Unitron Moxi All Hearing Aid Models, Prices, & Reviews

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Price per aid (from $800 to $2600)
Unitron Moxi All Pro
$2249 | $2999
*price per aid
Unitron Moxi All 800
$1849 | $2499
*price per aid
Unitron Moxi All 700
$1449 | $1999
*price per aid
Unitron Moxi All 600
$1299 | $1699
*price per aid
Unitron Moxi All 500
$1099 | $1399
*price per aid

Popular Unitron Moxi All Hearing Aid Models

The award-winning Unitron Moxi hearing aids have received accolades for their stylish design and ease of use. The Moxi family, which includes Moxi Fit, Moxi Kiss, and now Moxi All, are built on the Tempus platform, Unitron’s most current technology. That’s All with a capital A—“Moxi All” is the model name.

Moxi All are made for all BlueTooth phones, allowing hands-free wireless streaming directly from mobile devices - without the need for additional accessories. Use the Remote Plus app for Android and iOS devices to change listening programs, control the volume, or to learn about the hearing aids. Want to connect to an audio source that doesn’t have BlueTooth? No problem. Moxi All are compatible with Unitron’s TV streamer, so you can listen wirelessly, in stereo, at a comfortable volume.

Besides controlling your hearing aids, The Remote Plus app can also help you communicate with your hearing care professional, to improve the hearing aid fitting. Use the app at any time to rate how you are hearing and send in-the-moment impressions to your hearing care professional. Unitron also offers a take-home trial period call FLEX:TRIAL that lets you decide what to purchase based on what really works - for you. Having the ability to directly compare entry-level and advanced hearing aid features is a great way to decide what you really need.

The FLEX:TRIAL program plus Unitron’s focus on keeping things simple and providing convenient support makes these hearing aids easy to choose and easy to use. Like their name suggests, Moxi All offer something for everyone. With these hearing aids, you get all the all the essentials and plenty of extras, all for a reasonable price.

Buy if:
  • You’re looking for direct audio streaming that’s compatible with Android and Apple iOS mobile devices
  • You appreciate great style, ease-of-use, and fantastic value for money

Unitron Moxi All Hearing Aid Reviews

Here are the 10 most recent Unitron Moxi All hearing aid reviews we've received:

When I was getting fitted, my audiologist told me that the hearing aid automatically supported audio streaming from my cell phone, however when I received the devices, they actually required a third-party application to stream content other than an actual phone call. The third-party apps that support this are limited and generally do not deliver good sound quality. Additionally, because of the way the Moxi All 700 Bluetooth link operates, it is not bi-aural (I can only receive streaming audio (phone or music) in one ear piece).

The Unitron phone app is basically useless. The only thing that can be controlled is the volume levels in ear ear piece. The only device information is provides is the average time the ear pieces are on each day.

The hearing aids actually operate very well. The biggest problem has been getting a reliable, rechargeable battery to allow me to wear them throughout my active day (15-18 hours). The rechargeable batteries have terrible quality control. I replaced three in the first 45 days after getting my devices because they wouldn't hold a charge more than a few hours and took more than eight hours to recharge. The charger software may also have some issues in properly sensing the charge levels in the batteries. There have been times when it indicates a device is fully-charged, but when I put it on, it was completely dead. Alternatively, if I remove a device that the charger shows as fully-charged, and then immediately place it back in the charging station, the charger begins blinking green for a significant period of time which indicates the device is charging again (not fully-charged).

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VERIFIED BUYER | Macomb Township, MI ?

Very simple aid. Am very happy with quality for price.

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Excellent sound quality, automatically adapts to my surroundings, clear speech, comfortable and most important hidden fit. Hearing better than I have in years.

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My hearing has improved dramatically since this purchase.

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Unitron Moxi All Hearing Aid Prices

ModelOur Price
Moxi All Pro $2249
Moxi All 800 $1849
Moxi All 700 $1449
Moxi All 600 $1299
Moxi All 500 $1099
Moxi All R Pro $2299
Moxi All R 800 $1899
Moxi All R 700 $1449
Moxi All R 600 $1349
Moxi All R 500 $1199
Moxi Fit/Kiss/Dura/Now Pro $2249
Moxi Fit/Kiss/Dura/Now 800 $1849
Moxi Fit/Kiss/Dura/Now 700 $1449
Moxi Fit/Kiss/Dura/Now 600 $1299
Moxi Fit/Kiss/Dura/Now 500 $1099
Moxi Fit R Pro $2299
Moxi Fit R 800 $1899
Moxi Fit R 700 $1449
Moxi Fit R 600 $1349
Moxi Fit R 500 $1199
Insera Pro $2299
Insera 800 $1899
Insera 700 $1799
Insera 600 $1299
Insera 500 $999
uStream $369
uTV3 $159
uDirect3 $329
uMic $159
uStream/uTV3 bundle $479
Remote Control 2 $229
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