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Popular Oticon Hearing Aid Models

It takes something special for a company to thrive for more than a century, as Oticon has done. Part of what it takes is an extraordinary ability to satisfy customers, year after year, even when the times change. This Danish-born company has done just that since 1906. To put this in perspective—Oticon is not quite as old as The Washington Post Company (Est. 1877), and it’s only two years younger than the Coca-Cola Bottling Company. Such longevity is impressive for any company. For a technology company that began almost half a century before the invention of transistors, it’s downright remarkable. Today, the Oticon brand is still recognized globally as a leader in performance and innovation.

Oticon is no overzealous startup, but it isn’t an immovable institution either. It’s more of a seasoned veteran that knows where and when to move. Backed by a potent parent company (hearing industry giant William Demant Holdings), Oticon remains one of the most successful makers of hearing aids in the world. The tremendously popular Oticon Opn hearing aids are the latest evidence of this. Consumers have purchased more than a million units. Oticon also has a successful medical division best known for it’s Ponto bone-anchored hearing solutions, and more recent entry into cochlear implants.

History is important, but it’s Oticon’s focus on the future that keeps the company relevant. Since the 1970s, Oticon has owned and operated a research facility dedicated exclusively to studying hearing loss. It is here, at The Eriksholm Research Centre in Denmark, that Oticon scientists explore some of the most innovative ideas. Areas of research and development include cognitive science (how the brain perceives sound) and augmented hearing (selective amplification based what listeners want to hear) to take hearing aids far beyond simply making sounds louder.

Here is the bottom line: First, when you choose hearing aids from Oticon, you get cutting edge technology, designed by the best minds in the industry. Second, it’s not all about technology. Hearing aids are meant to help people, so including the right features is just as important as pushing the limits of technology. Getting the details just right is only possible when the designers and engineers appreciate what matters most to people living with hearing loss. After more than 100 years of experience, Oticon gets this better than most.

Whether you are considering hearing aids for the first time or upgrading from an older model, Oticon hearing aids make a fantastic choice.

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Oticon Hearing Aid Reviews

Here are the 10 most recent Oticon hearing aid reviews we've received:

Sound quality is spot on, very natural. Price can't be beat. Saved $2400 over what a hearing aid service would charge! Same exact hearing aids. The "tail" was even better than ones I tried. Molded better to ear from body heat alone. Color, size and overall fit is also identical to a trial pair I used.

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VERIFIED BUYER | Mullica Hill, NJ ?

I love my hearing aides! They fit well, the sound is clear, and I am hearing much better. I like the bluetooth ability! I am using the iphone app. The hearing aides are small and fit nicely behind my ears. They dont interfere with my glasses. I would recommend them to anyone desiring to try out hearing aides. These were the 4th type I tried and were reasonable in price.

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It is hard to tell the difference in hearing as a result of wearing the hearing aids. However there are no negatives like ringing in the ears. The aids are moderately comfortable. My left ear is more comfortable than my right, but i believe I am still getting used to them. The overall experience of working with my audiologist and receiving and fitting the product was excellent. Note this is my first time wearing hearing aids, so i have no measure of comparison.

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VERIFIED BUYER | Boynton Beach, FL ?

I’m a long term hearing aid user. I’ve used several styles and brands over the years. This is my first time with Oticon. I chose the RITE. The sound quality is excellent. I am having an easier time hearing TV. I love the connection to my smart phone. I can understand speech in videos much better. I don’t really have an opinion yet about wearing in restaurants as we only went out to eat once. I haven’t noticed an automatic change when I’m in different environments but I have a follow up tomorrow and will discuss there. The only negative at this point was my decision not to have a telecoil. I can’t use my office phone and will need to add that. Overall I’m very happy with my choice.

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VERIFIED BUYER | Rochester Hills, MI ?

The sound quality is much better than I expected after reading about hearing aides and what they can and can’t do. After using them for two weeks, I don’t even notice they are there except for the fact that I hear again. The 360 degree sound pick-up is effective in improving hearing, and it increases the sense of natural hearing , which I did not get with another brand of aid.

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The quality of the sound is much crisper and distinct than my old pair from a different manufacturer. They are very comfortable to wear, I insert them when I get up and remove them when I go to sleep. The Phone App makes it very easy to adjust the sound level and program.The TV Adapter helps me hear the TV better. Only downside I am experiencing is that I need to replace the batteries every 6 days.

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Up front notes: I have been wearing hearing aids for 50 years. My feeling was the last thing I thought I would ever do is go 'online' and buy hearing aids. My reality: One of the best business/financial decisions of my life was working with ZipHearing. (And no, I do not work for them nor am I being compensated by them) I'm a regular guy with severe loss in my left and moderate loss in my right. The Oticon OPN 1's are everything I could ask for . Great sound quality and powerful performance which is what I need. The molds are comfortable and the hearing aids themselves are color matched to my skin. Huge Plus: seamless integration to my Apple iPhone, iPad and car! Making phone calls and streaming music are fantastic. A plus - In my car I use something called Rova Viva which lets me basically use Amazon Alexa but in my car. I speak to it to like I would to my home Alexa Echo Dots. Well, the Oticon OPN1's tie seamlessly into this device too so as I'm driving down the road I'm asking the Alexa questions and to stream music and the answers and music are coming into my hearing aids! This is one my senses and clearly very important - I'm very pleased with the way everything worked out.

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VERIFIED BUYER | New Port Richey, FL ?

The sound from fom hearing aids is crisp, clear and concise. It’s amazing what I wasn’t hearing before! They are comfortable and hardly noticeable to anyone. There are no issues when wearing them with my glasses. I would highly recommend my Oticon hearing aids. So glad I went with these instead of others.

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Fantastic sound quality, more comfortable than my older pair. I love all of the options and accessories I have with my new ones and the ease to adjust the volume from my cell phone is so easy with the app. My Oticon OPN with there water resistance is great for me since I work outdoors. I had problems in the hot weather with the old one due to sweat on my ears. I cannot say enough on the quality and engineering that went into my hearing aids.

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VERIFIED BUYER | Mt Pleasant, MI ?

Great on the high tones I was missing got used to them very quickly. Enjoy all the new sounds I'm hearing gain. Would recommend them to anyone looking for hearing aid. Small and almost invisible . Can hear TV much better. Can hear my wife conversation much better. Great for the out doors.enjoying them very much

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