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Beige (24.7% popularity)
5 more colors available
Signia’s best overall model

Signia Pure Charge&Go IX

8 reviews | 1 video reviews
$ 3198 - $ 4798 /pair

Unleash the power of conversation

Released by Signia on October 3, 2023, Pure Charge&Go IX is Signia's most popular rechargeable hearing aid for mild-to-severe hearing losses. Charg... READ MORE

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Black (67.2% popularity)
-3 more colors available
Signia’s best invisible model

Signia Silk Charge&Go IX

5 reviews | 2 video reviews
$ 3198 - $ 3998 /pair

Ready to wear, rechargeable CIC

Released by Signia on October 3, 2023, Silk Charge&Go IX is Signia’s best, smallest, in-ear rechargeable hearing aid. Silk Charge&Go IX most wel... READ MORE

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Black Silver (16.7% popularity)
2 more colors available
Signia’s smallest rechargeable model

Signia Styletto IX

0 reviews | 0 video reviews
$ 3198 - $ 4398 /pair

The ultra-slim and sophisticated Signia Styletto IX

Released by Signia on March 4, 2024, Styletto IX is Signia’s newest “fashion-forward hearing aid” built on the all new IX platform. Styletto... READ MORE

Written by: Jeff Hall, Hearing Aid Specialist
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Jeff Hall

President at ZipHearing

Jeff is a California licensed hearing aid dispenser and the President of ZipHearing one of the largest hearing aid suppliers in the country. More about Jeff Hall
Medically reviewed by: Brad Ingrao, Doctor of Audiology
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Brad Ingrao

Editor & Doctor of Audiology

Brad Ingrao, Au.D. has been in clinical practice since 1992 in a variety of settings including academia, private practice, educational audiology, the VA, and the hearing aid industry. More about Brad Ingrao
Updated: Nov 19, 2023

The Inside Scoop on Signia Hearing Aids: What You Need to Know

Phonak hearing aids office

Signia, evolving from Siemens' hearing aid division in 2016, swiftly gained prominence in the industry with its innovative and top-rated products, blending a rich legacy dating back to 1878 with modern innovation.

Key Takeaways

  • Signia hearing aid prices range from $1,200-$8,000 for the pair, and the costs vary based on the model, style, technology level, service package included (if any), and retailer.
  • There are several ways to buy Signia hearing aids, but Signia recommends buying from a provider that offers face-to-face in-person fitting and follow up care.
  • Signia’s best hearing aid is the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX, based on Signia’s latest Integrated Xperience (IX) platform.
Signia hearing aids company iverview

Signia's notch therapy technology provides a specialized, less intrusive treatment for tinnitus, alongside traditional noise masking options.

Unique Tinnitus Solutions

Signia provides a unique solution for tinnitus sufferers with its innovative notch therapy technology. Unlike traditional methods that use masking sounds to cover the ringing or buzzing, notch therapy targets and reduces the specific frequency of the tinnitus sound, offering a more focused and less intrusive treatment.

Additionally, for those who may not find notch therapy suitable, Signia also offers built-in sound generators in its devices, providing the conventional masking noise option. This dual approach allows Signia to cater to a wide range of tinnitus management needs, offering both cutting-edge and traditional solutions.
Signia hearing aids company iverview

Signia's Own Voice Processing technology ensures natural and clear self-voice amplification, distinct from ambient sounds, for a comfortable hearing experience.

Own Voice Processing™ (OVP) for Natural Sound

Signia's Own Voice Processing (OVP) technology addresses a common complaint among hearing aid users: the unnatural amplification of their own voice. Traditional hearing aids often struggle to differentiate between external sounds and the wearer's voice, leading to a distorted and amplified self-perception of one's voice.

