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Signia Styletto Hearing Aid Models, Prices, & Reviews

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Showing 3 from 3 products
Showing 3 from 3 products
Signia Styletto 7
$2199 (per aid) $4398 (pair)
Signia Styletto 5
$1699 (per aid) $3398 (pair)
Signia Styletto 3
$1349 (per aid) $2698 (pair)

About Signia Styletto

Signia Styletto Connect offers a uniquely stylish form factor, full featured connectivity, and state-of-the-art lithium-ion rechargeability. Released in Spring of 2019, Styletto Connect aims to be much more than just a traditional hearing aid, and is advertised as a "revolution in sound, style, streaming, and charging on-the-go." There are 3 primary features that make Styletto Connect unique in the marketplace.

Stylish slim-RIC form factor: Featuring an awarding winning Slim-RIC style, the Styletto connect is the slimmest RIC hearing aid on the market. Styletto Connect fits discreetly behind the ear so no one will ever see it, but with a hearing aid this good looking, you may just want to show it off. It's available in three contemporary color combinations, is IP 68 rated (moisture resistant) and feels more like it's built by a smartphone manufacturer than a hearing aid manufacturer.

Portable, cord-free charging: Included with your Styletto Connect purchase is a pocket-sized and portable charging case that provides a full day of power, even with up to 5 hours of streaming. Three times smaller and half the weight of comparable chargers, it’s the only one you can fit in your pocket to carry with you all day. When your hearing aids are low on battery, just pop them in the charging case for a 30 minute fast charge, which provides an additional 5 hours of use. With a full charge, the charger is capable of providing 4 full charges to your hearing aids, in the event you don't have access to an electrical outlet or USB port to charge your hearing aids. A full charge to the charger takes 3 hrs, and a full charge to the Styletto Connect hearing aids takes 2 hrs.

Connectivity and control: With built-in Bluetooth connectivity, Styletto Connect allows you to stream music, phone calls and more, directly from your phone to your hearing aids (Streamline MIC accessory required on non-Apple products). To improve the sleek design and appearance of Styletto Connect, there is no on-board control on the units themselves. Instead, users download the myControl App for iOS and Android phones, which offers advanced remote control options.

Styletto Connect is more than just a stylish, rechargeable, Bluetooth hearing aid. Styletto Connect is built on the Signia Nx platform, which includes Ultra HD e2e with Narrow Directionality for speech understanding in noise. It also has Signia's renowned Own Voice Processing (OVP™)” feature to make the wearers own voice sound more natural.

Styletto Connect is currently available in 3 performance levels, starting from the premium level 7, mid-range level 5, and entry level 3. All technology levels include the portable charging case.

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