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Best  Award hearing aids picture

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Average retail $6,000
Your savings $1,500
ZipHearing: $4,500

We price our hearing aids up to 50% below retail

According to national price tracking website hearingtracker.com, our average hearing aid is priced 37% below retail prices.

Local, face-to-face care is included with all purchases

95% of people have a ZipHearing provider within just 9 miles.

Our nationwide network of 500+ hearing providers offer hands-on service, ensuring the most precisely-tuned hearing aids possible and the most convenient follow up care.

Best of all?

Stay calm

...with our hassle-free 45 day guarantee

If your new hearing aids don’t change your life, just give them back for a 100% refund.

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Find your perfect
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Show off this smart tech or hide it completely, with 1500+ options available

Rechargeable, Bluetooth, Invisible — we've got you covered.

Say goodbye to changing batteries

With a 3-hour charge time and up to 30 hours of listening time, you’ll never have to worry about running out of juice.

Our rechargeable hearing aids start at just $999 each.

No one will notice them, and you'll barely feel them

Hide ‘em if you want, but our invisible hearing aids come with an easy removal string, because we think you’ll end up showing them off.

Our invisible hearing aids start at just $999 each.

Sleek designs and slick Bluetooth connectivity

Stream phone calls, music, and more, directly to your hearing aids.

Feel like channeling your inner millennial? Now you can shuffle around all day streaming music ignoring everyone.

Our bluetooth hearing aids start at just $999 each.

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Our process is as easy as making a cup of coffee

Forget spending hours researching hearing aids.

We've done your homework for you.

Better hearing in 3 simple steps

Step 1 for better hearing
1 Call us at 877-813-4401

We'll answer your questions and let you know who your local ZipHearing provider is. The call can take less than 2 minutes, and there's no sales pitch.

Step 2 for better hearing
2 Schedule your consultation

At your convenience, call your local ZipHearing provider and schedule your hearing aid consultation. You'll discuss hearing aid options, and if you want, place an order.

Step 3 for better hearing
3 Hear better

Just days after your consultation, pick up your custom-ordered hearing aids and get them programmed to your unique hearing profile. If you don't love them, return them for a 100% refund.

Frequently asked questions

Is my local ZipHearing provider any good?
In most cases, we can confidently say — “yes, very good.” We’re partnered with over 500 audiology and hearing aid offices nationwide and have multi-year relationships with many of these providers. All of our providers are rated based on both an internal rating system that our staff uses, but also based on confidential feedback from ZipHearing customers. If providers are not consistently earning good reviews, they are dropped from the ZipHearing network. Before you commit to anything, we’ll let you know who the providers are near you, so you can confirm that they’re providers you’d be comfortable with.
Does ZipHearing take insurance?
We do not. If you have an out-of-network benefit, we’re happy to file a claim on your behalf so that your insurance may directly reimburse you. If you are unsure of your benefits, we’re happy to do a benefit check for you.
What’s included with my purchase?
  • Personalized hearing aid fitting: Based on the results of your hearing test, your local ZipHearing provider will professionally fit and fine-tune your new hearing aids to your unique needs.
  • Follow up care: All follow up appointments during your first year of ownership are included at no additional cost. After that, appointments are (at the most) $65 each.
  • 45 day 100% risk-free trial: If you don’t love your hearing aids, bring them back to your local provider for a same day 100% refund. No catch, no fine print.
  • Warranty: All hearing aids include a 3 year warranty covering repairs, and loss and damage. Repairs are done at no cost during the warranty period. If a hearing aid is lost or damaged beyond repair during the 3 year period, your ZipHearing provider can file what is called a “Loss and Damage Claim” for you, and a new device will be issued, subject to a deductible of $350/aid paid to your hearing provider.
  • Supplies: Cleaning and maintenance supplies like domes and wax filters are included with your order, and your hearing provider will show you how to use them. If your hearing aids take disposable batteries, we’ll include a year's supply. If your hearing aids are rechargeable, we’ll include a charger.
  • Hearing tests: ZipHearing providers set their own rates for hearing tests, ranging from $0-$150. If you order hearing aids, we’ll discount your total by whatever you paid for a test (if anything). If you have a copy of a recent hearing test you may not need a new one.
  • Custom earmolds: The vast majority of people do not need an earmold. If you do, we can include them in your order for $50 each, or you may purchase them directly from your local ZipHearing provider.
  • Accessories: A charger is always included if you buy rechargeable hearing aids, but if you're interested in optional accessories like TV streamers or remote microphones, these products are available at an extra cost, and you can see pricing on the respective model's page, or by calling us.
How does this process work?
First, give us a call and we'll let you know who your local ZipHearing provider is. There's no sales pitch, we're just here to answer your questions and let you know who your local ZipHearing provider is. Often, we'll have several providers near you, and we'll give you their names so you can check them out online before scheduling a consultation.

At your convenience, call the provider's office to schedule your consultation. If you haven't had a hearing test, the provider will conduct a new hearing test, which usually takes less than 45 minutes. You'll discuss your test results with the provider, along with various hearing aids that may be appropriate. You may already know the exact hearing aid you're interested in, and that's totally fine! In that case, your provider will simply size your ears and identify other specifications for your order, such as color.

If you decide to purchase hearing aids, your provider will submit the order to our company. Once we've received the order details from the provider, which is typically within 2 hours from the end of your appointment, we'll call you for payment and will answer any remaining questions you may have. We'll then ship your new hearing aids directly from the manufacturer to your provider. Most orders arrive within 3 business days.

Your provider will then contact you to come in for your first fitting and fine-tuning session, where the hearing aids will be programmed according to your hearing profile. These programming/fitting sessions are included with your purchase price. Sometimes it takes a few of these appointments to get the hearing aids just right, but if you don't love them within 45 days, just bring them back for a 100% refund.

If you choose to keep your hearing aids (90% of our customers do), you can continue to rely on your local ZipHearing provider for service. All of your service appointments are included at no additional cost during your first year of ownership. After the first year, additional appointments with your local ZipHearing provider are (at the most) $65 each.

As the years go by, you can continue to rely on your local ZipHearing provider for service, and on ZipHearing as a company as an extra layer of support when needed.
Will I really save money buying through ZipHearing?
Yes, you absolutely will, and you don’t have to take our word for it. Do a google search for “ZipHearing reviews” and you will find over 500 5 star reviews, with many of our customers reporting that we saved them several thousand dollars.
What payment methods can I use?
We accept all major credit cards, checks, and CareCredit financing. Through CareCredit, we offer a 12 month interest-free plan, or conventional financing up to 48 months with 14.9% APR.
Will my ZipHearing provider treat me any differently as a ZipHearing customer?
No. We only maintain partnerships with hearing providers who are consistently well-reviewed by our customers. You can be sure that as a ZipHearing customer you will receive the same level of care and respect that you would expect to receive at any other hearing care provider's office.

You'll love us too :)

We've helped over 10,000 people hear better for less, and have over 500 5 star reviews.