Signia's OVP technology addresses this by distinctly processing the wearer's voice separately from other ambient noises. This separation allows for a more natural and comfortable hearing experience, ensuring that one's voice is heard clearly and naturally, without the discomfort associated with over-amplification. This technology not only enhances the overall user experience but also encourages longer and more comfortable use, bridging a crucial gap in hearing aid functionality.
Signia hearing aids company iverview

Signia combines technological excellence with stylish design in hearing aids like the discreet Silk Charge&GO IX and the elegant Styletto AX, catering to both auditory and aesthetic needs.

Aesthetic Appeal Meets Functionality

In addition to its technological expertise, Signia stands out for its design innovations. The Signia Silk Charge&GO IX model exemplifies discreet elegance, fitting snugly in the ear canal and being nearly invisible, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize subtlety.

Meanwhile, the Signia Styletto IX, a receiver-in-canal model, merges elegance with modern sleekness, showcasing that hearing aids can transcend traditional functionality to become fashion-forward accessories. This approach not only meets the auditory needs of users but also caters to their aesthetic preferences, proving Signia's commitment to comprehensive excellence in hearing aid design.
Signia hearing aids company iverview

While Signia’s in-the-ear models are unique in the marketplace, they have a few shortcomings, and the custom in-ear models haven’t met our customers’ expectations.

In-Ear Model Areas for Improvement

While Signia is a powerhouse brand in the hearing aid industry, it does have its limitations. One such drawback lies in its in-the-ear models. Although models like the Signia Insio Charge&GO AX and the Signia Silk Charge&GO IX exist, they lack a current, up-to-date product for users looking for smaller in-the-ear options or battery-powered alternatives.

Customer feedback also suggests that Signia's recent custom in-the-ear models haven't performed up to expectations, with many users reverting to the more established receiver-in-canal styles.
Signia hearing aids company iverview

Signia hearing aids' limitation to connect with only one Bluetooth device at a time can be cumbersome for users who frequently switch between multiple devices like smartphones and laptops.

Missing Features and Connectivity Hiccups

Despite their high price tags, Signia hearing aids are noticeably missing a 'find my hearing aid' feature in their app, a significant oversight given the substantial investment users make. This missing feature becomes even more apparent when compared to other brands that offer the feature, enhancing the security and convenience for users.

Furthermore, while Signia's Bluetooth connectivity offers seamless integration for iOS users, Android users often find themselves needing an extra accessory, the Signia StreamLine Mic, to access full functionality. Another limitation is the hearing aids' ability to connect to only one Bluetooth device at a time, posing a challenge for users who frequently switch between multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops. This limitation can lead to a cumbersome experience, especially in today's multi-device environment.


Signia stands as a top-tier option for those prioritizing quality, advanced technology, and aesthetic appeal. However, prospective buyers should be aware of the brand's limitations in custom in-the-ear models and certain user-friendly features. Yet, for the right user, a Signia hearing aid can offer a truly exceptional auditory experience.

What is Signia's best hearing aid?
The best Signia hearing aid is Pure Charge&GO 7 IX.
What is the newest Signia hearing aid?
The newest Signia hearing aid is Signia Styletto IX and it was released March 4, 2024.
Who sells Signia hearing aids near me?
We do! Call 800-731-6794 and we'll let you know our closest location to you. You can also find a Signia seller and service center by visiting
Where are Signia hearing aids made?
Signia hearing aids are made in Piscataway, New Jersey, Singapore, Poland, and as of September 2022, Mexico.
Are Signia hearing aids waterproof?
No. Some Signia hearing aids have an IP rating of 68, which makes them very water-resistant, but they are not waterproof. Curious how Signia hearing aids hold up in water? We put them to the test in this video.
How to pair Signia hearing aids to an iPhone
Recent Signia models that can stream audio directly from iOS devices (iOS version 11.0.3 or newer):

2024: Styletto IX
2023: Pure Charge&Go IX
2022: Pure 312 AX
2021: Pure Charge&Go AX, Active X, Insio Charge&Go AX
2020: Styletto X
2019: Pure Charge&Go X, Pure 312 X
2018: Insio NX

Not sure which model you have? Check your user guide, or call the Signia provider who sold the devices to you.

