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Sensorineural Hearing Loss [Causes, Symptoms, Treatment]

It is estimated that 15% of American adults (37.5 million) report some trouble hearing.

Of these 37.5 million individuals, over 90% have what is called sensorineural hearing loss.

This makes sensorineural hearing loss the most prevalent type of hearing loss, by a long shot.

Sensorineural hearing loss has unique causes, symptoms,[…]

Rechargeable Hearing Aids in 2019 [Ultimate Guide]

Wondering if rechargeable hearing aids might be right for you?

You’re not alone.

A recent survey by Consumer Reports indicated that 53% of hearing aid wearers consider rechargeability to be one of the most important features they look[…]

Bluetooth Hearing Aids in 2019 [Ultimate Guide]

You’ve heard of smart TVs, smart speakers, smartphones, but…smart hearing aids?
What makes a hearing aid smart?
It’s simple. A hearing aid’s ability to connect (via Bluetooth) to mobile phones and other devices makes it a smart hearing aid,[…]

Hearing Aid Styles Explained [Pros and Cons]

With all the different hearing aid styles on the market, it can be difficult to know which is best for you.

There are numerous factors to consider, and it is the job of your local hearing provider to help you navigate your options and determine which style will be best.

Lifestyle, budget,[…]

6 Things You Should Know About Earwax

People don’t usually talk much about earwax, but you can find some strange stories about it on the internet. One tells the tale of a man whose ear remained completely blocked by earwax for years until one lucky day when he went for a hike in the mountains. The change[…]

Award Winning Hearing Tech at CES 2019

The proliferation of wireless connectivity, miniature electronics, and artificial intelligence in recent history have been good for people who have hearing loss. Wearable consumer and medical devices are getting a lot of attention these days. Hearing aids and PSAPs (personal sound amplification products) are[…]

Hearable, PSAP or Hearing Aid: What’s the Difference?

Look around in almost any public space, and you will probably notice several people sporting headphones, wireless earbuds, or a Bluetooth headset. Personal audio devices like these are practically obligatory among joggers striding along to music, commuters catching the morning news to pass the time on trains and buses, and[…]

Tinnitus Causes and Treatments

Ringing in the ears, buzzing, humming, chirping, crickets. These are just a few of the words people use to describe their tinnitus. Tinnitus is the sensation of sounds or noises within the ear (not originating outside the body).

Tinnitus is not imaginary! It is very much real, even if it is[…]

How Long do Hearing Aid Batteries Last?

Hearing aid batteries can last as long as 10 days in some hearing aids, but a span of five to seven days is more typical. Battery life depends mainly on the hearing aid power requirements and the size of battery used, so it’s perfectly normal to change batteries every few[…]

5 Tips for Traveling with Hearing Loss

Many people travel as a way to relax or to escape daily life, or even to learn about new cultures. Going to a new place can be an enriching experience, but it can also be stressful. You have to find your way around in unknown environments, and even a small[…]

Echo And Hearing Aids: Why They’re Not Good Friends

If you’ve worn hearing aids for a while, you might have noticed that when you are in an echo-y room, it’s much harder to understand the conversation. Hearing aids tend to amplify echo, so if you’re not aware of what’s happening or how to reduce the echo in the room,[…]

Signal to Noise Ratio – What It Is, and Why You Should Care

Ask any audiologist or hearing aid industry expert and they’ll likely know about the Signal to Noise Ratio. But ask a hearing aid user, and you might just get a blank stare.

As a hearing aid user myself, I enjoy educating others on key hearing loss topics they might not otherwise[…]

Widex Evoke: New Machine Learning Hearing Aids

Denmark-based hearing aid manufacturer, Widex, has recently announced the launch of the new Evoke platform, the first ever to bring advanced real-time machine learning technology to hearing aids. This is exciting news: when it comes to customizing the settings of their hearing aids for specific listening situations, hearing aid[…]

Can Your Hearing Aids do it All?

Hearing aids have come a long way since the bulky devices of decades past. They’re smaller, more discreet, technologically advanced powerhouses whose functionality goes far beyond improving how people hear. Today’s hearing aids significantly enhance the quality of life for those with hearing loss, improving their physical health and mental[…]

Signia Pure Charge&Go Nx Hearing Aids Now Available

Today Signia, one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers, announced a unique new product, Pure Charge&Go Nx hearing aids.

