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Unitron Hearing Aid Models, Prices, & Reviews

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Unitron Discover Moxi Fit 9
$1899 (per aid) $3798 (pair)
Unitron Discover Moxi Fit 3
$1099 (per aid) $2198 (pair)
Unitron Insera Pro
$1899 (per aid) $3798 (pair)
Unitron Insera 700
$1399 (per aid) $2798 (pair)
Unitron Insera 500
$999 (per aid) $1998 (pair)
Unitron Insera 600
$1299 (per aid) $2598 (pair)
Unitron Insera 800
$1799 (per aid) $3598 (pair)

Popular Unitron Hearing Aid Models

Unitron is a Canadian hearing aid manufacturer headquartered in the Waterloo region, near Toronto. It's one of only a few major hearing aid manufacturers based outside of Europe. While not quite as large as the "big six" juggernauts that dominate hearing aid sales worldwide, Unitron has made a name for itself by focusing on customer needs and ease of use. Established in 1964, the company now sells hearing instruments and accessories in more than 70 countries. By the year 2000, Unitron had grown to become the seventh largest hearing aid manufacturer in the world, when it was acquired by Sonova, a global leader in hearing technology and maker of Phonak hearing aids. What this means today is that Unitron benefits from technological advancements shared with its parent company, while continuing to pursue unique innovation of its own and a customer-focused culture.

The true hallmark of Unitron hearing aids is value for money. Unitron seems to understand that giving hearing aid wearers what matters the most makes purchasing and wearing hearing aids a more satisfying experience. It’s not that Unitron hearing aids don’t include as many features as other brands, because they do. Unitron just prioritizes features a little differently than some others. For instance, you can pay a lot for the highest level of noise reduction, but no technology helps more to make speech easier to understand in background noise than a remote microphone. Difficulty hearing in background noise is the number one complaint of listeners with hearing loss, yet Unitron is the only manufacturer to include wireless remote microphones, Bluetooth streamers, and other accessories at no extra charge with the purchase of hearing aids.

Something else that matters to many hearing aid wearers is great design - not just for the sake of good looks, but for comfort and ease of use. Unitron's Moxi Now is the world's smallest wireless RIC-style hearing aid, and the design of the entire line of Moxi hearing aids is truly second to none. They're tiny, cute, and pleasantly contoured, with a smooth finish and no extraneous switches or buttons sticking out. The design is so good that they won the iF product design award in 2014 and the prestigious Red Dot Award for product design four years in a row, from 2014 to 2017. These awards reflect not only the appealing aesthetics of the hearing aids, but also their functionality, durability, and comfortable ergonomics.

Hearing aids built on the new Discover platform offer Unitron's latest technology. As with other hearing aid brands, features vary based on the performance level you select. In Discover hearing aids, such as the Discover Moxi Fit, Unitron offers five performance levels: 500, 600, 700, 800, and Pro, where 500 is the least advanced option and Pro is the most advanced. The full feature set with a wide range of automatic listening programs really begins at the 700 level. The 500 level is a basic option with mostly manual control, and is best suited for quiet listening conditions. It does have adaptive directionality, however, and is still a good budget option.

In the sections below, you'll find information on Unitron's current and most popular hearing aids models, along with pricing and feature information so you can determine which Unitron hearing aid is appropriate for you. If you're simply looking to get your Unitron hearing aids repaired, or looking for Unitron parts, like wax filters or domes, feel free to give us a call and we'll point you in the right direction. Otherwise, feel free to review the popular models below, and at the top of this page you'll find links to each Unitron hearing aid model, along with prices, features, and online ratings, and more in-depth Unitron reviews on each product page.

Unitron Discover Moxi Fit

Unitron's Discover Moxi™ Fit makes it easier than ever to wear hearing aids. They sound great, look great, and feel great. Their performance is second to none, yet they are absolutely simple to use. Discover Moxi Fit is the follow-up to Unitron's award-winning Tempus Moxi Fit. The current model, built on the new Discover platform keeps a lot of the features from the previous version, but adds wireless Bluetooth audio for direct streaming from mobile devices with an Android or Apple iOS™ operating system.

Fully-featured wireless streaming is included in every Discover Moxi Fit, so you can choose the price and performance level to suit your needs. The hearing aids come in four performance levels. The top model includes seven listening environments: conversation in a crowd, conversation in a small group, music, quiet, noise, conversation in quiet, and conversation in noise.

The most important difference between the performance levels is how they handle speech in noise. If you want the best performance and quality in noisy situations and group conversations, go for the Discover 7 or Discover 9. Compared to lower models, these can focus more effectively on voices coming from the side or even from behind, even in challenging listening situations.