Pairing Instructions

1. Make sure that your phone's Bluetooth is on. Go to Settings > Bluetooth, and make sure the toggle switch is set to On.
2. Open and close the battery doors on your hearing device. Or, if you use rechargeable Signia hearing aids, switch the hearing aids off and on again, by pressing and holding the push button down button for 3 seconds to turn them off, and repeating to turn them back on.
3. On your Apple device, go to Settings > Accessibility > Hearing, and select Hearing Devices.
4. Your Apple device will search for your hearing device.
5. Under MFi Hearing Devices, tap the name of your hearing device.
6. Tap Pair when you see the pairing request on the screen. If you have two hearing devices, you'll get two requests. Pairing could take up to a minute.
7. You can start using your hearing device when you see it under MFi Hearing Devices with a check mark.
How much do Signia hearing aids cost?
Signia hearing aids range in price from $1,000-$3,500 per hearing aid. Prices will vary based on the technology level of the hearing aid: 7 (premium), 5 (advanced), 3 (standard), 2 (essential), 1 (economy). Other items included with your purchase may also affect the price, such as service plans, warranties, and accessories. Prices may vary significantly by region and retailer. At ZipHearing, our Signia Pure Charge&Go IX prices are *37 % less than the national average retail price.

*Based on pricing data published by
How to pair Signia hearing aids to an Android
Recent Signia models that can stream audio directly from Android devices (requires Android 10).

2024: Styletto IX
2023: Pure Charge&Go IX
2022: Pure 312 AX
2021: Pure Charge&Go AX, Active X, Insio Charge&Go AX

Please note that not all Android devices can directly stream to Signia hearing aids. Check compatibility

Pairing Instructions

1. Go to the Android phone’s home screen and tap on the “Settings” icon.
2. In the settings menu, tap on the Bluetooth icon.
3. Tap on the slider button to turn Bluetooth on.
4. Open and close the hearing aid battery doors. Or, if you use rechargeable Signia hearing aids, switch the hearing aids off by pressing and holding the push button for 3 seconds, then repeating to turn them back on again.
5. Open the “Settings” app on your phone
6. Tap “Connected devices”, and “Pair new device.”
7. If you have more than one hearing aid: Wait for the first hearing aid to connect, then tap the other hearing aid in the list of available devices.
8. Your Android phone is now connected to your Signia hearing aids.

How do you program Signia hearing aids?
Signia hearing aids, like all digital hearing aids, are programmed by computer to match the wearer's exact hearing profile. A Signia hearing care provider wirelessly connects to Signia hearing aids via an industry-standard programming device called Noahlink Wireless, or Signia's own device, called ConnexxAir. Once connected, the hearing aids are programmed via a proprietary programming software that is only available to hearing care providers, called Connexx.

Signia hearing aid models compared

Believe it or not, there are well over 10 different models of Signia hearing aids to choose from. So where does one even begin? For starters, we’d recommend focusing on the newest models from Signia, which have ‘IX’ in their name. ‘IX’ stands for ‘Integrated Xperience,’ and if you see that in the model name, it means that model is built with Signia’s newest technology platform and is the best they have to offer.

If you narrow your options to the IX models, that leaves you with a few choices: Signia Pure Charge&Go IX, or Signia Silk Charge&Go IX. The Pure Charge&Go IX model is Signia’s flagship model, and if the most important thing to you is getting the best overall sound quality and comfortability, this is the model you should select. If on the other hand, you desire the most discreet, in-ear hearing aid possible, the rechargeable Silk Charge&Go IX is going to be the best fit. One thing to note is the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aid can accommodate mild to severe hearing losses, while the Silk Charge&Go IX would only be appropriate for mild to moderate hearing losses.