Taken directly from the press release:

Pure® Charge&Go hearing aids feature Signia’s unique Own Voice Processing (OVP™),[…]

Telecare Transforms Life for Those with Hearing Loss

Consider this scenario: A man in his late 50s is diagnosed with moderate hearing loss and receives hearing aids for the first time. He is delighted to hear sounds he hasn’t heard in years. Within the first couple of days, though, he has difficulty hearing his wife’s voice when they[…]

What are Directional Microphones in Hearing Aids?

The hearing aids I wear have two microphones each, one on the top of the hearing aid, and one at the bottom. It’s very common for the RIC type (Receiver In the Ear) to have two microphones.

On the silver plate, you can see one mic at the top and[…]

OTC Hearing Aids – What You May Be Missing Out On

Last year, the bipartisan over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid bill was signed into law. But it’s not like we’ll immediately see OTC hearing aids in stores; it will take some time for the FDA to write up the regulations that manufacturers have to follow and in turn manufacturers will have to[…]

Hearing Aids That Work with the Apple Watch

When the Apple Watch was launched in 2015, only two hearing aid manufacturers—Resound and Starkey—were offering direct connectivity with their hearing aids. Over the years, more manufacturers have caught up with them. In this article we’ll look at hearing aids that work with the Apple Watch and why you might[…]

How Modern Hearing Aids Make Hearing a Natural Experience

You have probably heard the old stereotypes about hearing aids—they whistle, they make everything too loud, they are noisy. But a less common complaint is that they don’t do their job. In other words, people acknowledge that hearing aids do help people hear the sounds that they couldn’t with hearing[…]

5 Things a First Time Hearing Aid User Should Expect

When I walked into the hearing clinic to purchase my first pair of hearing aids 15 years ago, I didn’t really know what to expect. It had taken me a long time to make the decision of purchasing hearing aids, and I was now looking forward to this technology.

Hearing Aid IP Ratings Explained

For years, I used to be terrified of using my hearing aids anywhere near water. I even developed a weird habit to triple check whether I still have my hearing aids in before I’m stepping into the shower or before diving into a swimming pool. I do it even if[…]

Widex Beyond Z Rechargeable Hearing Aids

On September 11, 2017, Widex announced the Beyond Z Rechargeable, a new hearing aid that is based on their latest generation Beyond. It inherits all the features of the Beyond platform and is also rechargeable. We’re pleased to see that Widex has joined the competition and launched a rechargeable hearing[…]

3 Most Popular Hearing Aid Accessories

Wireless hearing aids are sophisticated devices that can truly improve your quality of life. However, there are situations where you might need to rely on external accessories to communicate effectively. In this article we’re going to take a look at the most popular hearing aid accessories and why they’re useful.


What to Expect at a Hearing Test

Often hearing loss happens gradually, so the brain has enough time to adjust to your hearing changing. That’s why it can be difficult to identify the symptoms of hearing loss. It can sometimes take several years to realize that your hearing has changed and to finally decide to get a[…]

Phonak Audéo B-Direct Made For All Hearing Aid

Phonak, one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers, has just unveiled a new product that is creating quite a buzz in the hearing aid industry. Phonak has introduced its long-awaited Made For All (MFA) hearing aid, the Audeo B-Direct, which provides[…]

Phonak Introduces Titanium Hearing Aids

Combining the benefits of the latest 3D printing technology and medical grade titanium, the Phonak Titanium is the most revolutionary custom molded hearing aid to hit the market in years.

If you’re one of the 48 million Americans who struggle with hearing[…]

3 Fun (Simple) Online Hearing Tests

Not quite ready for a full-fledged hearing test? Why not kill a few minutes and see how you stack up against the internet, by taking a couple quick, extremely rudimentary hearing tests online?

The video “tests” below are all centered around testing high frequency hearing, since for most people, the high[…]

5 Things That Will Suprise You About Your New Hearing Aids

Many people have preconceived notions about how hearing aids look, sound, feel, and perform. However, first-time hearing aid wearers are almost always surprised by their new hearing aids in one way or another.

Here are the top 5 things our customers[…]

Hearing Aid Trial Periods

Considering purchasing hearing aids? You’d be wise to familiarize yourself with the terms of hearing aid trial periods before taking the plunge.

