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Showing 5 from 5 products

About Starkey Livio

Built on the all-new Thrive platform, Livio provide better sound quality than any other Starkey hearing aid. "Hearing Reality" technology, introduced now for the first time, provides 50 percent better user satisfaction in noisy listening situations, according to Starkey.

Hearing Reality delivers upgrades in clarity, comfort, and hearing performance from the quietest to the noisiest environments. It's designed to separate different "layers of sound", amplifying sounds that contribute to better understanding in conversation, while preserving peace and quiet for a natural listening experience.

With the Thrive Hearing Control app, you can easily adjust Livio hearing aids from compatible Apple iOS or Android mobile devices. Use the app to adjust the hearing aid volume, personalize your settings, and more.

Add geotags to automatically activate your preferred listening program based on your location. The app uses your smartphone's GPS to detect when you arrive, and automatically switches to the designated program.

Hear phone calls, TV and more directly through your Livio hearing aids using the Thrive app or one of Starkey's easy-to-use accessories. Thanks to new technology in Livio, you can enjoy consistent wireless performance while streaming calls, TV, music or other media from your smartphone or wireless accessories. Made-for-iPhone connectivity means you can stream audio and phone calls from compatible Apple iOS mobile devices directly to your Livio hearing aids. Streaming from an Android mobile device is possible with the Starkey Hearing Technologies Remote Microphone +.

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