Now, outside of the ‘IX’ platform, Signia does still offer some compelling hearing aids that have something different to offer from the 2 models listed above: Signia Insio Charge&Go AX, Signia Styletto IX, Signia Pure 312 AX, and Signia Active X. Signia Insio Charge&Go AX is a custom molded in-ear rechargeable hearing aid for mild to severe hearing loss. Signia Styletto IX is Signia’s most fashion-forward, sleek, receiver-in-canal style hearing aid, for mild to severe hearing loss. Signia Pure 312 AX is Signia’s newest disposable battery powered receiver-in-canal style hearing aid, for mild to severe hearing loss. Finally, Signia Active X is Signia’s attempt at making a hearing aid look more like a Bluetooth earpiece, with the target audience being folks who might not be ready to wear what looks like a traditional hearing aid. Active X is best for first time users with mild to moderate hearing loss.

While the chart below provides a high-level comparison of Signia models, your local Signia provider is also a valuable resource. They can assist in determining the most suitable model for your specific needs and situation.

Pure Charge&Go IX Silk Charge&Go IX
Reviews 8 reviews • 1 video reviews 5 reviews • 2 video reviews
Sales popularity 50% 36.2%
Return rate 24.4% 21.9%
Released date Oct 03, 2023 Oct 03, 2023
Hearing loss Mild-Severe Mild-Moderate
Battery Rechargeable Rechargeable

Signia hearing aid reviews

It’s not easy to find authentic Signia hearing aid reviews. No doubt, there are tons of hearing aid review sites, but many have notable limitations with their reviews. Frequently, these reviews are written by people not specialized in the hearing aid industry, lacking in-depth knowledge. Additionally, a considerable number of these reviews are essentially affiliate marketing pieces, lacking thorough and unbiased analysis.

Our goal is to raise the bar for online hearing aid reviews. To this end, we have teamed up with the experienced Signia experts shown below. These experts are intimately familiar with Signia products from daily use and offer insightful reviews that highlight the strengths and weaknesses of Signia hearing aids.

Our website is a premier destination for genuine Signia reviews, offering a more comprehensive collection of user experiences than any other online platform. For detailed information on a particular model, you can visit the model's page linked below. There, you'll find an array of video and written reviews from actual users. Additionally, when possible, we provide a succinct, AI-generated summary at the top of each page, giving you a quick overview of the main pros and cons, as shared by real Signia users.

Expert reviews

Read what a few of our favorite ZipHearing providers have to say about Signia

The image of Jaysee Soto hearing aids expert

Jaysee Soto, Hearing Instrument Specialist

What needs improving

Now like all companies their hearing aids aren't without faults. I have long wished for Signia to insert an LED light on the physical housing of their Receiver in the Ear Canal hearing aids so that when users manually power them off/on that they can see an indicator flashing and confirm that it was done so successfully. Most users just power them off on the charger which is a breeze, however some may want to power them off when going to the pool or beach in our warm Florida climate. Also, the A/X chip is their first to support the ASHA protocol for Binaural content streaming from Android mobile phones. Although this is a major leap and one most manufacturers do not support, I still feel that Iphone users will still have a much smoother listening experience when streaming VS the Android users. Nevertheless, these cons dont take away from the incredible listening experience they are providing and I will continue recommending their products for most consumers when appropriate.

The image of Aaron Whiteley hearing aids expert

Aaron Whiteley, Doctor of Audiology

What needs improving

I would like to see Signia reach the level of Bluetooth streaming capabilities that Phonak has reached. As of now, only certain Android phones can stream phone calls and other audio into Signia hearing aids.

The image of Ryan Langson hearing aids expert

Ryan Langson, Hearing Instrument Specialist

What needs improving

On the negative side of Signia, I find that they are a little conservative when I ask them to make deep or long custom instruments. I think they tend to give insertion comfort priority over power requirements when building their custom shells. Sometime we just need to make the hearing aids as deep into the ear as possible and they hold back a little

The image of Caleb Dowell hearing aids expert

Caleb Dowell, Hearing Instrument Specialist

What needs improving

Their RIC devices don't fit all ear canals comfortably. We'd love to see a curve in the speaker outlet for a better all-around fit

The image of John Folmar hearing aids expert

John Folmar, Doctor of Audiology

What needs improving

Signia makes a great “off the shelf” RIC product but their shell lab is lacking. Despite being the first hearing aid manufacturer to develop scanning technology of ears to make custom products, those models typically don’t fit well. This is puzzling and find myself looking to different hearing manufacturer when a patient wants a custom products or needs earmolds. I would like to see Signia work on its advertising and market penetration. Signia has shrunk in terms of name recognition the last 4-5 years, likely due to more aggressive marketing by several of its competitors. As a hearing aid dispenser, this sometimes makes it tough to encourage patients to try their product if they are not as familiar with the Signia brand as much as other manufacturers.