If you review a handful of Better Business Bureau profiles for hearing aid providers, you’ll see that many of the disputes[…]

Private Label Hearing Aids

Many national retailers engage in some form of private labeling of products. Private labeling is often beneficial to consumers because it allows retailers to offer lower cost products as compared to the more well-known national brands. But private labeling and self-branding by retailers doesn’t always work in the consumer’s favor,[…]

Myths About Buying Hearing Aids Online [Infographic]

In my role at ZipHearing I talk to folks struggling with hearing loss every day. One of the questions I’m frequently asked is, “Should I buy hearing aids online?” My answer is always the same- “If local service from a licensed hearing provider is included in your purchase price, sure!”[…]

Talking Too Loudly or Quietly? Consider a Hearing Test

We all know someone who talks too loudly. Maybe you’re told you talk too loudly. Some may dismiss the loud talking of themselves or others as simply a personality trait. While that may sometimes be true, there is a real chance that that “loud mouth” is actually struggling with hearing[…]

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Hearing Aids

With an average of 12%-18% of hearing aids “in the drawer” (not being used), it’s clear that for one reason or another, many people who purchase hearing aids are not realizing the full benefits they may provide. Among the reasons that so many hearing aids get relegated to the[…]

Should You Buy an Extended Warranty on Hearing Aids?

When you buy new hearing aids, they’ll come with a warranty of 1-4 years. Because hearing aids are so expensive, many people consider purchasing extended warranties. Sometimes, this a smart thing to do; other times, it doesn’t make sense.

If you’ve already purchased hearing aids and are wondering how long your[…]

Buying a Hearing Aid: Part 1 of 3

Discovering that you have a hearing loss can be devastating. On top of that, navigating the maze of options available to you is time consuming, requires a great deal of specialized knowledge, and is just flat-out confusing. However, when it comes to buying hearing aids, a bit of due diligence[…]

Buying a Hearing Aid: Part 2 of 3

If you haven’t yet read Part 1 of this series, please go back and read that first. Before we begin Part 2, please open this list of most popular hearing aids in a new window; we’re going to reference it quite a bit throughout this post.


Buying a Hearing Aid: Part 3 of 3

If you haven’t done so already, please read Part 1 and Part 2 before reading this post. Once you’ve settled on a few hearing aids you’re interested in, it’s time to find a competitive price and a place to buy them. In this post, we’re going to show[…]

How to Use a Stethoscope with Hearing Aids

Note: We do not sell the stethoscopes listed on this page. Please do not contact us with questions, but feel free to post a comment below.

For medical professionals with hearing loss who regularly auscultate, hearing the vital internal sounds of the body can be quite a challenge. Whether you[…]

Real Ear Measurement [A Quick Introduction]

When you’re getting your hearing aids programmed, one of the questions your hearing provider is going to undoubtedly ask you multiple times is- “now, how does that sound?”

You might respond with, “well it sounds okay, a little sharp I guess,” and your provider will make some adjustments and again[…]

3 Reasons Why You May Not Want Invisible Hearing Aids

In 2011, Starkey Hearing Technologies introduced a new hearing aid style to the market called the “IIC”, which stands for invisible-in-canal. The IIC is a custom fit, 100% invisible hearing aid, that has gained great popularity over the last few years. Now in 2015, all of the top[…]

Most Powerful Invisible Hearing Aids

If you have a moderate to severe hearing loss and would like a hearing aid that can’t be seen, you may find your options somewhat limited. The reason for this is simple- small invisible hearing aids simply aren’t powerful enough to provide the amount of gain (volume) that some moderate[…]

Hearing Aid Financing [Options, Interest Rates, Calculator]

With hearing aids typically ranging from $1500-$3500 each, many folks consider hearing aid financing to help make the expense more manageable.

