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Signia Styletto 5

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3.75 (3 reviews)
$ 1799 (per aid)
$ 3598 (pair)

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Hearing Aid Description & Features

Released by Signia on July 13, 2020 the Signia Styletto 5 falls under Signia`s advanced technology level within the Styletto family.

As advanced technology, this hearing aid is the second best technology that Signia has to offer, making it a great choice for individuals with casual lifestyles, who need hearing aids that can deliver great sound quality in almost all environments. For individuals who spend a significant amount of time in noisy environments, a higher technology level should be considered for better perfomance in noise.

The Signia Styletto 5 hearing aid has 32 channels and 6 customizable programs, and that gives it the flexibility to digitally process sound in a way that sounds natural, and can also be adapted to the particular listening environment of the wearer.

The Styletto 5 is powered by a built in lithium-ion battery, which, when powered overnight, reliably delivers 24 hrs of power to the hearing aid. With a maximum potential gain of 60 SPL, the Styletto 5 is suitable for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss.

With its discreet RIC (receiver in canal) style, the Styletto 5 sits comfortably behind the ear and is hardly noticeable to the wearer or others. This hearing aid is available in 3 color choices as shown below.

If you have questions about the Styletto 5 that you don`t find answered on this page, or are looking for specs on this device, you might want to check out the downloadable documents (below), visit Signia`s website, or feel free to give us a call at 800-731-6794.

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Accessories & Smartphone Apps
Styletto X Charger (Included)

This is the charger that comes with all Styletto X orders. Hearing aids are fully charged in 4 hours, providing 16-20 hours of power. A 30-minute quick charge will provide an extra 5 hours of power. This charger case also features a built-in litium-ion battery which can store 3 full charges, so in the event you don't have access to electricity, you can still charge your hearing aids by pulling the reserve battery from the case.

Signia App

Take control of your hearing aids. This app allows you to control sound settings like volume, program, and microphone directionality. In some cases, your hearing provider can even make remote adjustments to your hearing aids through the app.

Streamline TV: $199

Plug it into the back of your TV or soundbar and the audio will be streaned directly to your hearing aids. Others can keep the TV at their preferred volume level, while you set your own volume via the app or on the hearing aids themselves.

Streamline MIC: $199

If you have an Android phone or any non-Apple smartphone, you'll need this device if you wish to stream audio from your phone to your hearing aids. If you have an iPhone, you won't need this device, because Signia hearing aids are directly compatible with iPhones. Even if you have an iPhone, it still may make sense to get this, because it does allow for hands free phone calls. Wear it around your neck and the microphone picks up your voice for the person on the other end of the call to hear, so you don't have to hold you the phone to your mouth when speaking.

miniPocket Remote: $139

You probably don't need this. Most people use the app to control their hearing aids, but if that doesn't suit you, this remote is a simple way to control the volume and program.

Included With Your Purchase

Talk to a specialist about this hearing aid

We`ll call within 20 minutes

In-Person & Local Hearing Aid Fitting & Programming Service

Based on the results of your hearing test, your local ZipHearing provider will professionally fit and fine-tune your hearing aids to your unique needs.

45 Day 100% Risk-Free Evaluation Period

Once your hearing aids have been fitted, you'll have 45 days to evaluate them. All appointments with your local provider during your 45 day evaluation period are included at no additional cost. If you decide to return your hearing aids within the evaluation period, you'll be issued a 100% refund.

Follow-up Care

All follow up service appointments during your first year of ownership are included at no additional cost. After that time, your local ZipHearing provider may bill you privately for services at a rate not-to-exceed $50 per appointment.

3 Year Full Manufacturer Warranty

This hearing aid will come with a manufacturer's 3 year repair warranty and 3 year loss and damage warranty. If a hearing aid is lost or damaged beyond repair during the warranty period, your ZipHearing provider can file what is called a “Loss & Damage Claim” for you, and a new device will be issued, subject to a deductible payable to your hearing provider of $350/aid. As one of the few authorized Signia retailers on the web, you can rest assured that no matter what happens to your hearing aids during this time period- you're covered with a full factory warranty.


A small docking/recharging station is included. Rechargeable li-ion batteries are supplied with the units (built in).

Wax Filters, Domes, and Cleaning Supplies

Simple cleaning & maintenance supplies will be provided by the manufacturer and given to you at your hearing aid fitting appointment, along with rubber or silicone domes, and wax filters, which your hearing provider will show you how to use, ensuring your hearing aids remain free of wax, oil, and other debris.

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Overal Ratings: 3.83 out of 5

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I am very satisfied with my new Signia Styletto hearing aids. The sound quality is great and love the options and adjustments I can make. The only con is the design is a little longer and took a little time to get used to, now I forget that I have them on.

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The sound quality is generally good, as I am hearing sounds that have been missing over the last several years. However, there is an annoying wind noise when I am outside on a breazy day.
While I am still in the "break-in" period, I do not find these hearing aids to be particularly comfortable. I am having some difficulty keeping the left one properly positioned in my ear. They are also in the way when I put on my reading glasses. I was considering the fully in the ear model, but was talked out of it by my hearing specialist.
I really like the fact that these hearing aids are rechargeable. Just pop them in the recharging case overnight and they are good for an entire day.

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Sound quality for right now is ok. A little tinty but I just started with them and working out the kinks. It is comfortable around my ear.

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