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This month's featured hearing aid is Starkey's Halo i110 RICIncredibly comfortable, discrete, and one of the most advanced aids on the market

Starkey Halo i110 RIC

Starkey Halo i110 RIC

User Ratings

4.5 (2 reviews)

Your Price: $2650

Technology level: Best


Digital Technology
Background noise reduction
Moisture resistance
Remote control
Bluetooth capability
Wireless streaming
Data logging
Made for iPhone

About this hearing aid

The Starkey Halo i110 is arguably the best Made for iPhone hearing aid on the market right now. This hearing aid can be paired with an iPhone and controlled via the TruLink app which allows for unprecedented user control of the aids, streaming of phone calls, music, and more, and a myriad of other features. The Halo i110 is built on Starkey's very successful BluWave 3.0 operating system, features 16 channels, and has the best feedback cancellation technology in the industry.

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