This capability is ideal for people who want to hear without having to think about their hearing aids. It also gives a more natural sound than conventional directional hearing aids, works faster than changing settings manually, and doesn't feel awkward like looking back and forth every time a different person has something to say. If you find it harder to recognize the direction of sounds when you wear hearing aids than when you don't, you might want to consider the Discover 9 model. They work as a pair to keep sounds in balance for a more natural directional hearing experience.

Discover Moxi Fit works with the Remote Plus app for streaming calls and music. The hearing aid automatically switches between streaming programs for speech and music. It is also compatible with Unitron's TV Connector for connecting automatically to high-quality wireless streaming from your TV or stereo. Unlike the previous Tempus Moxi Fit, the Discover version needs no wireless accessories to connect to audio sources.

*Unitron also offers a dedicated rechargeable version with custom Lithium-ion batteries. It's called Discover Moxi™ Jump R. This model is slightly larger — only because the standard version is so tiny — but ultra sleek because the battery is fully enclosed.

Unitron Hearing Aid Reviews

Below you’ll see our 10 most recent and real Unitron hearing aid reviews and complaints, on all the latest models such as Discover Moxi Fit, Insera.

Any time you read a customer review on Unitron hearing aids, its important to note that a significant factor contributing to the customer`s review is the skill of the hearing provider who fit their hearing aids. For more information on this, we`d encourage you to check out our YouTube video: Do Hearing Aid Reviews Matter?

Product reviewed: Unitron Insera 700

VERIFIED BUYER | minneapolis, MN ?

They are comfortable, I can hear so much better, especially in group settings. I had no problem getting used to hearing with them and hearing my own voice has not been a problem. However, they are more difficult to get them in correctly than I expected. Someone has to help me because I have limited manual dexterity - only drawback I see so far. Easy to take off and turn on and off.

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Product reviewed: Unitron Insera 600

VERIFIED BUYER | Macomb Township, MI ?

Very simple aid. Am very happy with quality for price.

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Product reviewed: Unitron Insera 500

My hearing has improved dramatically since this purchase.

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Unitron Hearing Aid Prices

Below you will find our price list for Unitron hearing aids. As a rule of thumb, your cost for Unitron hearing aids will usually be 20-30% below usual retail prices when purchased through ZipHearing, and our prices for Unitron start at $999 per hearing aid.

The final price of your Unitron hearing aids will vary greatly depending on several factors like style chosen, warranty, length of local service plan, terms of the trial period and more.

How much do Unitron hearing aids cost?

From most retailers, Unitron hearing aids start at $1000 each, and go up to $3000+.

Model Our Price
D Moxi Fit 9 $1899
D Moxi Fit 7 $1699
D Moxi Fit 5 $1399
D Moxi Fit 3 $1099
D Moxi Jump R 9 $1949
D Moxi Jump R 7 $1749
D Moxi Jump R 5 $1449
D Moxi Jump R 3 $1149
Moxi Fit/Kiss/Dura/Now/All Pro $1899
Moxi Fit/Kiss/Dura/Now/All 800 $1799
Moxi Fit/Kiss/Dura/Now/All 700 $1399
Moxi Fit/Kiss/Dura/Now/All 600 $1299
Moxi Fit/Kiss/Dura/Now/All 500 $1099
Insera Pro $1899
Insera 800 $1799
Insera 700 $1399
Insera 600 $1299
Insera 500 $999
TV Connector $249
uStream $369
uTV3 $159
uDirect3 $329
uMic $159
uStream/uTV3 bundle $479
Remote Control 2 $229

Unitron hearing aid apps & accessories

Have you ever thought about controlling your hearing aids from your smartphone? If so, check out some of the Unitron apps below. Be sure to check compatibility of these apps with your phone or tablet, because some apps are built exclusively for iOS devices, others for Android devices, and the functionality that you get from these apps may vary depending on the type of phone or tablet you use. In addition, sometimes apps may be built exclusively for iPhones (for example), and may not work on iPads. So it`s very important to check compatibility of your devices before selecting your hearing aids based on the apps available from Unitron.

You should also consider some of Unitron`s accessories, such as TV streamers and remote microphones. Again, it is important to do your due diligence as far as compatibility. Not all Unitron hearing aids will work with all of the below Unitron accessories. To find compatibility information, find the Unitron hearing aid on our site that you are looking for, then scroll down and you will see a section on the product page which reviews this information.

If you need Unitron supplies, such as domes, filters, or cleaning tools, we recommend contacting the local Unitron provider who sold you your hearing aids. You may also sometimes find these parts relatively inexpensive on sites like Amazing and eBay. For accessories, we do not recommend buying them on sites like Amazon or eBay, as that is not an approved sales channel for most major manufacturers, and sellers on those sites are likely not authorized Unitron retailers. You can also of course always buy these accessories from the local hearing provider which sold you your Unitron hearing aids.

Please note: We are only able to sell accessories & parts of supplies to customers who have purchased hearing aids through ZipHearing.

