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Unitron Tempus Moxi Fit Hearing Aid Models, Prices, & Reviews

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Showing 5 from 5 products
Showing 5 from 5 products
Unitron Tempus Moxi Fit Pro
$2249 (per aid) $4498 (pair)
Unitron Tempus Moxi Fit 800
$1849 (per aid) $3698 (pair)
Unitron Tempus Moxi Fit 700
$1449 (per aid) $2898 (pair)
Unitron Tempus Moxi Fit 600
$1299 (per aid) $2598 (pair)
Unitron Tempus Moxi Fit 500
$1099 (per aid) $2198 (pair)

About Unitron Tempus Moxi Fit

The Tempus Moxi Fit is an award-winning RIC-style hearing aid with a size-312 battery, push button control, and a telecoil. It is also available with a rechargeable battery as the Moxi Fit R. Compared to its predecessor, Tempus Moxi Fit is 50% more accurate and 36?ster at locating speech. You will get the most from this update at the T700 level and above, which include a wider range of automatic features. Examples include: Spatial Awareness processing to make it easier to recognize the location of sounds around you, up to seven classes of listening environments, and SpeechPro speech enhancements for a more natural sound quality. Other features found across the performance levels include wind noise reduction, adaptive direction microphones, and feedback cancellation.

Tempus Moxi Fit are compatible with Unitron's wireless accessories, for streaming audio from your TV, phone, and other sources. Better yet, they are included at no additional charge! Choose from two remote controls, the uStream or uDirect 3 Bluetooth audio streamers, uMic wireless microphone, and uTV 3 TV streamer. For basic hearing aid adjustments, you can also use the uControl app for Apple iOSTM and Android mobile devices.

Buy if:
  • Great style, ease-of-use, and ultimate comfort in an ultra-compact package are your priorities.
  • You want the benefit of wireless accessories and Bluetooth audio streaming without additional costs.You appreciate quality, but don't want to pay extra for special features you don't need or won't use.

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