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Showing 4 from 4 products

About Widex Evoke Fusion

It’s remarkable how far hearing technology has come in just a few years. Hearing aids used to consist of a bulky earphone connected by wire to a brick-like amplifier stowed in the wearer’s shirt pocket. By twisting a volume dial on the amplifier, the wearer could choose from basically two settings: too loud and not loud enough. Now, the wearer’s pocket holds a smartphone that streams music and phone calls via BlueTooth Wireless to tiny digital hearing aids. A sound classifier in the hearing aids continuously analyzes the listening environment, enabling them to switch automatically between pre-set listening programs optimized for different environments. Without a doubt, wearing modern hearing aids provides a totally different experience than the hearing aids of yesteryear, but Widex EVOKE are about to make even the most advanced of hearing aids seem primitive.

Widex EVOKE are the world’s first machine-learning hearing aids. Machine learning is the same kind of technology online retailers use to predict which products you might like, based on your previous purchases and satisfaction ratings. Machine learning also considers data from other shoppers like you to help make product suggestions. Even if you don’t bother to submit any ratings, the system can still ‘get to know you’ and predict what you might like to buy. The more you shop, the more accurate the predictions become. Before long, the system begins to suggest products you may not have thought of and never knew you wanted. Machine learning makes it possible for you to discover, without looking, products you didn’t know you were looking for. That’s an efficient way to shop!

Here is what machine learning means for hearing aids: Your hearing care professional will need to program them for your hearing levels, but trying to get all the settings just right for each and every listening environment will no longer be necessary. Unlike any other hearing aids you can buy, Widex EVOKE will continually learn and adapt to your preferences – and from those of other EVOKE wearers around the world.

If this claim sounds like what other manufacturers promise, it’s not. Ordinarily, automatic hearing aids behave in a much simpler way, choosing between pre-set listening programs. A sound classifier in the hearing aids determines which of the programs to activate in each listening environment, but the settings used in each program never really change (except through user adjustments or by reprogramming the hearing aids). Moreover, sound classifiers don’t consider individual preferences. Imagine going to a party where people are talking and listening to music. In this situation, one listener might prefer a conversation-enhancing program while another might choose a music program. If you prefer a different program than the classifier selects, you will need to manually override the classifier every time you encounter this situation. Frustrating. EVOKE hearing aids are different. They use a sound classifier too, but machine learning will fundamentally change how listeners experience automatic program changes. With EVOKE, the program settings are not limited to a fixed selection of unchanging alternatives. Instead, the settings will adapt and evolve over time, through anonymous input from EVOKE wearers everywhere.

There are two ways for EVOKE wearers to take advantage of machine learning. One way is just by using the hearing aids the same way you would use any others. SoundSense Adapt will fine tune the settings based on where and when you make manual adjustments. The second way is to record your preferences using SoundSense Learn in the EVOKE App for iOS and Android mobile devices. All you have to do is compare alternative programs and pick your favorite. It’s dead-simple and only takes a matter of seconds each time. Based on your responses, the app generates two more programs for you to compare. You can repeat the process as many or as few times as you like as the app refines the settings to suit your taste.

Widex evoke are built on the e-Platform, which includes an all-new chipset, 2.4 GHz wireless for direct audio streaming from Apple iOS devices and control from iOS and Android devices, and several new features and updates.

Buy if:
  • You want the world’s first and only hearing aids with machine learning, for a hearing experience that evolves over time.
  • You are excited about the idea of hearing aids that predict and respond to your individual preferences—because this has just become a reality.
  • You want made-for-iPhone hearing aids that also include ear-to-ear streaming and a telecoil. Ideal for movie lovers, world travelers and anyone who frequently uses hearing loop systems in theaters, train stations, churches, meeting rooms, and other venues.

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