The image of Jennifer Atkins hearing aids expert

Jennifer Atkins, Hearing Instrument Specialist

What needs improving

We would like to see some better options for the in the ear hearing devices.

The image of Zachary Smith hearing aids expert

Zachary Smith, Hearing Instrument Specialist

What needs improving

Even though Signia is in most cases my go to hearing aid hearing for my customers, I do find that the super power hearing aids users can prefer another manufacturer's sound quality from time to time. It would also be very helpful if they came out with a rechargeable custom hearing aid to their hearing aid technology portfolio.

Signia hearing aid prices

The price of Signia hearing aids varies significantly based on several factors. Online purchases can be as low as $600 per aid, while local Signia retailers may charge up to $4,000. This price variation is influenced primarily by the purchasing method:

Direct-to-consumer (mail order): You can send a recent hearing test to online Signia retailers, who will program and mail the hearing aids to you. This option often includes remote programming services for future adjustments. It's the most affordable option, although Signia advises against it due to the lack of in-person professional fitting and support, as stated on their website.

Local Signia provider: Purchasing directly from a local distributor can be more expensive, sometimes exceeding $6,000 for a pair. However, this higher price often includes several years of follow-up services at no additional cost, beneficial for those anticipating frequent service needs. To buy from a local provider, you can use this tool on Signia’s website to locate nearby distributors and arrange a consultation.

Discount networks: Networks such as ZipHearing offer discount pricing on Signia Pure Charge&GO IX and other models, potentially saving up to 50% off retail prices. This option is ideal for experienced hearing aid users, combining discounted prices with local care. Companies like ZipHearing will refer you to a local affiliated hearing care provider to ensure you still get the in-person care Signia recommends.

Model Pair Price Available Styles % of sales
Signia Pure Charge&Go 7IX $4,798 RIC, RIC T, RIC CROS 61.5%
Signia Pure Charge&Go 5IX $3,798 RIC, RIC T, RIC CROS 24.4%
Signia Pure Charge&Go 3IX $3,198 RIC, RIC T, RIC CROS 14.1%
Signia Silk Charge&Go 7IX $3,998 CIC, CROS 71.9%
Signia Silk Charge&Go 5IX $3,598 CIC, CROS 15.6%
Signia Silk Charge&Go 3IX $3,198 CIC, CROS 12.5%
Signia Styletto IX 7 $4,398 RIC, CROS RIC 83.3%
Signia Styletto IX 5 $3,798 RIC, CROS RIC 16.7%
Signia Styletto IX 3 $3,198 RIC, CROS RIC 0%
Signia Pure 312 7AX $4,398 RIC, CROS 78.6%
Signia Pure 312 5AX $3,798 RIC, CROS 7.1%
Signia Pure 312 3AX $3,198 RIC, CROS 7.1%
Signia Pure 312 2AX $2,798 RIC, CROS 7.1%
Signia Pure 312 1AX $2,598 RIC, CROS 0%
Signia Insio Charge&Go 7AX $4,598 ITC 56.3%
Signia Insio Charge&Go 5AX $3,798 ITC 21.9%
Signia Insio Charge&Go 3AX $3,198 ITC 18.8%
Signia Insio Charge&Go 2AX $2,798 ITC 0%
Signia Insio Charge&Go 1AX $2,598 ITC 3.1%
Signia Active Pro $3,998 ITC 72.2%
Signia Active Standard $2,698 ITC 27.8%