Even if a lump sum payment for your hearing aids is manageable, many consumers choose to finance hearing[…]

Hearing Aids and Health Insurance

With the cost of hearing aids being so high, many people look to their health insurance to cover part of the costs. Unfortunately, the vast majority of health insurance providers offer little to no coverage for hearing aids. In my experience, it’s the lucky few (less than 5% of patients),[…]

Flying With Hearing Aids

I recently returned from a vacation that involved quite a few flights, and on the final leg of my trip, I couldn’t help but notice the lady in front of me wearing a set of Oticon hearing aids. It got me thinking- what do people do with hearing aids while[…]

Frequency Lowering in Hearing Aids

If you have a hearing loss, there is a good chance the majority of your loss is in the high frequencies. With this type of a hearing loss, it is typically very difficult to hear words clearly and it often sounds like people are mumbling. If you’ve already had[…]

5 Surprising Noises that May Cause Hearing Loss

By this point, most of us know we should wear hearing protection when shooting guns or attending a noisy rock concert. But what about the more trivial sounds that we’re exposed to day-to-day, even in our own homes? The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders estimates that[…]

CROS and BiCROS Hearing Aids

The vast majority of people with hearing loss have what is called symmetrical hearing loss.

Symmetrical hearing loss (as the name implies), means the hearing is symmetrical (the same) in both ears.

Much less common, is single-sided deafness (SSD), where one ear is deaf and the other isn’t.

Single-sided deafness requires a[…]

Invisible Hearing Aids That Work With Remote Controls

There are many benefits to invisible hearing aids: they are cosmetically acceptable for those who want discretion, their deep placement in the ear canal allows for the ear to funnel sounds naturally, they are great at reducing wind noise, and rarely cause feedback (whistling) when talking on the phone. However,[…]

Best Cell Phones for Hearing Aids

What are the best cell phones for hearing aids?

To answer this question, you have to first determine how you want your hearing aids and cell phone to interface.

Choose the option below which sounds most ideal to[…]

Sam’s Club Hearing Aids

Updated: Jun 26, 2016

If you’ve been to your local Sam’s Club recently, you may have noticed a hearing aid center next to the electronics department offering free hearing tests. Usually conducted by a hearing aid dispenser, that free hearing test will[…]

Will Hearing Aids Make My Hearing Worse?

If you’re considering buying hearing aids, you may be wondering, “will hearing aids make my hearing worse?” It’s a valid question, and like so many questions relating to hearing aids and hearing loss, the answer is “maybe” or “it depends.” In short, if you are wearing properly fitted hearing aids[…]

What Are Hearing Aid “Programs” or “Memories?”

If you’re in the market for hearing aids, and especially if you’ve already seen a hearing provider, you’ve probably heard of hearing aid “programs” or “memories” by now. In this post I’ll be using those two terms interchangeably, but they are the same thing. As a hearing aid wearer, programs[…]

Liberty Hearing Aid Review

If you want our professional opinion on Liberty Hearing Aids, read this post about Sam’s Club hearing aids (Sam’s Club is the exclusive distributor of Liberty Hearing Aids).

This hearing aid review was submitted by David G. from Michigan,[…]

Direct Audio Input (DAI) & Hearing Aids

If you’ve been researching hearing aids and their available features, you may have come across the term “DAI compatible.” Direct Audio Input (DAI), is a feature of some behind-the-ear hearing aids which allows an external audio source (TV, phone, computer) to directly connect to the hearing aid. The benefit of[…]

How to Dry Hearing Aids

So you got your hearing aids wet? Whether they fell in the sink, went through the laundry machine, or were even set in a cup of coffee (yes, I’ve seen it happen), you’ll be wise to adhere to the following advice. With most out-of-warranty hearing aid repairs costing between $200-$400,[…]

Who Owns Who in the Hearing Aid World?

As a consumer, navigating the maze of options in the hearing aid market can be very tricky. There are several different hearing aid manufacturers, retailers, and private label brands, so figuring out who makes what and who sells what can sometimes be difficult. In an attempt to make things a bit more[…]

Hearing Aids for Musicians

I received an interesting email from a gentleman the other day who was a musician and audio engineer, so his entire life revolves around music. The gentleman had worn analog hearing aids for over a decade and loved them, but after losing them had tried 4 different digital hearing aids[…]

Itchy Ears from Hearing Aids

If you have just started wearing hearing aids and are noticing that your ears are itchy, you are not alone. Around 5% of first time hearing aid wearers complain that their ears are itchy as a result of using their hearing aids. While this problem can be very irritating, rest[…]

An Appeal to NHS: Don’t Scrap Free Hearing Aids!

The following is a guest post, submitted by Action on Hearing Loss on behalf of Linda Parton.

On June 3rd, the publicly funded healthcare system in the UK, (National Health Services AKA NHS), announced proposals to withdraw the provision of NHS-funded hearing aids for adults with mild to moderate[…]


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