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Unitron Discover Moxi Fit Hearing Aid Models, Prices, & Reviews

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Unitron Discover Moxi Fit 9
$1899 (per aid) $3798 (pair)
Unitron Discover Moxi Fit 3
$1099 (per aid) $2198 (pair)

About Unitron Discover Moxi Fit

Unitron's Discover Moxi™ Fit makes it easier than ever to wear hearing aids. They sound great, look great, and feel great. Their performance is second to none, yet they are absolutely simple to use. Discover Moxi Fit is the follow-up to Unitron's award-winning Tempus Moxi Fit. The current model, built on the new Discover platform keeps a lot of the features from the previous version, but adds wireless Bluetooth audio for direct streaming from mobile devices with an Android or Apple iOS™ operating system.

Fully-featured wireless streaming is included in every Discover Moxi Fit, so you can choose the price and performance level to suit your needs. The hearing aids come in four performance levels. The top model includes seven listening environments: conversation in a crowd, conversation in a small group, music, quiet, noise, conversation in quiet, and conversation in noise.

The most important difference between the performance levels is how they handle speech in noise. If you want the best performance and quality in noisy situations and group conversations, go for the Discover 7 or Discover 9. Compared to lower models, these can focus more effectively on voices coming from the side or even from behind, even in challenging listening situations.

This capability is ideal for people who want to hear without having to think about their hearing aids. It also gives a more natural sound than conventional directional hearing aids, works faster than changing settings manually, and doesn't feel awkward like looking back and forth every time a different person has something to say. If you find it harder to recognize the direction of sounds when you wear hearing aids than when you don't, you might want to consider the Discover 9 model. They work as a pair to keep sounds in balance for a more natural directional hearing experience.

Discover Moxi Fit works with the Remote Plus app for streaming calls and music. The hearing aid automatically switches between streaming programs for speech and music. It is also compatible with Unitron's TV Connector for connecting automatically to high-quality wireless streaming from your TV or stereo. Unlike the previous Tempus Moxi Fit, the Discover version needs no wireless accessories to connect to audio sources.

*Unitron also offers a dedicated rechargeable version with custom Lithium-ion batteries. It's called Discover Moxi™ Jump R. This model is slightly larger — only because the standard version is so tiny — but ultra sleek because the battery is fully enclosed.