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Widex Unique Fusion Hearing Aid Models, Prices, & Reviews

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Showing 4 from 4 products
Showing 4 from 4 products

About Widex Unique Fusion

Widex UNIQUE hearing aids are built on the same platform as BEYOND. The difference is that UNIQUE hearing aids come in a wider selection of styles and with one additional performance level (110), but do not offer direct connectivity to mobile devices. These hearing aids can still stream audio from compatible Apple or Android-based devices, with the help of the COM-DEX streamer and COM-DEX app. They are also compatible with the rest of the DEX assistive listening devices.

UNIQUE hearing aids automatically adapt to your listening situation in up to nine distinct sound classes ranging from quiet to noisy, with or without conversational speech, and music. Most UNIQUE styles include sophisticated directional processing that relies on wireless communication between two hearing aids to help cut background noise while maintaining a natural sound quality. All performance levels also include Widex's Zen Therapy for tinnitus. Zen's soothing “fractal tones” never repeat and are specifically designed to mask tinnitus and also encourage relaxation. Zen tones sound similar to a gentle wind chime.

Buy if:
  • Sound quality is your top priority, especially for music, soft speech, or windy situations.
  • You don't hear high pitches well, even with hearing aids, and want to try frequency-lowering technology. These hearing aids can shift high-pitch sounds in a lower range to make them easier to hear.
  • You suffer from tinnitus and think you might benefit from relaxing tones designed to make tinnitus less noticeable

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