Signia Silk primax 3px
$1199 | $1899
*price per aid

About Signia Silk primax

Note: Signia has now released a newer version of this product: Signia Silk Nx

With Silk Primax hearing aids, you won't need to choose between discretion and an easy fitting process. These invisible-style hearing aids nestle discreetly in the ear canal, held in place by a soft, replaceable sleeve that clicks onto the tip of the hearing aid. Unlike other invisible hearing aids, Silk Primax do not require ear impressions or a custom build. Instant-fit hearing aids worn in the ear canal are not a new idea, but many past attempts to make them have resulted in an uncomfortable fit, conspicuous appearance, or both - not to mention a lot of whistling noise. One benefit of custom hearing aids is that building them in the shape of your ear canals leaves a little more room to fit electronics inside the shell, but Silk Primax are so small they have room to spare. Unlike the hard acrylic shell used in most custom hearing aids, Silk Primax have a soft, flexible silicone sleeve that conforms to the ear canal and feels comfortable to wear.

Silk Primax hearing aids come in performance levels from 1px up to 7px. They feature Signia's OneMic directional processing for emphasizing sounds coming from the front, ear-to-ear wireless connectivity for streaming audio from one hearing aid to the other, and therapeutic sounds designed to make tinnitus less noticeable. You can stream audio from Bluetooth-enabled smartphones using the EasyTek remote control and neckloop.

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  • You want an invisible-style hearing aid with and easy fitting process and no waiting for a custom product.
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