TV Connector: $249

The TV Connector allows you to stream high-quality stereo audio from your TV directly to compatible Unitron hearing aids. It also works with laptops, tablets, and stereos. Using the TV Connector is easy and convenient—and it's surprisingly fun hearing just as well from the kitchen or another room as you do sitting on the couch in right front of the TV. The TV Connector has a range of 50 ft., so you are free to roam while listening. If you wander out of range, the TV Connector will automatically stop streaming and then start again when you return. If your hearing aids are connected to your mobile phone and the TV Connector, you can still receive phone calls through the hearing aids. Audio from the TV Connector will pause when the call comes in, then continue automatically after you finish the call. One of the best things about using the TV Connector with your hearing aids is having your own volume control, so everyone can listen to the TV at a comfortable volume. It's also ideal for late night binge watching when others are asleep!

uMic: $159

Unitron uMic™ is a personal wireless microphone system that lets you hear your companions more easily in challenging listening environments. It's ideal when you need to hear from across the room, in the car, or in noisy social situations. To use the uMic, you will also need a streaming device such as Unitron's uDirect 3 or uStream accessories, but the setup is quick and easy. You wear the streamer and your companion wears the uMic. The uMic transmits your companion's voice wirelessly to the streamer, which in turn transmits wirelessly to your hearing aids. the uMic lets you hear from a distance of up to 65 ft. as clearly as if your companion were right next to you, speaking into your ear. Unlike when someone leans over to talk in your ear, uMic send the voice clearly to both ears while at the same time letting you see your companion's facial expression. The uMic is a great way to hear from far away or in noisy situations. Use it to hear the tour guide with ease at outdoor historical sites, to hear presenters in meetings or classes, or to have a relaxed conversation in the car.

Remote Control 2: $229

The remote control 2 focuses on the essentials when it comes to discreet control over your hearing instruments. The large buttons, use of standard battery and its ergonomic design offer ease of use.

uDirect 3: $329

The Unitron uDirect™ 3 has the convenience of wireless streaming of audio input sources together with remote control functionality. This sleek, hands-free accessory connects Unitron hearing instruments to Bluetooth® devices like mobile phones, TVs, FM receivers and MP3 players, with stereo sound and long battery life and offers spoken voice notifications.

uStream: $369

If you have a mobile phone equipped with Bluetooth functionality, uStream may be used to stream phone conversations wirelessly to your hearing aids allowing you to hear the callers voice directly in your hearing aids. uStream picks up your voice through its own microphone and streams it to your phone.

uTV 3: $159

Together with uDirect™ 3 or uStream, uTV™ 3 delivers exceptionally high-quality stereo sound directly to the hearing instruments, to meet the listening needs of those with hearing loss, along with everyone else in the family.

IIC Remote: $20

This tiny remote lets you conveniently adjust volume or switch between programs when wearing invisible-style in-ear hearing aids. The IIC remote is made to use with hearing aids too small to include a program button or support a fully-featured remote control. Unitron hearing aids are automatic, so this simple simple remote- if you need a remote at all - may be just the right size solution.

Remote Plus App

Unitron’s Remote Plus app provides convenient control of Moxi hearing aids. Available for iOS or Android smartphones, Remote Plus allows you to mute and unmute, control volume and change programs without having to touch your hearing aids. Paired with the Unitron TV Connector, the Remote Plus app can adjust the balance between your television and the surrounding environment. If your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist offers the My Ratings feature, you can share in-the-moment impressions of your hearing aid experiences with your hearing healthcare provider, via the app. The Remote Plus app includes a demo mode, so you can give it a try, even if you don't have hearing aids yet.

uControl App

Take control of your Unitron hearing instrument through your Apple iOS or Android mobile device. uControl™ provides a discreet and convenient hearing experience, giving you control over hearing aid volume and listening programs. You'll need a uDirect™ 3 or uStream wireless streamer to use the app with your hearing aids.

Charger (included)

The Charger is great for charging, storing and drying hearing aids in one compact case. It features a charging slot for two hearing aids, space for a desiccant to keep your hearing aids dry, and storage for the included hearing aid cleaning tool. Flexible charging options. You can plug the Charger into an electrical outlet for normal use or add on the optional Power Pack for seven days of charging in places where electricity is not available. Unitron rechargeable hearing aids feature a built-in Lithium-ion battery that provides 24 hour of hearing with one simple charge. They take about three hours to fully charge, but you can rely on a short 30-minute charge to give you up to six hours of performance.

Power Pack: $99

The Unitron Power Pack provides up to seven days of charging, without an external power source, when added to the the Unitron Charger. Perfect for charging hearing aids every day for up to a week on trips were no power source is available. The Power pack attaches to the base of the Charger Case, providing reserve power from a battery rather than from the household electrical supply.